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Barr - is Trumps stooge and has failed his duty to America


Barr’s Summary of the Mueller Report


Trump is still a liar, crook, and number 1 Jerk; Barr did his job, he twisted the facts, but Congress will get to the bottom of this travesty. Trump will get his comeuppance. And Congress will restore America’s good name.

‘If there is any exoneration on the question of whether Trump obstructed justice, it has been done by Barr, not by Mueller’

Neal Katyal was acting solicitor general under President Barack Obama. Currently, he is a lawyer at Hogan Lovells, a professor at Georgetown University and the faculty chair of the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection (“ICAP”).

Individual Number 1 has not been exonerated. Barr’s letter says nothing about the New York investigations into campaign finance, nor the many other investigations into the Trump organization. Barr’s letter even acknowledges that Mueller’s report “does not exonerate” Trump. If there is any exoneration on the question of whether Trump obstructed justice, it has been done by Barr, not by Mueller. And Barr’s actions in this respect will raise very serious concerns on the Hill.

We need many more details’

Mimi Rocah is a distinguished fellow in criminal justice at Pace Law and a legal analyst for MSNBC and NBC News.

I’m not satisfied at all with Barr’s summary—it leaves too many unanswered questions. And so, I do not think anyone can credibly say right now that Trump has been “exonerated” in the way that Trump would like to claim. In particular, it seems that a lot of prosecutorial discretion was used by Barr and Rosenstein to conclude that Trump did not commit the crime of obstruction of justice. They put reliance on the fact that no underlying crime was established. But prosecutors charge obstruction even without an underlying crime frequently. And the conclusion that his obstructive behavior was “without a nexus to a pending or contemplated proceeding” seems odd in the face of an ongoing FBI investigation. We need many more details to understand those conclusions. Even the statement as to the Russian conspiracy is vague—the “investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated” with Russian about the election. What does “did not establish” mean? I have consistently said that I would have faith in Mueller’s findings and conclusions. But we don’t have those yet.

Mueller … performed a disservice to the American people’

Jimmy Gurulé is a professor of law at the University of Notre Dame, a former federal prosecutor and assistant attorney general for George H.W. Bush (his boss was William Barr).

In addition to authorizing Mueller to investigate whether Trump and members of his presidential campaign colluded with the Russians to interfere with the 2016 presidential election, the order appointing the special counsel authorized Mueller to investigate “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation,” which includes whether the president committed obstruction of justice. By failing to reach a conclusion on that matter and, instead, deferring that issue to the judgment of the attorney general, Mueller failed to carry out his mandate and performed a disservice to the American people.

Elizabeth Holtzman represented New York’s 16th congressional district from 1973 to 1981. She was also district attorney of Brooklyn and comptroller of New York City. She practices law in New York.

Trump was not exonerated of obstruction of justice by Mueller. But that is not the point. The evidence that the president tried to impede and stymie the Mueller investigation is overwhelming. That could be a basis for impeachment, as it was during Watergate. A president doesn’t need to commit a crime to commit an impeachable offense.

Muller must have found damaging issues.

His lack of making a determination only continues to muddy the waters. I believe the American people deserve and should be able to read the entire document. Congress will get to the bottom of this issue and will hold hearings , and bring forth the truth, instead of allowing Barr to play politicts because he was appointed by the Republicans. There is no way any doubt in my mind that trump is a liar, a crook, a manipulator and a good friend with Putin. He is using his status to set up deals for his business after he leaves office.

His actions are deplorable and illegal and justice will prevail even if it takes another year.





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