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By Tammy Maygra



Wow! When you think you have heard everything a new threat emerges on the world. Super Bugs, I don’t mean little critters that eat your roses bushes. I’m talking about  Super Bugs which are resistant to antibiotics.

Pharmaceutical companies whose factories are leaking industrial waste from the bi products from antibiotic production are creating superbugs. The majority of the world’s antibiotics are manufactured in China and India. We can’t even produce our own medicine in the United States good way for a secret attack on our population. Anyway back to the topic of superbugs.


These companies do not treat their waste water and have been releasing the contaminated water in to water ways, and soils allowing bacteria to become use to the antibiotics,  gradually causing the strains to be ultra- strong and decreases the effectiveness of the antibiotics which are threatening modern medicine as we know it.  After bacteria in the environment become resistant, they can exchange genetic material with other germs, spreading antibiotic resistance around the world.


The European Public Health Alliance has reported through their studies that there was a drug resistant bacterium that came from India has been found in seventy other countries, it took only three years for the super bug to make its way to these other countries. The EPHA reports that there has been 25,000 deaths across Europe resulting from these superbugs. Many are afraid that this will be the new 21st century terrorism tool.


The only way to keep these companies from releasing infected bi-products into the environment is to take harsh action.  These companies know that there is a huge demand for their products across the world and even with strong consequences laid on them profit prevails. The only way to stop these bad practices would be too blacklist the companies which are spreading the superbug through bad practices. And to add safety requirements to the company’s manufacturing practices.


These superbugs are so bad that it may come a day when we will not be able to do organ transplants, joint replacements cancer treatments, or care for premature babies all things which have been a modern marvel for millions across the world. These superbugs are in hospitals and intensive care units all over the world waiting to rear up their ugly heads. The thought of these superbugs stopping advanced treatments are scary, even stopping  the care for common infections will cause the deaths of many people.


Deaths from superbugs in the UK are more than deaths caused from breast cancer. It is hard to really report the actual number of deaths from these bugs because it is rarely reported on death certificates and there is no system in place to get the actual numbers.  The United States are in the group of nations where the superbug has shown up. In 2016 it was discovered that the drug colistin which is used to treat urinary infections as the antibiotic of last resort is now unable to battle the infection.


The new gene for colistin resistance known as mcr-1—was circulating among animals and people in China and has recently been found in a pig living in the US. If newly discovered mcr-1 gene is picked up by other bacteria that are already resistant to multiple drugs, then the world could suddenly be faced with pan-drug-resistant bacteria. The infection would be unbeatable.


The press has failed to report on the seriousness of this threat, instead they report on natural disease breakouts. The press needs to report the need of prevention measures by these companies. And the real threat to the populations of the world. This threat can be reduced or prevented if we take serious actions which would reduce the horrible outcome.


Hopefully it is not too late and our science community can combat the damage already done by inventing a medicine which would fight these superbugs. But most importantly mankind needs to start doing the right and moral thing and start putting health, people and the world before more profit.


I know I repeat this message more often than not, but greed is the enemy of us all and corporate profits at the top of the list. As a world we must demand from all countries that we all follow strict rules and regulations regarding production of any kind which would detrimentally affect all living things. Those countries which do not follow the rules are not allowed to export to any other country. If you hamper the profits then companies will follow the rules and then we will all be safe.








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