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Let’s start fixing our teens

Guns & Teens


The debate of guns is an issue which has divided whole communities. In my opinion the issue is not just guns but several intricate parts which need dealing with. I personally believe people should be able to have guns period. Now before you get mad --- let me explain.


There are many people who like to go shooting, some like to shoot 50 Caliber guns at wrecked cars, there is a huge market in this and creates jobs for the people locally who manufacture the ammunition. The gun manufacturers in the US create many jobs. Do I agree with an age restriction of 21 on the purchase of semi-automatics the answer to that is yes.


BUT I also believe that mental health in this country is terribly neglected and that certainly needs addressed, and I also believe that some people need to be in institutions to deal with their severe issues where they can get the help which they need.


I also believe that parents need to parent, in my opinion I believe that parents and society has done a great injustice to the young people of this country. We have a generation of kids who have no compassion, no respect, no idea what reality really is, they are lazy and they feel entitled, and cannot deal with rejection of any kind and they have been raised that everyone is a winner or #1.


I am sorry but not everyone is #1 at everything and there is a winner and a looser at every game. Not everyone is going to like you. So what! Deal with it that’s life. Life is not fair, there is always someone who may be smarter, better looking, achieves goals faster or quicker than you. Does that make you a lesser person hell no.


This generation of brats and I am not saying all kids are this way because I know kids who are none of the above. But the ones which are --- are the ones with the social problems. In my opinion these are some of the issues which go with the gun issue and issues which we need to address as parents grandparents and society.


Now let’s talk about how many kids are killed every day in America because of texting, the numbers are surprising. There are 11 kids killed every day in America because they were texting and driving. There are 1,600 kids killed every year from being the victim of being in the car of a texting teen driver. And hundreds of thousands of accidents which have caused terrible injury’s because of texting drivers.


Yet people are not alarmed or upset, the question is why not.. People feel it is an accident…well everyone knows texting and driving is very dangerous yet they do it.. so could we say it is intentional as the same as we call school shootings as intentional? I would say they are not the same.


People would argue that there is a difference, I would say a school shooter is not in their right mind because who in their right mind would shoot someone, but I would say that drivers are in their right mind they know how dangerous it is to text and drive yet they intentionally continue to do it, should we call it an accident or should it be classified as intentional when an event happens and a death occurs..


Why do parents of kids continue to buy cell phones for the kids. Again in my opinion kids do not need cell phones, if they have cell phones then the phone needs to be out of reach for the driver kept in the glove box. I believe the cops need to be more diligent in stopping and giving tickets to drivers who are on the phone while driving. We have the laws on the books but they are not enforced.


All of us needs to stop the frenzy and sit down and logically discuss this issue and come to a common ground. Banning guns is not the answer. We have had generations of kids with access to guns myself included yet really no issues, we had guns in the back of trucks at school because people would go hunting or shooting after school with no incidents, yet this generation of kids have issues, something is missing in this puzzle and again as a society we must figure it out.


Parents need to take time with the kids, limit phone time, video time, computer time tv time and just spend time with the kids, give them chores to do, give them responsibility, and give them consequences for their actions go back to the days where people ate dinner together with the kids, it is proven kids do better when they eat at a table with the family.












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