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Kohler's enclosed operation

I decided to skip election year this year on Tammy's Take as there was enough chatter about it. I decided to write about a local issue this week.
I wanted to talk about a local family which has been making a living on their property for three generations. Even though there are other families which has been on their property longer the issue is not entirely about time but how the county has been harassing the Kohlers.

Kohlers have farmed their nearly 40 acres for years making a decent living but as times have changed raising cattle on the farm became harder and harder to make a living. But wanting to stay on the property and working for ones self is a tradition in this family. So Scott started a re-load business from scratch, he has worked hard to make this business successful and has succeeded. He has gotten all the necessary documentation and permits he is permitted through the ATF and has jumped through all the hoops. He has orders from all over the US. His business is known for good products. He has gotten big enough to hire a few employees' most importantly local people.

The problem arises not from anything he has done but from our land development office who has constantly given this man a hard time over permits, buildings, truck access, and zoning the list goes on and on . This issue has been going on for nearly 10 years and has cost this family thousands in lawyer fees. The county has suggested that the business relocate not caring that this would cost millions , millions this blue collar worker does not have. And besides why should he relocate, the rumor is that the county wanted him to move to Clatskanie a 40 mile move, or to certain property the city now owns which has the potential of contamination problems which Scott could possibly be left holding clean up costs.

Why has the county gone after Scott? in my opinion is because he has questioned the county and has not laid down to all of their demands. Scott has tried to do everything the county wants within reason but the demands from the county never stops. Why doesn't the county go after the other reloading companies in the county like they have Scott.
Could it be that Scott did not throw enough money to the political hacks which run the county.

Scott has been open to anyone who wants to come over and see his operation, he has been open , honest and transparent something the county is not. In fact a neighbor wanted to see his operation and Scott obliged him and then the guy tried to shut him down and testify against him, bringing several letters from others who live in the vicinity not wanting a business in their neighborhood , remember Scotts family has been there for years and these people have not. Scotts joining neighbors testified that they had no problem with him, his family or business. The other people sited that they wanted to keep the farm a farm as they want to protect farm land well…. Folks these people live on 2 and 5 acre plots which use to be farm land wow! Maybe they should all sell out and bring back that farm as well. The neighbor who testified against him had the fortitude of a Kentucky mule to ask Scott after the hearing if all was good between them go figure.

The Kohler family are well liked by the community, and everyone who testified for Scott talked about the family is a very good light. I have to say as well that they are a nice family and I have known them for many years. My take is not because I like the family but because I feel that the county has set their eyes on Scott and his business and are hassling them for some unknown reason.

I do know as a CPAC member that the county has hassled him for years and frankly they have not hassled any other business in the county like they have this one. The county implies that they want to promote small business and to hire local people but then on the other hand they are trying to shut this business down. Scott does not receive any huge tax breaks like the corporations the county courts nor does he receive the go out of your way to help as they county does for huge corporations. Oh I forgot to mention that the neighbors wanted Scott to do landscaping around his place come on stupid people if you want trees and bushes plant them out your own house why should he go to that expensive of landscaping besides if you knew anything about a farm you would know that if you plant trees and bushes around a pasture the critters would have a nice snack since Scott plans to continue to run a few head.

I want to commend the planning commission and their decision to approve Scotts application and now that application will now move forward to the county commissioners who will have the final word to approve the application of deny the application where it would then go to the land use court of appeals which would again cost thousands for the business.

I hope nothing but the best for Scott and his family and I know they will not give up fighting for their business. We can only hope the county stops the insanity and leaves Scott and his family alone.


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