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Beautiful Trojan Park


PGE has once again offered Trojan Park to an entity of Columbia County. Back in the 1990’s or early 2000’s PGE tried to give Trojan Park to the county, but the wisdom or lack of--- Commissioner Tony Hyde decided that the county could not afford such a great gift and the offer petered out.


Now in 2018 PGE has once again offered Trojan Park to the people of Columbia County via the Port of St. Helens. I attended the Port meeting March 14, 2018 and encouraged the Port to take PGE up on this great offer. Several of the Port commissioners were I agreement with me, one commissioner said that the Port did not have the money to pay for the cost of maintaining the park. I reminded the commissioners that a couple of the commissioners have made the comment that the Port did not need the tax levy money which they collect from the taxpayers in the Port district.


The Port has also in the recent past gave some of the money which they had collected from the tax levy to different cities in the county under the guise of grants. I understand that that practice has stopped. So if the port commissioners could do that why not take a small portion of the approximately $350,000 and hire a local person to be the maintenance person for Trojan park. Pay the person hired a good wage with benefits, sounds like a win --- win too me.


The port would be creating a local job, the citizens of the county would have a great park which they already use and enjoy, people traveling to the coast stop and use the park to stretch their legs. Families use the park to fish, bike ride, walk, feed the ducks, run, and play various games. And the park hosts weddings and family reunions.


The area does not need motor home hook ups- I believe that this park should stay as it has for decades wild, casual and FREE for all people to enjoy.


If the Port gets this park, I have been offered to sit on an advisory committee I would accept this offer because I believe that the citizens of Columbia County need and deserve a place where they can go for free and enjoy a day with their family.

I want to make it perfectly clear to those people who believe in their minds and not by scientific evidence that Trojan is contaminated. Trojan is NOT CONTAMINATED.


We have an opportunity to receive a wonderful piece of property that is already a well used park, a loved park, a community gem.


I encourage the Port of St. Helens to accept this park from PGE, keep it for the people.








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