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The CRFR Chiefs, personnel  director and some which sit on the board has done a great disservice to the community, taxpayers and the hard working firemen who perform emergency services to the community.


The recent information which has been provided to the news media and to the community regarding vulgar, filthy, lewd, unprofessional, unsafe orders, photography of accidents for private use by a long time CRFR Chief Youngberg is to most people unbelievable. Unfortunately the report is true and the detailed actions are as repugnant as it gets.  


For decades Youngberg was allowed to perform his perverted actions against the rank and file. Many victims choose to keep their mouths shut because they were afraid of retaliation by the perp himself or by other chiefs who formed a protective circle around this creep.


Those firemen who came forth and filed complaints about his harassment, unsafe orders, and or his perverted actions were met with a human resource person who did nothing to protect the people who she was hired to protect. Following the complaints one can only surmise the added harassment that they brave individuals faced. What is really rotten this human resource person is still working at the CRFR and now makes well over $100,000 per year. I call this shameful and I believe in my own opinion that this person is as guilty as Youngberg.


All of the board members who knew about this and did nothing are as guilty as well, the excuse given by one such person----- do we define a man of something he did 2o years ago? Well… all of us makes mistakes, but when the mistakes are repeated over and over and are on the side of being a sick perversion I say yes we should define this man for what he really is.


One incident which comes to mind which many of you might not know about happened several years ago. Youngberg and now retired St. Helens Mayor Randy Peterson decided to deflate the inflatable rescue boat ---just for fun--- fortunately the rescue boat was not needed as the two firemen played their prank. The incident was handled in house, no charges were made and everyone had a good laugh. Fireman Peterson was promoted and Youngberg continued on his reign of perversion.


Had a young person of the community, or any other adult of the community deflated a rescue boat the CRFR would have been outraged, shown disgust, the police would  have arrested those involved. The individuals would have faced jail time, restitution and most likely  been charged with a felony. Why weren’t these two subject to the same? Is it because the fire department is a closed society and will do anything to protect their few good ole boys.


The remarks made by retired Chief Jay Tappan defending Youngberg--- by the way Tappan was never

Qualified to command an emergency situation--- Tappan stated that some people just don’t like to take orders from their boss’s when firemen refused to spray water on an electrical fire which Youngberg ordered them to do. This shows just how messed up the CRFR powers are.


Youngberg retired as to drop the investigation, he retains his huge retirement, works on fires throughout the state, and sits on the Fire Marshal board. The Fire Marshal is aware of Youngberg’s perverted actions but again even at the state level these guys stick together as they are most likely friends. The state diverts from taking a stand by simply saying this is a local issue.


I suggest that the public demand the firing of those people in the administration who is culpable in covering up the Youngberg issue. I also think the one remaining board member who knew of Youngbergs exploits should be removed. I think the CRFR needs to clean house and not keep covering up this issue.


I suggest you read the report which can be found on line through the South County Spotlight.


I would like to say that most of the firemen at the CRFR are good and decent people and they and their family should not have had to put up with Youngberg’s perverted actions.


I would like to thank all the firemen who everyday serve the community.






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