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Whale caught in fishing rope, ropes need to be shortened to save whale lives.

Whale Survival


The survival of North Atlantic right whales is seriously threatened by mortality caused by ships and entanglements in fishing gear. The population is declining despite efforts to reduce man induced mortalities.

Even with international protection from commercial whaling since 1935, the North Atlantic right whale remains one of the most endangered whales in the world. Whaling for almost 1000 years brought this species close to extinction in the early 20th century. Right whales range in the coastal waters of eastern North America from Florida to the Canadian Maritimes, places that are heavily used by shipping, fishing industries and by the military. While the northern hemisphere right whales are declining the southern hemisphere whales are increasing in their populations.

Recent deaths validate the serious problem facing the North Atlantic right whale. In the past 16 months, there have been eight recorded deaths, six adult females which three were carrying near term babies. This number of mature females in such a short period is unmatched in the 25 years of studying these magnificent animals. Four of these females were just starting to birth calves, and since the average lifetime calf delivery is approximately 5 calves, the deaths of these females represent a loss of the potential of as many as 20 animals.

At this time it is projected that there are only 458 right whales left in the North Atlantic today. Data indicates that entanglements in fishing gear because of the new increased rope strength and the vessel strikes continue to influence the recovery of the species.

Of the eight recovery goals set by NMFS, the Agency acknowledges that only one, the reduction of impacts by researchers and whale watching, has been met. And after citing over 90 different research findings and concluding that human impacts are preventing this species from recovering, NMFS did not recommend the implementation of further conservation measures.  Instead, the Agency only suggested that further research is needed. Scientists have gathered the information, presented the facts to the appropriate agencies and everyone knows and understands the problems. It is time to stop the research and do what is necessary to save these magnificent creatures.  Otherwise, we will allow a species to go extinct and knowingly that we could have saved them.

Humans claim to be the most intelligent kind on earth. But if so why does man continue to kill other species without much conscience what so ever? Man has the ability to stop, correct, his destructive nature but it seems that many humans care little about the animals which share this earth. Humans put profit and greed over all living creature including their selves.

When will humans understand the importance of other living creatures? probably never not until they destroy the entire planet.




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