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Or Looking at a Candidates Creative Expenses.


I had decided not to write any letters to the editor in support of any one candidate in the county commissioner's race. I thought that I had made my mind up fairly early on. But after attending all the candidate forums and co-hosting one myself - along with the actions of one candidate I have changed that prior decision.


After notifying all the candidates that the forum myself and Ms. Lynch were hosting at the St. Helens Elks Lodge would be recorded by our local radio station KOHI 1600 AM. And then would be rebroadcasted for the public at a later date. None of the candidates balked at this point but one - Paulette Lichatowich. "Quote (I object to the statement: "KOHI may be providing equipment for recording and replay of forum." End Quote".


Why would a candidate who campaigns for transparency in government object to a public forum which would be recorded for public airing? Once again- so much for transparency by candidates which proclaim they support transparency in our government. This is very disappointing as many of Lichatowich's views are the same as mine. But I have to say that I cannot support any candidate which balks at a public broadcast of a public event.


I am also disappointed that Ms. Lichatowich charged the Port of St. Helens $500 to read information which pertains to Port business. One of the duties of a Port Commissioner is to read Port documents. But to charge 10 X's the meeting stipend fee is a bit ridiculous. While her action may have been legal or while some may think it is not. It is really petty and frankly looks bad on Lichatowich's character. Of Port documents which need to be read, my experience over the years as an informed citizen is that there have been no documents that are so lengthy that it requires $500.00 worth of stipend time to review.


 Charging the Port mileage in her travel to meetings is legal but charging the Port mileage from Columbia City to the PUD is in my opinion churlish. I can see mileage if you are traveling a distance but approximately eight miles round trip, or approximately $4.00, while she is in her legal perimeters she is portraying herself in a negative way.


We have a Port Commissioner which travels from Clatskanie, and this Port Commissioner does not charge the Port mileage every time he comes to a Port meeting and the distance he drives is 72 miles round trip which would be approximately $37.00 reimbursement for mileage. Big difference --- than the $4.00 Lichatowich charges.


Even when Lichatowich attends events representing the Port which her ticket is paid, her dinner and drinks is paid for, she chooses to charge the Port her meeting stipend of $50. Again while legal it just looks unprincipled. She does not have to attend these events at all. So if she chooses to attend and is getting a free dinner etc. only driving 8 miles round trip why dos she need to charge a stipend.


There are many people in the county which spends endless time and money to do community events, charity work that do not get reimbursed for time or mileage nor expect reimbursement. Yet for a Port Commissioner to charge petty amounts even legal is irksome.


Many people may or may not agree with me. I guess I look at things differently for a Port position. You run politically for this commissioner seat. You know what is required. You are doing it as a public service, so while some things I think you deserve to be reimbursed for as I have explained above--- some I do not. A Port Commissioner is not a paid position such as county commissioner; it is more of a volunteer seat and should be treated as such.





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