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How could you NOT like this Company


have heard that County Commissioner candidate Paulette Lichatowich does not like the trains which carry goods to businesses and from businesses through Columbia County. I have also heard that Ms. Lichatowich does not like the train loads of logs either. And that she is against logging in the county. I understand she is relative new to the county of approximately 16-18 years. Maybe that is why she dislikes logging, not understanding that Columbia County is logging. My family were loggers and people like mine is what made this county and state.


Columbia County was and is a logging county. Logging is a renewable resource, and a resource which we all use, even Ms. L. The logging which goes on in this county is from PRIVATE landowners and is none of Ms. L business or under her jurisdiction as a Port Commissioner, a private citizen or as a county commissioner if she gets elected. Many people depend on the logging industry for their livelihoods and logging adds $$$$$ to our community one way or the other. Nothing better than a clear cut, it provides a lot of food for deer, bear and elk to eat.


What does Ms. L. want to do? make the railroad a walking path from Portland to Astoria to bring tourism into the county? What a laugh that is—tourism… Low paying seasonal work to begin with and what the hell do we have for tourists to come to Columbia County to see? We need decent industry which pays good wages for people here.


I have to say over the years I complained and wrote articles against Teevin Brothers for receiving Connect Oregon Funds. While I still do not like corporate welfare, I have to admit Teevin Brothers has developed a really impressive company down at Rainier Oregon. They have a huge dock, log trucks going to Weyerhaeuser non-stop. They have grown and grown and employ at least 100 people, who earn good wages, have health care, a 401K with matching contributions. Their employees get to work in the county and close to home and not are part of the mass commute out of the county every morning. My readers know that I am a union person, and Teevin Brothers are not a union company. BUT if a company treats their employes right as Teevin does we don’t need union representation.


I also understand that Ms. L. does not like Teevin Brothers either. I do not know if it is because they are part of the logging industry? Or is it because as a Port Commissioner she wants the river front for Port operations? But- most likely it is because she does not want any business’s on the river period. She has made that comment to another Port Commissioner. I question her intellect on this statement. Why not use the properties which have had industry on them before?  Re-use these properties so we do not have to create new development if we do not have to. Its zoned industrial so why not utilize it.


And the idea of no industry on the river period-- is just plain stupid. We can be selective on what industry we let come here-- I agree with that. We need new industry that has harnessed new and advanced technology and not dependent on fossil fuels. And there are companies out there which are “green industry” which we can utilize for the benefit of people and the environment. All we have to do is research it.


Maybe Paulette L. should spend more time looking for new green industry instead of trying to throw a monkey wrench into every opportunity that comes to Columbia County.


Teevin Brothers sits on the old Crown Z saw mill property. What better usage than keep using it for the logging industry. At one time Crown Zellerbach had a massive operation on the site where Teevin now sits. Crown Z. also had a huge sawmill and operations in Columbia City where they employed many people. But then Paulette L. would not have liked that in her town of Columbia City.

In fact she is so anti-jobs, unless it is tourism that she is against the Korean Bumper company that is going to site in Columbia City on some of the old Crown Z sawmill property. I understand they will hire 200 people to work there. I applaud the Port for getting an industry to come here for people to work at. This company is new technology, and clean.


I guess she has her big fancy home which sits atop the hill over- looking the river and the rest of Columbia City. She shops at high end stores such as Patagonia It seems she does not care if anyone else has a nice home or they have to shop at lower end stores, she has gotten hers and the hell with anyone else. Shame on you Paulette, for such an attitude.


Paulette comes across as a nice little old lady, that is until you do not agree with her then her fangs and claws come out and she cusses like an--- excuse the pun --- logger. If you do not cave to her whims, she then responds with crying and hysterics, and if you are a man that disagrees with her, she will take your picture because she is afraid of the said man and needs protection. I call this paranoid. If she cannot take criticism, difference of opinions, upset citizens, then she is certainly not county commissioner material.


I wanted to talk about Tevin Brothers a bit this week, when actions change my way of thinking I will give the devil his due. And today I did that --- Teevin Brothers have come a long way and have proven they are a good company to work for and an asset to the county and community. I wish them well and I hope they continue to be part of the county for decades to come.







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