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...And this man is supposed to be the leader of the free world. –Sad-

My apologies to the world.


Woodward’s New Book


Nothing surprises me when it comes to the Trump administration or POTUS himself. But then a surprise came out from the people in the administration. A book written by Bob Woodward's new book -- "Fear: Trump in the White House.

The book exploded politically when it hit the book stores, President Donald Trump's aides purposely keeping information from him in order to protect the country; a failed mock-interview in preparation for a potential sit-down with special counsel Robert Mueller over Russia; and Trump lashing out at aides, most notably Jeff Sessions, referring to his attorney general as "mentally retarded."

But what is even more worrisome than the country knowing what stupid remarks POTUS has made, or the fact that he is not overly bright is the fact that the portrait Woodward paints of a chaotic, dysfunctional, ill-prepared White House is all strangely familiar. It's the same vision of the White House that Michael Wolff wrote Fire and Fury. It's the same picture that Omarosa Manigault-Newman constructed in her memoir of her year in the White House. It's the same almost word for word story that White House reporters at CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal has written and reported on. And the same for virtually every other mainstream media outlet has reported of the Trump White House.

Sure, Omarosa could be a resentful former aide trying to make money while exacting revenge on her adversaries. Michael Wolff could have been deceived by a few sources with scores to settle with Trump. Any reporter could get a detail or two wrong. Woodward could have cast a scene or two in ways that are less than favorable to Trump. But the fact remains could all these people get it all wrong, is it odd that each reports events similar? I seriously doubt it.

Trump is obviously out of his realm and is entirely inept and useless in understanding how greatly out of depth he actually is, his mental status and IQ simply does not allow any intelligent results when it comes to this man. And a man driven almost entirely by personal objection. A man willing to disgrace people who work for him, to play staffers against one another, to scapegoat assistants to keep blame off of himself.

Trump has so much self-belief that he seldom sufficiently prepares for conditions involving international diplomacy and national security. Top aides- who view their jobs as primarily keeping Trump from causing serious harm where ever he goes and whatever he says. This is pathetic.

Bob Woodward has been a Whitehouse reporter for the last four decades. No one questions the fact that Woodward is the distinguished political reporter and chronicler of the White House for these last four decades and his book confirms everything that is being said about Trump. This book isn't the work of a reporter with credibility problems or a press-loving former aide who wants to make money off a book deal or news story. This is the way President Trump operates and conducts business. It is scary for the American people and scary for the entire world. What has become of the United States of America.  What action or lack thereof which made people support such a lunatic to begin with and those who continue to support him.

This fool has his finger on the red button and that worries me each and every day. If we survive his time in the Whitehouse literally, how long will it take the entire nation and world to recover from his policies. I am afraid it will take decades and generations. It is time for the reality of both parties to stop the insanity and come back to the middle and work together and forget our petty differences. And start doing what is best for our country and the world.

When the US no longer leads the world, our beacon of light begins to dim for those who believe in the US and what she stands for.- and sooner than later if our beacon begins to dim than the US will begin to diminish as well. I hope people wake up soon before it is too late for the future generations.



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