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'Tis The Season For Joy and Giving

Red Alert!
China has ordered 1,200 industries to stop production--- cars are not being allowed either. Planes can't land because the smog is so thick they can't see. This "Red Alert" has come about because of the country's air pollution problem. Dangerous smog levels are a recurring theme for China, Beijing authorities caused a huge stir earlier this month when they classified their smog problem as a Metrological Disaster, which means that the problem cannot be controlled by human activities. This decision is allowing the polluters to be exempt from culpability. With this being said, why in the hell is China and the world denying climate change? It is time for China to and the rest of the world to take drastic actions to dethrone Ole King Coal and take expedited steps to move away from fossil fuels before it is too late.

On A Happier Note
The holiday Season is here and I attended the St. Helens High School band performance. My great -neice is a band member and also plays in the jazz band as well. Being a band student from 5th grade through 12th grade at St. Helens High myself, I was pleasantly surprised with the talent these kids have. Even though the concert band played some odd selections which I understand is a challenge to the band players and are enjoyable to play, and at times hard for the audience to really appreciate, the audience showed their appreciation with a huge round of applause. The jazz band on the other hand played some Big Band selections which the audience was familiar with and really enjoyed. I would say--- all in all those who attended the concert really enjoyed it and are so proud of the band students.

Helping Those In Need:
It is great to donate to the Salvation Army Kettles this time of year. This is the time where the organization collects their funds for their entire year's activities. The Salvation Army was founded in London's East End in 1865 by one-time Methodist Reform Church minister William Booth and his wife Catherine. Originally, Booth named the organization the East London Christian Mission. The name The Salvation Army developed from an incident on 19 and 20 May. William Booth was dictating a letter to his secretary George Scott Railton and said, "We are a volunteer army." Bramwell Booth heard his father and said, "Volunteer! I'm no volunteer, I'm a regular!" Railton was instructed to cross out the word "volunteer" and substitute the word "salvation". The Salvation Army was modelled after the military, with its own flag (or colours) and its own hymns, often with words set to popular and folkloric tunes sung in the pubs. Booth and the other soldiers in "God's Army" would wear the Army's own uniform, for meetings and ministry work. He became the "General" and his other ministers were given appropriate ranks as "officers". Other members became "soldiers.

When William Booth became known as the General, Catherine is known as the "Mother of The Salvation Army". William preached to the poor, and Catherine spoke to the wealthy, gaining financial support for their work. She also acted as a religious minister, which was unusual at the time; the Foundation Deed of the Christian Mission states that women had the same rights to preach as men. William Booth described the organization's approach: "
The three 'S's' best expressed the way in which the Army administered to the 'down and outs': first, soup; second, soap; and finally, salvation. The Salvation Army came to the US in 1880 and have done wonderful work to help those in need ever since.

Remember those in your community who have fallen on hard times and might need a helping hand this holiday season and year around. Instead of buying a $5.00 cup of coffee take that $5 and donate it to the Salvation Army or a local charity such as the Kiwanis, Shriners or Food Bank or other charity which I have failed to mention for they all do good work locally. Remember that person who has fallen on hard times could actually be you or a family member. Have a little compassion and spread hope a few dollars at a time.

Merry Christmas, to All,


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