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Stochastic Terrorism



What is happening with people in The United States? Why are Americans turning on other American’s? Why is there so much hate in this country? Why is there such an increase in hate crimes recently?

What is stochastic terrorism? The public demonization of a person or group resulting in the incitement of a violent act, which is statistically probable but whose specifics cannot be predicted: The lone-wolf attack was apparently influenced by the rhetoric of stochastic terrorism. Sends unstable people over the edge.

The Anti-Defamation League reported nearly 2,000 incidents last year; this is a 57 percent increase. The group believes hateful speech has contributed to the increase. It is proven if a message is spread enough no matter good or bad people will eventually pick it up. And for some unknown reason college age people are being tolerant of the bad treatment of Jewish people and other’s which are considered inferior by some. White supremacist groups are also actively recruiting members from that age group and their demographic to join their misguided cause.

Unfortunately, when we have a president who encourages hate and division, makes inflammatory statements, blaming certain groups for people’s problems, attacks the press, blames them for his crude, ignorant remarks, only incites people with serious mental, and anti-Semitic issues, which sends them off the deep end to carry out heinous crimes against other people.  What has this country come too?

Trump and the bigotry of his most ardent supporters have been apparent since Trump took office and before while he was running for president. Is the rest of the nation or I should say where the responsibility belongs the republican party, Trump staffers going to continue to sit back and allow Trump to make such hate speeches and remarks? I would hope not but unfortunately The Republican’s are sitting back and making excuses for this ignorant man, who relishes in degrading people.

This means the rest of America needs to stand up and fight the hate which Trump projects and denounce him at every turn, publicly, in the media ,and privately and show the other people which follows his rants that the rest of America does not accept, tolerate or agrees with their hatred. All others singled out by Trump for contempt must now recognize that all Americans are at risk and action needs to be taken.

It is obvious that Trump, Fox News, and the alt-right are guilty of what has been called “stochastic terrorism.” While they are not legally responsible for any individual particular terrorist act, including the slaughter in Pittsburgh, they have, over the past several years, created the environment in which lone wolves like Robert Bowers unsurprisingly commit horrific acts. (the explosive devices to this week to George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, CNN’s New York offices, representative Maxine Waters, and most recently Robert De Niro,  Joe Biden, and senator Cory Booker).

Trump often invokes Clinton and CNN as enemies during his “Make America Great Again” rallies and approves physically hurting quote “enemies”. Trump’s predecessor, Obama, has been a longtime target which Trump makes inciting remarks about. The president has belittled Waters and other women of color, referring to Waters as a “Low IQ individual.” Trump usually makes degrading remarks about women which often speak out against him. Other Republican politicians have echoed his verbal attacks. Crowds at Trump rallies have shown their anger towards the press. News organizations which have reported negativity about Trump, or just reported the facts, have received death threats because of Trumps inciting remarks.

While certain individuals may condemn the acts of the deranged individuals, be sickened by the act, but the act would not have happened without their own actions, such as the verbiage which they continually say against other people. In other words keep saying ugly things long enough then the ugliness becomes the truth for many. So in my opinion they are responsible.

In Bowers’ case, the causal connection is clearer than usual. Bowers mimicked talking points not merely of the alt-right, which blames Jews for multiculturalism, but also of the ‘soft right’ like Fox News, which has constantly repeated lies that dangerous “Middle Easterners” are among the current caravan of refugees; that ‘illegal’ immigrants are disproportionately criminals, in fact, the crime rate among undocumented people is lower than that of citizens; that immigration is thus an existential danger to America. These words are coming from the mouth of the President of this country. How shameful how wrong, and lies. If Bower’s had not committed these terrible crimes then someone else would have done the same thing, it was only a matter of time before it happened.

Trump supporters can no longer assert that the alt-right’s anti-Semitism is some marginal, harmless occurrence. They can no longer isolate it from tolerable forms of nationalism, nativism, or populism. Trump supporters can’t condone hate against one group but not others. To support Trump is to support an environment in which more Robert Bowerses are expected.

That goes for Fox News, too, which has served as the administration’s nationalist mouthpiece these past two years, making excuses for the Presidents hate speeches. And for all those right-wing pundits who have spread conspiracy theories for years, including, most recently, the claim that the 13 letter-bombs sent to prominent American liberals were engineered by liberals themselves. The ignorance lies, and propaganda which is being spread is tearing this country apart.

The division in the country is widening and has become lethal and dangerous. No longer is it just saber rattling it has become a war between races, the wealthy, religion all because we have a president who relishes in hate and cares little for those people whose his words effects in their very life. His hate speeches and remarks ends up creating, supporting, breeding killers who then go out and commit lethal crimes against innocent peoples of every race, creed and color.

What can we do to stop this man? Our options are --- vote him out of office so he can crawl back under the rock where he belongs. It is shameful that as the super power in the world, the leader of all nations that this kind of hate is being perpetrated in this modern age by The United States of America.







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