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Trump Loves Russia, more than he loves America

The American people elected a real winner for President. Trump is a dumbass, an embarrassment, and a blow hard. Trump should be charged with treason, his apparent connections to Russia smell of a Russian agent which has been an issue continues on. Trump has now revealed classified information to the Russians. Where did the leak come from possibly from the Russians themselves? Probably not, the leak has likely come from within Trumps inner circle.

Right now The White House is in repair mode, Trump has caused a serious problem for our allies, thus possibly causing our allies to stop giving the US critical information, compromising informants in many countries. Compromising the Intel network will result in their deaths and anyone who Iran, and cohorts believe are associated. Trumps inexperience in all matter should be troubling to the people of the U.S., his blabbing to the Russians could jeopardize the very lives of the Intel sources which we depend on.

People wanted a president which had no former experience of being in the government. They have gotten their wish fulfilled with Trump. Although even the most inexperienced person would have the brains to keep their mouth shut to foreign representatives. It appears that we cannot trust the President of the United States with intel. What a sad day for America.

What needs to happen is the republicans need to grow some political balls and vote to impeach this asshole. The republicans need to take control of the train wreck and get rid of him, so they can put a more reasonable individual in as president. Paul Ryan is no winner but I believe he is smart enough not to give up classified information.

Trump could resign but we know with his ego that would never happen. He will place the blame on his staff in order to save face, his leadership is certainly below par and unfortunately we will all suffer. The White House staff is scrambling to do damage control but at this time are not faring very well.

The Republicans and Trump went after Hillary Clinton for using her private e-mails saying she compromised the US, which was never proven and now Trump and the republicans are doing far worse and nothing is being done. Trump allows Russian reporters in the Oval Office but no American media is allowed in. But then when you are Putty's boy it is no surprise. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck then it is a duck. Trump Needs to go!

Every day when I get up and turn the morning news on I am afraid to what may be breaking news, I am afraid to what Trump has done or gotten us into overnight. The credibility of this administration is zero as they constantly lie, their credibility around the world is zero. What happens if an international incident arises? Can we trust this President and his administration to what they are telling us or trusting them to make the best decision to deal with the problem. We can only hope for the best and expect the worse.

Trump needs to GO!


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