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Meghan Mc Cain fires back at Trump for his vicious tweets about her

deceased father senator John Mc Cain Americas war hero and beloved

Maverick Senator , a man who put country first.


Trump’s A despicable Man


Trump is the most despicable man there ever was. His rants and tweets signify that he is delusional, narcissistic nut job.

Thousands of mental health professionals determine, just as suspicion of crime should lead to an investigation, the severity of impairment that we see should lead to an evaluation, preferably with the president’s consent.

Mental health people reported their findings on Trump that are the lack of “any discernible first principles that guide his decision making … his impulsiveness [that] results in half-baked, ill-informed and occasionally reckless decisions that have to be walked back, and there being literally no telling whether he might change his mind from one minute to the next.” These are obviously psychological symptoms reflective of emotional compulsion, impulsivity, poor concentration, narcissism, and recklessness.

The fear that trumps actions and mental health issues would be There is a strong connection between immediate dangerousness—the likelihood of waging a war or launching nuclear weapons—and extended societal dangerousness, policies that force separation of children from families or the restructuring of global relations in a way that would destabilize the world. All these things he has done.

They warn that his condition was worse than it appeared, would grow worse over time, and would eventually become uncontainable. This country is in a world of hurt and something needs to be done. Put country before party.

Many mental health professionals fear that his mental challenges could cause him to take unpredictable and potentially extreme and dangerous measures to distract from his legal problems. His crazy talk and remarks relate to these fears.

These characteristics include a history of cruelty to animals or other people, risk taking, behavior suggesting loss of control or impulsivity, narcissistic personality and current mental instability. Also of concern are noncompliance or unwillingness to undergo tests or treatment, access to weapons, poor relationship with significant other or spouse, seeing oneself as a victim, lack of compassion or empathy, and lack of concern over consequences of harmful acts. That the president has met not just some but all these criteria should be reason for alarm. Except the Republicans are either afraid of their nut case or they are as nuts as he is and stands by this freak no matter what. The republicans are ruining this country out of spite and because the country elected a black man for president, a man who was eloquent and could get along with world leaders and if not still showed respect.

Trump has had a decline in his cognitive symptoms or lapses, since functions such as reasoning, memory, attention, language, and learning  all a necessity for being a president.

Trump displays a propensity for large-scale violence, such as by advocating violence against protesters or immigrant families, calling perpetrators of violence such as white supremacists “very fine people” or showing oneself vulnerable to manipulation by hostile foreign powers, then these things can promote a much more widespread culture of violence. America has seen the increase of violence and hate in the country since Trumps has been elected and even on the campaign trail.

With Trumps unraveling and obvious mental health issues he should not have his hands on the nuclear launch codes and should not be in the hands of someone who exhibits such instability. Just because Trump is president he is not above the law, we have laws that require a person to be tested for mental health issues if they exhibit signs of being a threat to the public, Trump has shown these patterns and he should be made to take a mental evaluation for the countries safety before he does unrecoverable harm to us or other innocent people.

His apparent nuttiness was displayed once again over the weekend with 50+ tweets condemning  Senator John Mc Cain. Trump has an obsession for the now deceased Senator. Trump is still angry over the fact Mc Cain would not vote to repeal Obamacare. Trump is a vile villain, I guess it is easy to bad mouth a dead person who cannot defend himself.  Trump lacks good sense and grace.

 John Mc Cain’s daughter could not have said the truth more eloquently at her dads funeral and then recently, where she said basically trump should spent time with his family and not obsessing over hers. Good advice Mr. President maybe you should heed it, and stop acting the fool, because your tweets only make you look more nuts and stupid. 

Meghan McCain has frequently returned Trump's barbs against her family, both directly and indirectly. During remarks at her father's funeral, she chastised "cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly" and "the opportunistic appropriation of those who live lives of comfort and privilege while he suffered and served."

 May the Muller report be enough to take this mad man down. If not we are certainly in a world of hurt.




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