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A comforting thought to live by
During the Trump presidency. Hopefully
His presidency will be short.

The Presidency of The United States has become the laughing stock of the world. The Trump administration is a collusion of liars, and degenerates who have committed treason. The cabinet recently proved that they hold their appointments dearer than the safety and welfare of this great nation. When this group of butt kissers sang their undying love and devotion to Donald Trump, along with thanking "God" for the opportunity to serve him was enough to make a person puke.

With all the problems this country and the world faces because of Trump, I decided to write about a great president who made Americans feel good about themselves and put country before individuals. This former president would have been 100 years old on May 29, 2017. His name was John F. Kennedy and was our 35th president.

President Kennedy was our 2nd youngest president ever elected at 43 years of age. He was born to a privileged family, studied at Harvard, and was a navy officer in WWII. He served as a representative and also in the senate. His remarkable words in his inauguration speech "Ask not what your country can do for you- ask what you can do for your country", has been recorded in history as a famous quote, and has inspired generations of Americans.

In June of 1963 President Kennedy stood in solidary with the people of Berlin who were living in a divided city, giving a speech in West Berlin.People fell in love with Jiohn Kennedy paetly because of his youthful charm and good looks. Kennedy's term in office had conflicts and crisis. He had the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion but then was credited in averting a nuclear war with Russia in 1962.

Jackie Kennedy the first lady brought elegance and glamour to the White House, setting a high standard for the First ladies which followed, she also set fashion standards for generations. Jackie was deemed The Queen of Hearts and loved by the nation, she was only in The White House for a couple years, because of the assignation of the president.
November 22, 1963 President Kennedy was fatally shot while in Dallas, Texas on a campaign tour. The entire county mourned this popular president. People openly showed their grief in the streets all across America. I was 5 at the time and I remember the breaking news on T.V. announcing the death of the president, the images has never left me. Americans were grief stricken that their young, good looking president who promised a better future was dead.

Even after all these years the true details of the assassination and then the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald a common laborer a by another person Jack Ruby who was a night club owner is still unclear, and many Americans believe there was a conspiracy. While the many of the files are still classified it makes a person wonder what really happened and by who and for what reason.

John Kennedy's era is still affecting eras which followed his. Every president is measured against JFK, and what would his presidency been like. What would the world been like. I think it would have been a better place for all of us.

The Kennedy's have had a hard political row to hoe with JFK's brother Bobby who was Attorney General was assassinated as well, Bobby would have ran for President and was loved by the American people just as JFK was. JFK's other brother Edward or Ted was a US Senator for decades and was a champion of the people and well liked as well. Other family members have taken to the political life serving in office, and some champions of the environment. The Kennedys have dedicated their lives to help better the lives of their fellow Americans and have asked nothing in return.

Donald Trump is the opposite of this great American family. American is a strong nation and has had severe blows to her and has survived. I hope she can withstand the Trump presidency in all aspects.

Hopefully in the future American can once again have a champion for the people like JFK.


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