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Australia's Great Barrier Reef
The World Largest Coral Reef Ecosystem
By Tammy Maygra

The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest coral reef ecosystem. 2,900 coral reefs are in the system, 1,500 different species of fish call it home, and 30 species of whales and dolphins swim its area and 133 species of sharks and rays make up the rest of its occupants. The reef provides shelter to many species that are endangered or facing extinction.

The reef itself is facing threats; climate change is causing the water to warm and is responsible for the coral bleaching. The water quality from coastal runoffs from agriculture is causing damage, along with coastal developments, over fishing, extreme weather patterns which causes flooding and cyclones all contribute to the possible demise of this world treasure and necessary natural ecosystem.

In order to save the reef and halt further decline of the reef, the government of Australia has imposed new and stricter regulations in order to reduce contaminations flowing into the reef area. Such reductions are a 50% reduction in nitrogen and phosphors waste, pesticides, and 20% reduction in sediment disposal from erosion and farming practices.

80% of landowners will have to adopt new plans to minimize soil erosion, chemical practices, and nutrient polices. This plan will affect sugarcane growers, horticulture, cotton, and grains. Cattle farmers will have to adopt policies on grazing practices, improve riparian areas and maintain wetlands along with improving wetland areas.

Even though these new practices have been implemented the overall area has not improved enough. And because of new permitted dredging in nearby ports has caused further declines. While the new rules are in place it will take decades to make the reef healthy again. We must continue to strive for perfection as the reef is a creation of perfection with in its self. Only man has the complete power to either correct his imperfections or carry on with his ability for complete destruction of the earth and all life forms.

Man has created climate change which in turn has created all the environmental problems which our planet faces today. In order to save ourselves from our-self; man must take a good hard look at him-self and put our planet before our need for profit and greed. Only until then will mankind have a chance to survive his own actions.


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