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The Trump Presidency
By Tammy Maygra

The Trump Presidency boasts that they are a well running machine that has inherited a mess from the Obama administration. All fibs, President Obama is the one who inherited a mess from George Bush, Obama dealt with Wall Street, the war in Afghanistan along with many other issues, President Obama gave everyone some sort of health coverage. Granted it was not the perfect plan but it was at least a start.

Trump has not kept any of his campaign promises. So far Trump has failed to halt immigrants from Muslim countries, has failed to label China as a currency manipulator, and has not provided a plan to fund "his wall" and has not made any effort to dismantle Obama care. In fact he has weakened the rules/ethics regarding lobbyists.

The White House is under several investigations brought forth by the Republican controlled Congress and the intelligence department is investigating the possible collusion between Trumps campaign staff and Russia.

Trump started off weak, only two days after he was sworn in as President things became to crumble and he started attacking the press, referring to the Press as enemies of the American people. "There's no precedent in the modern history of the presidency for what we've witnessed over the last thirty days. Everyday you have seen dishonesty sloppiness and incompetence of the Trump adminstration, the result is deep concern and anxiety between our allies. But glee in the capitals of foreign enemies, and an American public that regard him one month in with the lowest levels of support in the modern era. We have never seen an American administration collapse from a credibility perspective as quickly as Trump's.

According to the Gallup Poll, Trump's 40 percent approval rating after one month is 21 points below the historical average rating for new presidents in mid-February and 11 points below the lowest mid-February rating for any other new president.

All of this has happened in the last 30 days, every day Trump makes a fool of himself and the United States. His constant tweeting and remarks shows nothing but his ignorance. The United States has become the laughing stock of the world. But what is sad it will take years to recover from the Trump administration, unfortunately we might get involved in a war and many people will sacrifice their lives because of a loud mouth ignorant ass.

Hopefully the republicans will take a stand and fight against all the craziness of Their president and bring some sanity back to the White House.


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