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I am very disappointed with the riots in South Carolina. I want to make it clear I am not a racists and I do not condone the oppression of any race. I do not support the other side --- far leftists who support violence and property damage to supposedly counter the white hate groups.

Every person or group in our great country has the right to protest peacefully, or to have and express freedom of speech no matter how vile the speech is. We cannot oppress anyone or our freedoms will slowly be eroded away until eventually we will have none.

As far as removing the statue of General Lee because this statue represents slavery in my opinion is wrong, General Lee did not want to join the war, but he refused to take up arms against his neighbors, Lee was an honorable man and well loved by both the North and the South. If we remove everything from our past we will soon forget our mistakes and then history will possibly repeat its self.

If General Lee’s statue is so repulsive, we should shut down Arlington as it sits on Lee’s home property then why do we not remove the Jefferson Monument this great forefather had slaves, Lincoln Memorial--- Mrs. Lincoln had a plantation of slaves as well, George Washington…Benjamin Franklin ---  in fact 41 of the signers of our great Constitution owned slaves, should we tear up the constitution? Below is the List of slave owners, and if all men were created equal why just white men? What happened to equality for women? Women are still considered below men, the List…

Button Gwinnett                   Lyman Hall                               William Hooper    J                oseph Hewes         John Penn               Edward Rutledge

Thomas Heyward                  Thomas Lynch, Jr                   Arthur Middleton                  John Hancock

Samuel Chase                         William Paca                           Thomas Stone                        Charles Carroll       George Wythe       Richard Henry Lee               

Thomas Jefferson                  Benjamin Harrison                Thomas Nelson, Jr.               Francis L Lee          Carter Braxton       Robert Morris

Benjamin Rush                       Benjamin Franklin                 George Taylor                         Caesar Rodney       George Read           William Floyd       

Philip Livingston                     Francis Lewis                           Lewis Morris                           Richard Stockton    John Witherspoon Francis Hopkinson

John Hart                                 Abraham Clark                       Josiah Bartlett                         William Whipple     William Ellery         Roger Sherman  

Samuel Huntington               William Williams                 Matthew Thornton

 I think we need to rethink the destruction of our history even if it is offensive, we have had a bumpy road in our history but we have learned from those bumps and have moved forward in correcting our views and our actions.

Our oppression of Native Americans is disgraceful and remains so to this day. The horrific deeds which this country committed against Native Americans is disgraceful, yet we keep the statutes of military Generals who committed and ordered the carnage, we keep the statutes of the Presidents like Grant who tried to wipe the Native Americans off the map, in order to settle the west --- you remember Manifest Destiny. Grant ordered the slaughter of the bison to deplete the food source of the Native Americans, and he almost did.

Remember the past, honor the past, understand history for it was the sign of the times… history like it or not happened, move forward do not repeat our mistakes (hopefully) and we will be a stronger people and nation.

As far as White Hate groups… grow up the Civil war is over, Hitler was a crazy nut job, you are not superior to anyone. People are people, everyone loves, cries, we all die, has feelings, wants a better life for their kids, the color of skin makes no difference, everyone has the right to believe in a higher power of their choosing.

If people actually took the time to get to know other people you would find we are not so much different.





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