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A Message From Homeland Security

I will tell you what you need to know

Forget access to public records

Only use them as you first say

Or you will have Hell to pay.



The changes to the public record statute proposed is as follows,


80th OREGON LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY--2019 Regular Session

Senate Bill 609

Sponsored by Senator JOHNSON (at the request of former Representative Deborah Boone) (Pre-session filed.)



(2) In order to invoke the right to inspect a public record,

a requester must make the

request in writing and must state with particularity:

(a) A description of the records being sought; and

(b) A statement of how the requester intends to use the requested records.



Senator Johnson


Why would Senator Johnson sponsor such a bill? What does the good Senator and retired Boone has happening or coming up which she/they want to hide from the public? That is the real question. Why would anyone want the public kept out of the process unless they have something sneaky going on.


And frankly what business is it of elected officials, departments, what a citizen’s intended use of any document is? It is none of their damn business. The government and these elected people are over stepping their so-called authority. They are acting more like Nazi dictators more and more. Stifling, control, squelching, dominance, surveillance, suppression of freedom, all words describing this proposed Bill.


Another question; what if a citizen puts down on the request record that they want to use the document in a hearing and then they use it to write a letter to the editor? Is there a possibility that this individual would be sued because they used the document other than what they put down on their original request? Again why does anyone need to have any information what you are going to do with the document. It is simply a heads up of knowing what the citizens are doing and trying to stop them or counter their testimony before it is actually given.


The only thing I can figure is the citizens are getting too smart, too educated, and too active, in questioning elected officials in their decisions and changing the public record law will be another way to silence the public. The harder they make it for the public the easier it will be for elected officials, special districts, local and state governments to carry out what they want without opposition.


I have to say I am very disappointed with Senator Johnson with her sponsoring this Bill, even if it was a favor for a retired colleague. Sponsoring this Bill reflects that the Senator actually supports the Bill in my opinion.

The citizens of this country should have the right to inspect any public record they want, without having to beseech the government, and or disclose what document they want to review, or copy. That is why these records have been deemed “public”. Public means Public!


The taxpayers pay for the recording and preservation of these important documents, which retain, meeting minutes, correspondence, fact findings, department decisions, both federal and state etc. etc. etc. all information which affects each and every citizen of this country.


The importance of a citizen to view records unabridged is very important, when a person is studying an issue to educate themselves or the public on various issues a person must be able to repeat and discuss facts or information which represent the said issue. In order to present information to government agencies regarding issues the public has, I repeat has to have easy access to documents without reporting to anyone.


The government changed the way we had to obtain public records in the past already. Making it harder for the public, to get these records. At one time a citizen was allowed to just ask for documents and they were given the documents and received the copy’s free. Then lawyers and developers would go to the courthouse and ask for thousands of pages of documents taking up hours of staff time and a huge cost of copies.


So the government decided that they would charge 5 cents per page then it went up to 25 cents a page and the first 15 minutes of staff time was free after that it cost $45 per hour or more and you had to fill out the form telling them exactly what you wanted. I fought this decision, I felt that if you were a citizen wanting documents you usually ended up with only a half dozen pages. Charge the lawyers or developers if they want 1000 pages, or put a free limit on say 10 pages and less. Pretty simple. And when I research issues I like to read several different areas of information and browse records because you never know exactly what you may find regarding your issue. Well that sure changed.


I asked the county commissioners many years ago, why we needed to define what we want, I was told that we the commissioners want to know who and what they are looking for. I replied its none of your business who or what a person is looking for, for example I am quite capable of reading or looking it up myself and do not feel the need to report to the commissioners of why or what I want. The only reason they did the change of public records was to keep track of people who often questioned or wanted to oppose certain proposals which was happening in the county. It was simply a political move to try and keep the public behind the eight ball. So by the time the public got any information the issue was done. Shameful.


The cost also keeps people from participating in their government, I asked the Port for some documents about two years or so ago, by the time they looked it up and charged me for time and copy it was well over $1,500. Needless to say I never picked up the documents, who can afford that kind of money to participate in their government. No one.


SO-- I hope after you read this article, you call or write a letter to Senator Johnson and urge her to withdraw this Bill, and find out why she would support such a Bill which stifles citizens, and threatens their freedoms.





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