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The day he became President is the day the Earth stood still.


Trump and the Environment


Trumps attack on environmental programs is a growing list. Trump has cut NASA’s  Carbon Monitoring System, a $10-million-per-year effort to fund pilot programs intended to improve the monitoring of global carbon emissions. CMS-supported work is mostly related to the global Paris Agreement, especially for verifying whether the nations of the world are actually meeting their pledges to reduce carbon emissions. Without monitoring, there is no way to make sure countries are actually reducing their emissions.


Trump officials also advocate the shutdown of the Earth-viewing instruments aboard DSCOVR, which have taken high-resolution pictures of our planet's sunlit half nearly every hour since July 2015. There are other NASA climate programs which the Trumps administration is defunding. I guess it is because if trump and pals shut it down they can pollute even more.


The U.S. Department of the Interior has proposed removing what's called the “blanket section 4(d) rule.” Since the 1970s, this U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service policy has stated that by default, threatened species receive the full protections of the Endangered Species Act. The Center for Biological Diversity said there are 294 species listed as threatened by the FWS and are afforded protections only because of the blanket rule. The affected species include the northern spotted owl, the southern sea otter, the spotted seal, as well as eight species of coral and numerous plants.


If the blanket rule is gone there is no way they can publish 300 individual rules to protect these creatures. This is a regulatory removal, and a hit to the needed protection for sensitive creatures. Trump has no regard for any creature other than himself. Trumps people states that protecting creatures is penalizing private landowners.

Trump is also after the Obama administration's fuel efficiency standards for cars and light-duty trucks, the first step in a rollback of one of the U.S.'s biggest efforts to curb carbon emissions. Trump wants to destroy everything Obama did. Under Obama-era policy, cars and light-duty trucks would be required to have average fuel efficiencies equivalent to 54.5 miles per gallon by model year 2025. The Obama program would've reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 6 billion metric tons, more than the total CO2 the U.S. emitted in 2016. Why would anyone disagree with this? This certainly will not help climate change, in fact it will do the opposite. It will encourage other countries to do the same. So lets just kill the earth even quicker , just so the rich can make an extra dollar. Really dumb, don’t they understand even the rich needs clean air and water DUH!


The Trumpster’s  are bringing back grizzly bear to the Cascades, wich I have mixed feelings, they were here first and it is their home range, and since there is only about 50 that live there he population needs to increase. But the cattlemen are opposed to this move because bears like beef too now and then. But then Trump likes people to shoot big game or trophy animals so I think he is doing that because his rich friends can go shoot a big bear. So we will have to see on this one.


The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency has stricken “climate change” and associated verbiage from its strategic plan, on the heels of one of the most expensive years of natural disasters in modern U.S. history. Two recent studies found that the record rainfall from Hurricane Harvey which cost roughly $125 billion got a 15-percent boost because of climate change.  Studies found that climate change tripled the odds of a storm of Harvey’s intensity  and these storms are rising in numbers.


The Trump administration is thinking about reorganizing an EPA group that funds research on children’s health and environmental health disparities affecting minorities and the poor. He wants to do away with studies on how pollution affects childrens health; he wants to do away with programs which keeps arsenic out of rice cereal which Americans feed their children.


He wants to cut funding on research on renewable energy.  Yet the budget calls for increases in spending on fossil fuels. Including the BBA, the Department of Energy's budget calls for an extra $281 million on fossil-fuel R&D, $200 million of which would be spent on clean coal , as if coal would ever be clean. But then Trump has to appease his coal baron buddies. Buddies; which treat their workers like crap, and have little or no safety in the mines. And what safety they do have that will most likely be gone with this administration. And since trump just got rid of the clean water act and the miners can now dump their poisonous water into the creeks and streams they can not only kill their workers by unsafe mines they can finish off their worker’s health and their families with poison water.


Trump is slashing the Department of Energy funding for renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives by 72 percent.  Trumps actions is a clear avowed support of fossil-fuel industries. Trump stated beautiful clean coal” in his State of the Union address, and several days after Trump announced steep tariffs on imported solar panels. It is all coming together his plan to roll back protection to the environment by 60-80 years.

.There are so many much needed programs which Trump is either rolling back or doing away with that it is crazy. But then I said Trump and Trump puts the crazy in crazy. This man is the mkst ignorant human on earth. His greed outshines that of the most greedy person alive. His attitude is what is wrong with this country. The roll backs will


 Decline all the advances we have made in the last several decades. Shame on you Mr. president. I could only wish that you are yours would have to drink poison water, opps-- maybe you and yours already have, because it is apparent your brain function is way down.


We can only hope that this buffoon has only one term in office, because he is destroying our lives and our planet.











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