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Halloween Town Filled with Ghouls and Goblins


Halloween Town should consist of just ghouls and Goblins, but in St Helens it consists of an event planner which likes to keep the public from knowing just how much taxpayer dollars are being spent on the event. Even though the event brings in 40 thousand people into our fair community, does it really justify the cost in putting on the production? Who knows? because the ledger is all intertwined and not line itemed out.

Some people love Halloween town while other people hate it. The added traffic the limited parking which prevents folks from being able to park in front of their homes, streets are closed, traffic re-routed certainly is not a benefit. Local charities are able to make a pretty good amount off parking and hayrides which is a good thing.

People can walk around down town and view the Styrofoam Stonehenge replica and a space ship and possibly a few aliens and I donít consider any locals in that statement. Down town businesses can make a few extra bucks if they are open. People can see a few of the original cast members of HalloweenTown, participate in a few extra events. But is it worth the cost? I personally do not attend this event like many other community members.

What bothers me is the event planner and her actions regarding the funneling or the money laundering as I call it, the other actions through her company for the city so all the receipts, contracts, actions are hid behind her companyís name.

Hiding the costs of this event from the scrutiny of the taxpayers is horribly wrong, why would anyone working for the public want to hide things from the public who actually are paying the bills? Why would the city council and mayor agree to such actions? Is there more to the story which we do not know about? What other things are being hidden? What other events are handled the same way? Or is it just Halloween Town?

The event planner actually admits through an e-mail that she can handle the money through her company to keep the public from knowing what is going on. All because of the taxpayers which are asking questions, and reporting what they have found, by sharing the information through local media outlets. Shame on the event planner she needs to be gone from this community and the city needs to be held accountable for agreeing and carrying out this action.

The actions of the event planner has divided the community, her actions has run off the celebrity who had attended the event in the past, she has offended the starís agent. Although, in fairness the star wanted more money so there was a dispute between the tow groups. Made rude comments on face Book and all in all has caused more trouble than necessary. She also caused a fight with in another community group which was unnecessary.

I donít know the answer but the South County Spotlight has researched the issue and has written a very good article in the Sept. 14th release. I urge you to go to their online report and read the entire article and the highlighted spots to read e-mails and such and then you can make up your own mind.

All I know , is that Halloween Town should be an event free from corruption and community fighting.






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