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Trumps criticism of NFL players taking a knee while the National Anthem is playing has caused quite a firestorm across the nation. The nation is strongly divided whether taking the knee is the way to express their views or the way to protest racial injustices. Most Americans feel the president has done the wrong thing about tweeting about the NFL players actions. I agree the president should mind his business and take care of the business of the country and butt out of free speech actions.

 Polls taken reports that 9 out of 10 republicans feel the NFL players are doing the wrong thing citing that the players need to leave their opinions out of the game/ while the anthem is playing, while 75% of democrats feel the NFL players are doing the right thing. 59% of Americans over 45 years of age agree with Trump while 56% under 45 years of age agree with the NFL players. If you want it broken down even further approximately 82% of blacks agree with the players while 59% of whites do not.

Then the numbers show that even if people disagree with the players not standing for the anthem they also disagree with Trumps criticism. Some people have decided to boycott NFL games over this issue.

 Many people believe that not standing for the anthem disrespects what the anthem stands for while the same number believes this is what the anthem stands for to protest against things you find unjust. I happen to believe the anthem stands for the right to protest things which you do not agree with. After all this country was founded on an “unfair tax” levied against the colonies by the Crown. Which these actions insited protests, actions, and eventually a war, which our victory granted us Americans the rights we have today, freedom of speech, and expression to name a few. We cannot stop individual rights because we might not agree with them; protests are a sign of a healthy democracy. Because you speak out against injustices that are happening in this country does not mean you are not a patriot, does not mean you do not respect the flag or our country.

Are the people at sports events unpatriotic because they whoop and holler while the anthem is playing or their failure to take their hat off or put their hand over their heart? And begin cheering before the anthem is finished?  Do these people need to be expelled from the stadium?

What do some Americans want when you do not agree with someone exercising their constitutional rights?

Should we be like China, or North Korea? A country which demands every citizen always agrees with the regime no matter what. That we always stand together in the thousands, at attention, waving a flag, cheering a tyrant, crying in awe because the leader of the country stands before us or is on TV? Shall we all have to have a picture of the leader in our homes, or offices, or fear being killed or taken away to a work camp and never be seen again, or fear that the government will take away our children, all because we do not stand at attention while the national anthem is playing.

Should we be standing and listening with a deaf ear and a blind eye while social injustices are being done to people, people who are just as American as anyone. The only difference is the color of their skin.

Trumps needs to be taking care of the important business of our country, He demands the NFL players stand for the anthem, he is so dumb he does not understand that it is not about disrespecting the country, or flag. It is about injustices being done against people of color. Instead Trump should be focused on helping the victims of the latest hurricane which has devastated Puerto Rico. Instead he has taken on making stupid remarks on Twitter against these victims. Trump needs to act like a president, he is an arrogant ass, and proves it every time he Tweets, or opens his ignorant mouth.

If we do not speak out against injustices done to others, then we ourselves will become the “others”.






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