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Alternative Facts
By Tammy Maygra

Alternative facts are now the standard term for the Trump presidency. As Trump tries to manipulate the news media in order to justify his actions and stupid remarks, along with his attempt to skirt the facts and control the perception across America and the world that he is the most popular president in history. His ego is his biggest Achilles heel; an ego which always needs to be inflated is a dangerous thing and America will suffer because of it. His childish reactions of tweeting stupid remarks or having his press secretary make a "fool" of himself on national T.V. because someone ridiculed him or those who oppose his decisions or has a different opinion on issues is not presidential and lacks the proper decorum for the office of the President of The United States.

Trump has refused to release his tax documents, although he promised to do so during his campaign. He is the only president in history who has not done so. He is also being sued for violations against the constitution because he is receiving money from foreign governments through his business. He needs to sell all his assets so there will be no buying the White House in order to influence critical decisions or too fill his personal coffers.

He still retains ownership of his motel in DC, the hotel was once the old post office. Trump has offered to donate the money received from the hotel to the US government which is still not in conjunction with the rules. Even though he cannot lease out the motel because of agreements he has previously signed before being elected President by the Electoral College, losing the popular vote by 3 million. Trump claims the 3 million- 5 million illegals voted causing this number, what a ignorant ass--- does he really think people are that stupid? well at least we know there are quite a few stupid people or Trump would not have gotten where he is now. This will be decided in yet another court case.

Trumps vicious attacks on women and women's rights were met with the largest protest in American history and around the world. The number of women and men and families who marched was estimated to be 2.6 million in America alone and there was over 60 countries worldwide who participated in the march against Trump. Trumps vulgar remarks against women and his past actions against women helped fuel the march. One such remark from Trump was just grab them by the Quote "pussy". And this is what is in control of the most powerful country in the world--- how nice is that.

Trump is attacking women by attacking Planned Parenthood. He wants to gut the program; the program helps women of all ages. From mammograms, birth control and other health issues which affect women. But then a lot of old white men feel women are subservient to men and are only good to be a few things such as…. to be a Stepford wife to diddle and to produce children for the man and to do as the man dictates. And if she happens to fall ill they will do as Newt Gingrich did - divorce his wife on her death bed. Trump and his like want to control everything that regards women even to their very skin.

Trump has the lowest rating numbers in history, he had a poor showing on inauguration day, in fact the subway numbers were low, the ariel pictures were clear that not many showed up, the streets were not crowded and people were not cheering that were there. So Mr. Trump you sir are a liar! And your alternative truths don't fly.

The only person who was pleased on your swearing in as president was Comrade Putin your Russian pal. All we can hope for is that you will be impeached.


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