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Greed, Corruption & Sex Abuse


I am so disgusted with the recent report of the 300+ Catholic Priests of Philadelphia, who ran a child porn ring, molested 1000’s of children over years. And if this happened in these parishes how many others parishes across the United States have perpetuated sex crimes against our children. Over several decades, un-reported, and reported yet this religion fake as it is still reigns on. Below are some accounts from the victims and it is quite disturbing.


  During the progress of the grand jury investigation it uncovered a 'ring of predatory priests' within the Diocese of Pittsburgh who "shared intelligence" regarding victims, exchanged the victims among themselves and manufactured child pornography.


  One victim was made to get up on a bed. As the priests watched, they asked him to remove his shirt. Drawing on the image of Christ on the cross, they asked him to remove his pants. Then the priests began taking photo’s pictures of him. The boy said the photos were added to a collection of similar photographs showing other teenage boys. 


The priests, would give their“ boys”, or their altar boys or their favorite boys these crosses, the crosses were gold and the boys were made to wear them. The crosses "were a description that these children were victims of sexual abuse. They were a signal to other predators that the children had been numb to sexual abuse and were ideal targets for further victimization.


the Diocese of several areas had priests which not only molested boys but then turned their attention to little girls, while some priests penetrated the young girls, resulting in un-wanted pregnancies, others felt the need to make sexual advances by feeling around on the young girls. But one priest took it even further he made a young girl  9-10 years old, take her shirt off, molested her then ejaculated on the young girls back and then made her sit naked for the rest of the day with ejaculation on her back. Telling the young child she was a demon child. There was no shame from these predators .And there was no remorse, they continued o for decades.


Some whipped little boys while other priests watched. Reports of these perverted actions were reported to the higher ups of the church but nothing was ever done, most likely the higher ups were involved as well.

When the victim’s tried to talk to her parents, “We’re not going to talk about this. I don’t want anyone thinking that this was our fault.” How dare you to accuse our priest.


The Diocese of Pittsburgh gave homeless boys from Pittsburgh drugs, alcohol and money in exchange for sex. One victim reported he was abused by multiple priests in the course of his life. The priests liked to abuse the boys and verbally degraded them as well while receiving oral sex. There were no limits to the lengths that these priests would go to continue their filthy predator behavior.


This group of priests used whips, violence, and sadism in raping their victims, the grand jury report reported. When the priests were finally convicted after a trial, some got 5-10 years, some got nothing because the statutes of limitations ran out and walked away. Other of these serial devils was sent to other parishes. All in all the Catholic Church failed its congregation, and failed its own beliefs but then what do you expect from religious organizations.


Any time you have organized religions in my opinion it is a beacon for perverts and the churches have plenty. What was done to these innocent children is unforgivable and should have stopped decades ago when it was brought to the higher ups attention. Parents should have taken notice and action when their children came forth and reported the incidents.


I lay the blame clear up to the Vatican who are as guilty, and have done heinous crimes as well.  What needs to be done is that every member of this so – called instrument of god, they need to walk away  from this house of perverts. Any time you allow and support a church like this in my opinion makes you are guilty as they are.


I make no bones about being a non-believer, and I truly believe until the congregation takes a stand against the abuse, the abuse will continue in this fortress of horror.








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