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Titanosaurus biggest dinosaur ever found.

New Dinosaur Discoveries
By Tammy Maygra

In the last couple of years the discovery of new dinosaurs has been pretty exciting for paleontologists and dino lovers around the world. First the world's largest dinosaur footprints were discovered in the Gobi Desert. The Gobi Desert spans an arid region of Northern China and Southern Mongolia. The team of Japanese and Mongolian researchers unearthed the 77cc wide foot prints.

Researchers believe the foot prints belong to a Titanosaur the newely discovered dinosaur a long necked plant eating dinosaur. This animal was huge and was among the largest ever dinosaurs which ever walked the earth weighing in around 90 tons. These animals walked the earth around 90 to 66 million years ago and were a sauropod like the Brachiosaurs.

Then there was a discovery in Australia, the Savvanasaurs which is not a theropod, it is a brand new species, and its bones are 95 million years old. It took a whooping ten years for the researchers to remove the stone around the bones to reveal the skeleton of this magnificent animal. The other discovery was a skull which belonged to a Diamantinasaurus. Both Savannasaurus and Diamantinasaurus belong to the group of sauropods called titanosaurs. This group of sauropods includes the largest land-living animals of all time."Savannasaurus and Diamantinasaurus discoveries have proved that titanosaurs were living worldwide100 million years ago."

There has been several huge dino prints found around the world, one such was found on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, this print measured 70 cc, and was a sauropod and was the first one discovered there.

Then the largest ever carnivorous dinosaur prints was found in Bolivia. The prints measured 115cc wide and belonged to the Abelisaurus a cousin of the Tyrannosaurus rex. These dinosaurs reached 12 meters tall and are thought to have lived around 70 million years ago. So far the largest prints ever found were discovered in France. They were nearly 2 meters wide and belonged to sauropods.

The discovery of new fossils are slow because most fossils are earthed under layers and layers of rock making it hard to find them and unearth them. Many areas are known to be fossil haven but scientists must wait for mountain building events to lift the fossils to the top and to expose them at the surface.

95-125 million year old dinosaurs have been found in Australia, newer species have not so much because the surface has been eroded away.

With all the dinosaurs which have been discovered and have amazed us, just think about all the ones we know nothing about .Our imagination and wonder has endless possibilities. And what a loss to all of us, for the dino's which we will never be able to discover, the ones lost to time.


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