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Girl Receives 3D Printer Hands

I have had enough bad news this past week, with the Trump administration and their horrible comments regarding Dr. Ford and the appointment of Kavanagh to the Supreme Court. A decision made by the Republican Party, a party which consists of old white men who have no respect for women and believe women should be subservient to men, and has openly said a judges job is just too much for a woman. These old ignorant self -absorbed narsicitic, self- entitled, pompous asses have turned the women’s movement back a 100 years.


I am disheartened for my fellow women and especially for all the young women who will have to live their entire lives under decisions of a Judge who’s views and actions regarding women has been nothing less than honorable.


So instead of ranting and raving about our downfall as women and country I decided to write about something happy and positive. Then I found this article in the news, and decided to just copy it for everyone to read, and I hope you get a good feeling while you read this heartwarming story.


Uber Driver Stumbles Into Gift of New Hands For His 11-Year-old Daughter After Picking Up Engineering Student written by McKinley Corbley Oct.7, 2018

Back in February, University of Notre Dame student Michael Skinner called for an Uber to take him home from a parenting event. The chatty engineering major started talking to his driver—and fortunately asked about his family.


Doug Anderson talked about his 11-year-old daughter Tori. He and his wife adopted her from China when she was 5 and brought her back to their home in Indiana. She was born with only one finger on each hand, a condition that caused her a lot of embarrassment and insecurity.


He and his wife had approached different hospitals about getting Tori fitted for prosthetics, but doctors said she would quickly outgrow them—and they’re expensive. Money has been tight for the parents who have adopted two other special needs children. Doug, 58, took up Uber driving to earn extra money, and because he liked to socialize.


As fate would have it, the student in the back seat, Michael Skinner, was the perfect person to chat with.


Skinner works with an engineering group called e-Nable. The group 3D-prints robotic hands—and had been searching in vain for a child who needed one.

Text Box: After several months of sizing and collaboration, Tori has been fitted with a new set of 3D-printed hands. She can now throw a baseball, write, and blow bubbles.

How great was this story, the 3-D printers never cease to astonish me, and the potential of these printers to change our lives in so many ways and the lives of people in need of limbs is simply amazing and a godsend. I am so happy for this little girl, and I hope other people will be as lucky as she was and they too can get functioning limbs.



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