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Paulette Lichatowich


Fallout from the ethics complaint filed against Paulette L. by Brady Preheim has caused quite a stir among Paulette supporters and some in the local Democratic Party. Some democrats are in full support of the complaint and feel the complaint is warranted. The Columbia County Democratic Central Committee will most likely have a heated discussion on the issue at the next regular meeting this month.


Preheim has received nasty e-mails, and has had a visit from a long time democrat complaining of his action against Paulette. While they complained of his actions they felt he should have handled it differently, when he asked them how? they had no answer to that question. And they did not know all the things she pulled , one would think before you go off halfcocked you should get the facts before jumping on someone.


Others of her supporters have pulled out the reasoning that what Preheim has done is quote Bullshit” end quote and we need to work on electing democrats. Well last time I checked Heimuller is a democrat. I would like these people to explain to me just what is a“good democrat” as I have been told by some in this same group that I am not a good democrat and I should leave. I immediately told them to go to hell.


These people have an issue with Heimuller for some reason. I believe it is because he voted for the zone change at Port Westward, while I did not agree with that one particular vote he did. I consider Heimuller a good democrat. He does a lot for the community in volunteerism, always has time to talk to people, and treats people decent. That’s more than I can say how Paulette acts. Well back to the ethics complaint.


The ethical problems which have plagued this committee in the last couple years have divided the CCDCC. The few who wants open, honest and transparency, have become the most hated people in the group I my opinion. These people feel that if a democrat does something wrong then they should be held accountable. While the other people in the group turn a blind eye and do not want the CCDCC’s dirty laundry aired.


On the same note the CCDCC would go after a Republican or others if they had done the same thing. I personally do not agree with this mind set. If you violate election law it does not matter what party you are from you should be held accountable, if you do something unethical then you should be taken to task no matter who you are or what party you belong too. 


After contacting Mr. Preheim for comments on the issue, he explained that many of Paulettes supporters and Paulette herself believe that his reasoning for filing the complaint was politically motivated. Mr. Preheim assured me that the reason he did it was strictly because he felt what Paulette did was ethically wrong. In fact he said if a Republican had done the same thing he would have filed against them as well.


Preheim felt that Paulette should not have charged the Port $500 –ten days- to read a contract. She charged the Port a $50 fee everyday for ten days to read the contract. He added that none of the other Port Commissioners charged the Port to read any contracts. Preheim feels the review of contracts are one of the duties which a Port Commissioner does as part of their job, he added that was what they were elected to do.


Preheim also talked about Paulette charging to attend local Townhall meetings, she charged her $50 a day stipend , she also charged to attend a pre-paid ticket to a local fundraiser affair. All events he felt were part of her job as a Port Commissioner. He also noted how she charged the Port to drive from Columbia City to the PUD a round trip of about 4 miles and she put in for a re-fund of $4.00. that one was a bit petty, but allowed.


Paulette has other issues plaguing her too. She has a habit of taking pictures of people who disagree with her, this was witnessed by an individual who was running for commissioner at the Home and Garden Show at the Fair Grounds. That sounds a bit kooky to me. What is she afraid of? Maybe she needs to talk to someone about that quirk. If she wants to be a county commissioner, she needs to understand that at times people are going to be irate when they come before her/ the board with issues. And she needs to be polite and listen, not start taking pictures.


When I asked Preheim if his complaint was because he supported Heimuller he said no. He told me how he had supported Paulette for her bid for Port Commission because he felt she would be a needed change and that she was a bridge builder. He added that he was disappointed in her, that she burnt all bridges at the port. Paulette does not work with the other commissioner’s period.


All I can say ---it will be an interesting county commissioners race this fall and in-between…






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