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The City of St. Helens portrays The
Waterfront Development as something it is not.

The City of St. Helens Field of Dreams of build it and they will come is not in the best interest to the taxpayers within the city's limits, nor the rest of Columbia County citizens. The city portrayed a vision of a "Pearl District" type Waterfront. With Condo's meandering along the Columbia River's banks until it meets the Multnomah Channel. With an impressive bank approximately 25ft high from the water's edge, diminishing as you travel South toward Portland. They are offering a boat launch up near where Boise Cascade had their chip barge dock, to try and appease the many boaters who live in the area hoping for more support. You know something for everyone! Fact is, they are having a boat launch but failed to let the people know that it will not be operated by the city for the taxpayers but the city will sell it or lease to a "Private "party where this person can make a good deal of money from the venture. I wonder whose pal is getting that gig?

The city asked the people what they wanted in the old Boise Sawmill property. The people answered the majority of the people want a huge park all along the river. A place for the local people, and visitors alike, to enjoy the beauty of the river, and a spectacular view of Mt. St. Helens, the city's namesake.
The city has decided to ignore the people like usual for the government. And wants to bring in toxic waste from Portland's Super Fund Harbor Clean Up Site. Of course the city will get something like $50 million to get the "goods" for this wonderful development.

I understand there is a much needed Trade Off, if the Field of Dreams is to become a reality we the people must take part and our part is to allow toxic contamination in our community. Allow toxic waste to travel through our city and through our residential areas and by our schools all for the "Dream".

Our need for money is more important than protecting our community, our river. After all why should the citizens of this community have a huge wonderful park to take their kids to. Why should the people be able to enjoy the river. If they want to enjoy the river they should go buy a boat right?

I think the city should think again, and do something good for the people. The city's sneaky and dark past when dealing with Boise Cascade has placed a huge burden on the people of the city, now the city wants to place toxic waste on the people.

The city's beautiful plan for the development shows a wonderful beach for people to use near the middle of the condo area, well there is one little catch there is NO beach and there would never be a beach as the area is not a designated dredge spoil area.

Come on city, come clean with what you are really trying to do, at least portray what is true.


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