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Thanks Senator Johnson--- for not upholding the compromise
Bill 830 all the sports fishermen knew it would not be upheld
and you certainly proved hundreds of thousands of sport
fishermen were right. Compromise was a lie.
The sturgeon were decimated by the commercial fishing industry.

Fishing-Sports and Commercial
By Tammy Maygra

Senator Betsy Johnson was interview for a piece in the Oregonian newspaper, quote "I go to my fishmonger to purchase salmon, well senator the chances that you are getting wild salmon is very low… as imported farm raised salmon now makes up approximately 80% of all salmon sold in stores and restaurants. Last year the US imported about 200,000 tons of salmon from floating pen farms from British Columbia, Chile and elsewhere.

While Senator Johnson does not fish, hundreds of thousands of Oregonians do and that's just for salmon not including other recreation fishing. Her cost of purchasing salmon is actually pretty cheap compared to the cost of purchasing a fishing license and the various needed tags and imposed fee's. Most people purchase a boat and trailer ranging from a few thousand dollars to many, many thousands just to enjoy the sport.

Most fishermen do not calculate the cost of catching the fish, or mind the frigid cold, pelting rain or hail and snow which come with salmon fishing. But do it for the love of the sport and being out in the great outdoors. Fishing is a family activity, handed down to each new generation. I know this from personal experience, since my mom and dad took me salmon fishing and all other fishing and hunting as a baby and continued on my entire life.

As I have stated before passing down the love of the sport to my kids, and now to my grandkids. The issue of being able to continue to catch salmon is not just an economic decision but it is a way of life for every Oregonian who chooses to enjoy the wonderful outdoors which Oregon provides. So … Senator Johnson going to the fishmonger might be the answer for you and the few Oregonians who choose not to participate in catching their own fish. But to the other hundreds of thousands of Oregonians who shoulder the cost of the sport and are their own fishmongers and have upheld the agreement of the compromise, and so should the state of OREGON.

And You Senator Johnson, should be crying foul against those who are not upholding the agreement whether you personally agree with the compromise or not. You should be yelling the loudest for supporting the majority and for the senate Bill 830.

Senate Bill 830 passed in 2013, the bill was a compromise to measure 81 which was done by the initiative process. The Founders of measure 81 "Stop Gillnetting Now" agreed to the compromise. Measure 81 if passed would have prohibited all gill netting in Oregon. The mood of the voters in the state was inclined to pass Measure 81.

The alternative compromise would give the gillnetters approximately three years to get off the mainstream of the Columbia and would now have to fish in off channel areas. The gill netters would also be allowed to use selective commercial fishing gear.

Here comes the problem, while the founders of measure 81 decided to agree to the compromise, along with Governor Kitzhaber, and the commercial fisherman who were the ones wanting the compromise deal. The now Governor, Kate Brown and the commercial fisherman have now waffled on the deal they made with the sports fisherman in 2013. The sports fisherman were charged a $9.75 Columbia River E salmon enhancement fee to supplement the commercial fisherman, bringing in over $1.6 million dollars into the compromise program each year for 3 years until the contract was concluded by the year 2017. Where as the commercial fishermen would be established in off channel areas.

I for one figured that this "fee and program was a ruse and when the time came for the compromise to be fulfilled the commercial fisherman would balk, how right I was.

The state and the commercial fisherman wanted this compromise and the sport fisherman were decent enough to agree to the terms of the compromise and have paid the dues literally. Now they have been slapped in the face by the state, the commercial fisherman, and lawmakers.

The measure which would have prohibited all gill netting in Oregon would have passed, that is why the governor and the gillnetters came up with the idea of the compromise.

The state has broken its original contract with the sports fishermen, but continues to rub salt in the wound as the state delays the 2017 year agreement for another year.

It is a funny thing when our governor Kate Brown and our State Senator Betsy Johnson deliberately ignores the lawful bill and the majority of rule when the compromise bill was passed.
While the state is the recipient of 30 million annually from sports fishing on the Columbia lining pockets with green backs. The commercial fishing industry does not even come remotely close to the economic value as what sports fishing generates from the catching of salmon.

Senator Johnson's comments that whatever happens that it won't be a new fight. There should not be a fight… all sides agreed to a plan and it's time that the state and the commercial guys keep their word, it is time Senator Johnson upholds Senate Bill 830 as it was introduced and passed in good faith to the hundreds of thousands of sports fisherman. Why would she take the side of approximately 85 commercial fishermen who do not rely on catching salmon for their incomes from the Columbia River.

And snub her nose at the hundreds of thousands of people who kept their word and who have been paying the extra fees on their salmon tags as Senate Bill 830 outlined. Since the state is breaking their part of the bill does this mean that the people who had to pay the extra fee--- will they get a total refund? Probably not---I bet they will have to continue to pay the extra fee or be subject to a hefty fine and or no fishing.

I guess Senator Betsy Johnsons obligation to uphold the senates passed bill means diddly squat . If she cant be trusted on upholding the word of the Oregon Senate then her word on other issues means the same, "diddly" and she can't be trusted.


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