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Petrov                                                   Jeannie de Clarens, the amateur spy  


Two very important figures in our lifetime that passed away in 2017, but was not noted by mainstream media.


Stanislav Petrov was born in 1939; he was a lieutenant colonel in the Soviet Air Defense Forces who in 1983 saved the world from nuclear war. Petrov was born near Vladivostok, Russia. After studying at the Soviet Air Defense Force’s Kiev Higher Engineer Radio-Technical College, he joined the Air Defense Force. After some time he was assigned to monitor the early warning system at the Serpukhov-15 command center just outside Moscow.

In the early morning hours of September 26, 1983, Petrov heard alarms sounding and the word “LAUNCH” came across the screen. The screen portrayed five U.S. ballistic missiles heading toward the Soviet Union. Despite a nerve-racking situation, Petrov kept his wits about him. He said he had a gut feeling that he was seeing a false alarm. He knew that the early warning system was prone to false readings or slight malfunctions, and he knew by his training that an authentic U.S. attack would involve hundreds of missiles, not just five that the screen was showing.

So Petrov took a huge chance and told his superiors it was a false alarm. Thankfully he was right; the early warning system had mistaken sunlight reflecting off of clouds as a missile launch. Petrov’s role as “the man who saved the world” didn’t come to light until 1998, when the former head of the Soviet Air Defense’s Missile Defense Units wrote a memoir and described the historic event. This event could have destroyed the world. Petrov’s actions, or lack of action, is seldom talked about and is known by few. But I believe is the most important event which could have led to world destruction. The world owes its very existence to Petrov.

Jeannie Rousseau de Clarens born in. 1919; she was a French spy who passed information about German V-1 and V-2 rockets to the Allies during World War II. Rousseau de Clarens was born in Saint-Brieuc, France, Rousseau had a talent for languages. During the Nazi occupation, she worked as a confined interpreter. She developed a rapport with the Germans and began passing on information she overheard.

She was arrested in 1941, but was eventually released so she then began working in Paris as an interpreter. This time Rosseau was party to more sensitive war information and began working with the French Resistance with the code name “Amniarix,” Rousseau gave the British details about how work on the V-1 and V-2 was progressing. A British attempt in 1944 to smuggle her to London failed, which led to her capture and internment in three Nazi concentration camps.

She met her husband, Henri de Clarens, at one of the camps. She became very ill while imprisoned much like many of the prisoners. Toward the end of the war the Red Cross helped negotiate her release and freedom. After the war, she worked as a translator for the United Nations. In 1993, decades after WWII ended the CIA awarded her the Seal Medallion for her heroic efforts during World War II. She often said of her contributions to the war effort, “What I did was so little. Others did so much more. I was one small stone.” Sometimes small stones make big ripples. How right she was.

Jeannie was a brave woman of her time. It took a lot of wits and guts to stay in open disguise and to be able to outwit and out maneuver the Germans and the ever relentless Nazis. Her steadfast determination and personal sacrifice helped end the war sooner and saved countless lives. Once again mainstream media failed to report on her death and give her the credit and mention which she was due.

Mainstream media has become nothing but sensationalism reporting, or whatever makes the ratings go up for a day or two. These two mentioned people played a very important part of our daily lives, and our survival for that matter, and it is sad that very few people even know what they did. Without their selfless acts our history certainly would be very different today.

Our country right now has a leader or lack thereof, who should take some lessons from these two individuals. But instead he runs off at the mouth and shows several times a day just what a Moran he is.

Hopefully in the coming year things will transpire for the good of the country and its current leader will no longer hold the most powerful office of the free world.

May your New Year Be Prosperous and Happy.






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