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Paulette needs to step down from her perch,

she is no better than the rest of us.


I figured that I would not write a Tammy’s Take on the local county commissioner’s race, because I thought that all the candidates running were actually pretty good. Each had several points I liked.

But I can no longer sit back and say nothing. Instead of telling you which candidate I am supporting I will simply tell you which candidate I will not be supporting.


I found several things about this candidate which bothered me. Paulette sits on the Port Commission, I supported her in her bid to that position (with money and my husband helped construct her signs throughout the county) which we were glad to do because she held mostly all my values on the environment and I felt that we as a county needed to move the county in the direction with the kinds of industry which are cleaner and move away from industry which has no regard for the environment.

Paulette fitted this belief and I felt we had a good fit. Unfortunately her belief and my belief differed in the way in which we achieve this goal. Paulette decided that she would enlist people with the same values to run in other port commission races, which is fine.


That is until she heard someone else was thinking about throwing their hat into the ring-- whom she had not enlisted to run in one of the positions. I believe anyone should run for any seat or position they want as long as they qualify as the rules set forth. Paulette confronted this said person at the Beaver Drainage District meeting, and told them they could not run for the position because she has a person picked for said seat. She then proceeded to become very nasty and made herself look low in front of several people at this meeting. This can be verified by three other people. This only prompted the person to actually run instead of just thinking about it.


I was not at this meeting, I did not know at the time it had happened that is until the next day when I was called by the individual she confronted and was told what had happened. I felt what she had done was wrong. I did not know that I was going to be the recipient of a phone call from Paulette.


Paulette called me, she was out of control, she was so agitated she was hysterical; she was ranting and raving about his person and his decision to run for a port commissioner seat. How he was ruining what she was trying to do, she could not believe how her friends were stabbing her in the back. How he told her if he wanted to run for a position it was none of her business.


Like there was something I was supposed to do about this. I told her I was not at the meeting, but if a person wanted to run for a seat that was their right, what was I supposed to do about it. That this person had the right to run, she at this time was ranting even more, she simply hung up on me.


She then called this person and tried to rip them a new one, they in return let her have it back as good as she was giving. She then used the fu** you word and they got into it and he then hung up on her. She then called me back and complained how he had talked to her. I said what do you want me to do? I have no control over what anyone says or does. I guess because I did not side with her that was it. She said Good Bye and slammed the phone down. That was really the last time we have actually spoken other than a hello now and then.


Next, she charged the port (taxpayers) to read a contract to the sum of $500, the other port commissioners do not do that, she charges the port (taxpayers) about $$2.59 to drive 4 miles round trip to attend a meeting, she charges the port (taxpayers)$50 to attend a charity event where all your expenses are paid the event was voluntary.  It goes on and on. I always believed that the job of a port commissioner was to read documents which are port business as part of the job description. I agree if a port commissioner has to drive along ways or stay overnight the port should pick up the tab.


But a port commissioner from Clatskanie does not charge mileage every time he drives to Columbia City for a meeting and does not charge when a meeting is in Clatskanie.


She is a port commissioner, yet is always bad mouthing the port, you do not do that. You discuss items which are bothering you, and try and make changes diplomatically. You treat the staff good you do not treat them like garbage. You are not a “Queen”


I then had a go around with Paulette at a meeting in St. Helens I asked her a question about Trojan Park where she started saying how contaminated it was. I then corrected her on her wrong information, she did not like the idea that someone was actually correcting her, she got irritated and then tried to dismiss me with the gesture of pushing me away. Which I have to admit made me continue on. I tried to explain to her that I was not continuing on to be mean or an ass but to help her. I tried to explain to her that if she was telling wrong information people would call her on it. I guess she don’t like anyone to tell her she is wrong about her information. Not a good quality for a county commissioner.

Then she tried to stack the CPACs (Citizen Planning Advisory committee) with people of her like, hoping for appointments. Well that fell through and those in charge seen through her actions and they called for elections, which was a good thing as I see it.


We need jobs in Columbia County, I did not agree with coal, or oil trains-- but the coal is gone and we have the oil trains ---live with it. There are opportunities out there for “green” industry. I wrote a letter to the editor about such a company. I talked a little about it at a CCDCC (Columbia County Democratic Central Committee)  meeting and after the meeting tried to communicate with Paulette about it and she did not respond to me in fact I felt she actually dis missed me with a blank look.


Fortunately Mr. Doug Hayes the new port director read my letter and he contacted the company, as he is a forward thinker. And they are actually looking at possibly siting at Port Westward! GREAT! Thanks for listening Mr. Hayes and not dismissing me like Paulette did.  Unless it is her idea it is not worth looking in to…. Sad.


In my opinion. Paulette, does not have the temperament, or personality to make a county commissioner. If you cannot take someone questioning you, disagreeing with you, speaking their mind at a public comment period directed at you. Then county commissioner is not the job for you.  You will be over seeing many people and you need to treat people with respect and be friendly not like you are above people, county commissioner, port commissioner or not. You cannot manipulate or control who or who doesn’t run for an elected office. That is why we live in a democracy, have elections, and hopefully all who qualify have the freedom without interference from anybody to become a candidate for any given office.


I guess you can take from this letter I will not be supporting Paulette for county commissioner.









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