This idiot is now the leader of the most powerful
Nation in the world. And made his fortune off the backs of
The middleclass by not paying them a fair wage or not paying for work period


Thanksgiving is a time for family and a time to partake in too much vittles. Unfortunately many Americans will not be able to do either.

On a single night in America there are about 600,000 people who are homeless which means they are either living under bridges, in shelters or transitional housing. This does not count the people who are living with family members. In 2014 there were 7 million people who lived with family so they would not be officially homeless and out on the streets. In 2014 there were 6 million people who were paying over half of their income for housing. And in the same time frame there were 48.8 million people who were living in poverty.

This is shocking for the richest country in the world, but if you think this will change under the Trump administration don't hold your breath. I can only think with the republicans in control most social programs will be slashed.

Although I do not blame the republicans any more for the homeless than I do the democrats I believe the democrats actually try to help. But our government does not do enough for the homeless. We can thank President Ronald Regan for the closure of our mental institutions and other mental health housing which helped a lot of Americans. Turning these in need out on the streets did nothing but increase the problem. Many of these people needed supervision for medication and at these places they received the medical attention they deserved.

On the other hand there are many homeless people because they have lost their jobs due to the mass out sourcing of American jobs to third world countries. Corporate America did this for profits which has increased in an unprecedented amount in the history of this country. While corporate gained wealth in vast amounts the American worker loss their jobs entirely or had to take such huge pay cuts that they now live in poverty.

The American people decided to change our government and its poor decisions this last presidential election blaming Hilary Clinton for Americas problems, I agree Ms Clinton's views on trade was wishy washey and most likely supported the TTP but again Clinton was a better choice.

Even though Clinton beat Trump by at least a million votes he won because of the flawed Electoral College and now we have 4 years of Donald Trump. I will give the guy a chance to do something right for the American people but I wont be holding my breath on this one. I can only hope we weather this individual with out too many problems. And then in 4 years try and get someone in the White House that has a personality of reason and intelligence.

So us lucky ones who will be sitting down this week with friends and family feasting on a dinner without end. Count your blessings for what you have and think about your fellow Americans who are not so lucky and prior to Thanksgiving maybe donate a few dollars to those places which will be giving dinners to those in need.

And keep the faith that America has survived worse than Trump and that we must keep up the fight to ensure democracy does not falter under his watch.

Happy Thanksgiving


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