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Men—afraid a woman would run faster than them, and win a race,

how stupid are men.



A look at why men try and dominate women, thru time.


 Why have women been dominated by men throughout history? Even women of power or high social standings have been enslaved by men. Until modern times, women throughout Europe, Middle East and Asia were unable to have any influence over the political, religious or cultural lives of their societies. They couldn’t own property or inherit land and wealth, and were frequently treated as mere property themselves. In some countries they could be confiscated by money lenders or tax collectors to help settle debts. Women could be beat or killed and no one cared.

In ancient Assyria, the punishment for rape was the handing over of the rapist’s wife to the husband of his victim, to use as he desired. Then we have the ritual widow murder (or ritual widow suicide), when women would be killed (or kill themselves) shortly after the deaths of their husbands. This was common throughout India and China until the twentieth century, and there are still occasional cases nowadays. These practices are slowly going but not fast enough.

Even in the society of ancient Greece which was supposed to be a modern society — where the concept of democracy supposedly originated — women had no property or political rights, and were forbidden to leave their homes after dark. Similarly, in ancient Rome women unable to take part in social events (except as employed 'escort girls') and were only allowed to leave their homes with their husband or a male relative.

In Europe and America a  few other countries the status of women has risen significantly over the last few decades, but in many parts of the world male domination and oppression continues. In some Middle Eastern countries, for example, women live as prisoners, unable to leave the house except under the guardianship of a male guardian. They have no part at all in defining their own lives; they are seen as nothing more than a product, property of the males of the family, and as owners, the men have the right to make choices for them. Their male owners have the right to have sex with them on demand too. In Egypt, surveys have shown that the vast majority of men and women believe it is acceptable for a man to beat his wife if she refuses sex. And Egypt is considered a modern nation. Whats wrong with these ignorant men.


There have been attempts to explain the oppression of women in biological terms. Some sociologist’s suggested that men are naturally more competitive than women because of their high level of testosterone. This makes them aggressive and power-hungry, so that they inevitably take over the high status positions in a society, leaving women to the more subordinate roles.

On the other hand other’s believe that mistreatment of women has more deep-rooted psychological causes.  Most human beings suffer from an underlying psychological disorder, which is call ‘humania.' The oppression of women is a symptom of this disorder. It’s one thing to take over the positions of power in a society, but another to seemingly despise women, and inflict so much brutality and degradation on them. What sane species would treat half of its people and the very half which gives birth to the whole species, with such contempt and injustice? Despite their high level of testosterone, the men of many ancient and indigenous cultures revered women for their life-giving and nurturing role, so why don’t we? It is a good question, could it be the religious back ground of many of Christian men? Or Muslim men?

The oppression of women stems largely from men’s desire for power and control. The same need which, throughout history, has driven men to try to conquer and conquer other groups or nations, and to oppress other classes or groups in their own society, drives them to dominate and oppress women, women were easy targets, they had no support from anyone, including other women because they were afraid to speak out or they would be severely punished or killed. Since men feel the need to gain as much power and control as they can, they steal away power and control from women. This makes men feel big and important, men are bullies.

Many cultures have had a strong antagonism towards women, viewing them as impure and innately sinful creatures who have been sent by the devil to lead men astray. This view was at the heart of the European witch-killing mania of the 15th to 18th centuries. It is strongly taught in all three Abrahamic religions. As the Jewish Testament of Reuben also describes women as the devil itself.

Men associated themselves with the “purity” of the mind, and women with the “corruption” of the body. Men were disgusted with child bearing and women in general. Men loved sex but hated a woman because men liked sex so women were branded as evil. And because men liked sex it was a sign of weakness and the man did not have complete control over women because women could control him with sex.

As with our now times, men are still trying to control women, it is apparent through our political decisions,  religions, and general taught ideas, that men are the head of the household, they have the final say in decision making and their word is law. A woman must take the man’s last name in marriage, if she does not, society frowns on her decision, as it is unnatural and the woman is trying to be the man. How absurd. There are many educated and uneducated men which believe a woman’s place is barefoot and pregnant. Unfortunately there are still women who have to ask their husband for permission, for everything, lets him tell her to vote for, whether she can sign an initiative, what her view is on any issue. She must obey his every command. How sad.

What is unnatural is that men need to assume that they are the boss of women regardless of the issue. Many men feel that a woman cannot make a decision over her own body, or finances, or life in general. When men and women work together sharing duties the society has a wider range of community, where as, when it is dominated by men the community shrinks.

Women have come a long way , but not far enough. Men still feel threatened by smart intelligent, forthright women. Men will allow a man to say something and its ok but if a woman said the same thing she would be considered brash, and an old bag or worse.

Come on men its time for you to grow up and accept the fact that women are equals and not subservient to you. Life would be so much easier for all concerned.





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