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American Traitor & His Communist Pal


Traitor Trump declares success after meeting with The Communist Leader of North Korea., Kim Jong Un. Un said his government will work toward ending denuclearization and the U.S. would end joint military exercises with South Korea. Although there were no agreements or verification on the much needed details from either of the world’s top assholes on denuclearization,  Trump could do nothing but praise the Communist leader.


The joint war-games with South Korea shows U.S. steadfastness in the region, not only to North Korea but also more significantly to China. And it seems like there's this whole idea of Trump as this great negotiator, cause he can sum a person up in 5 seconds to a minute, yet he gave up one of the most important objects we have in the region, for nothing in return.


Then the genius suggested that the US will remove all American troops out of South Korea, why not.. Trump said he can trust Un. Why I agree absolutely.  Un is the most trustful and honest and caring individual, just look how he treats his own people. Look how they cheer and wave and throw beautiful bouquets of flowers for their cherished leader.


The next thing Trump will do is invite the Communist freak to the White House. Between Putty and Un the table will be full of traitor’s and conspirators to the US. Hopefully they ball will choke on a bone.

Japan, the chief U.S. ally in the region, got nothing of what it wanted -- Kim made no promise to address the issue of Japanese citizens abducted by North Korea, and he offered no limits on his ballistic missile programs. So once again Trump Dumped on US Allies. South Korea, meanwhile, appeared to have been blindsided by Trump’s change of heart on war games.


The U.S. has yielded major concessions -- the summit itself and the end of our defensive military exercises -- in return for what appears to be a vague and undefined premise from the North Korean leader.” If the goal is to begin to unravel the U.S.-Japan and U.S.-South Korea alliances, then this is the way to launch the process,”


Trumps stupid remarks about North Korean people who are being held in gulogs and how it was their lucky day… because Un… was looking into the issue. What a God Damn idiot! Un and the people under his command put the poor souls there to begin with.


When China and Russia begin praising the deal which Trump made with Un, it should have been a red flag. I believe it was a huge mistake for the United States and her allies.









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