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1 in 5 kids in America go hungry today- with trumps budget

cuts the numbers will only increase. Shame on America and

Shame on President Trump.



Trump’s distain for the Poor and Middle Class

Trumps hateful and distain for the middleclass and poor is apparent in his new budget. Trump plans to drastically cut money which funds programs for people in need. Housing benefits that help millions of low-income seniors, people with disabilities, families with children, veterans, and other vulnerable people afford their homes. Like his other budget requests in FY18 and FY19, the proposal would reduce housing benefits for the lowest-income people by slashing federal investments in affordable homes, increasing rents, and imposing harmful work requirements on America’s struggling families. If enacted, the budget could leave even more low-income people without stable homes, undermining family stability, increasing evictions, and, in worst cases, leading to more homelessness.

Trump proposes to cut HUD by 18% which is actually a large amount it is over $9 billion. This money is essential for people to have basic living standards, Trump has no idea how many Americans live, he is focused on the wealthy and making them even more rich.

The affordable housing crisis has reached new heights and homelessness is increasing in some communities, The president’s budget would underfund rental assistance through the Housing Choice Voucher program and raise rents by as much as three times current levels on America’s poorest families. All this will do is cause more homeless and or hungry people or both. Yet he allows and supports billions to flow into contractors for the Pentagon.

Why does Trump attack the poor, elderly and in need people of this country? His distain of the working class and poor is apparent in his speeches, his remarks and legislation. He even wants to cut Job Corps education and training which have helped thousands of kids in getting on the right path and becoming productive Americans, where as if not they would have ended up in prison or homeless. He even wants to eliminate heating assistance for low-income Americans, legal aid for domestic violence and low business loans for improvised communities.

Trump acts like he loves the military but even military families depend on food stamps a program which he will be cutting. The military should be paid more so they dnt have to depend on a food stamp program, so Mr president instead of giving Billions to contractors which rip off the Amrican taxpayers while they make billions, take some of that money which is being wasted and pay the mane and women of the military a decent wage. And take some and have programs so kids don’t go hungry and have a warm place to live.

The budget also goes back on some Trump's core campaign promises: It proposes a sequence of cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, which Trump once made a big point of saying he was the only Republican committed to protecting.

The worst cuts are to Medicaid. The proposal would severely limit Medicaid spending, ultimately restricting how much health care the program could provide. It also makes targeted cuts to Medicare and to the Social Security Disability Insurance program.

These cuts have absolutely nothing to do with concern over deficits, which will explode thanks to increased Pentagon spending and the just-passed $1.5 trillion tax plan. Under the president's budget, the Pentagon will be flush with money, reaching an astounding budget of $726 billion in today's dollars in 2023. Half of the current Pentagon budget goes to private contractors like Lockheed Martin, which soaked up $43 billion in federal tax dollars in 2016 and paid its CEO $19 million.

The administration wants to cut the Environmental Protection Agency, which would face a $2.8 billion, or 33 percent, cut. He would take that money and add it to the military contractors.

This budget will adversely affect the low and middleclass Americans, it shows that Tump has no compassion for the poor and those in need, his ability and resolve to continue down the path of the destruction of what America stands for is apparent, and we need to stop this want to be Nazi dictator in his tracks before he ruins this county completely.

America has been known for its beliefs in human dignity and basic necessities like food, shelter, and medicine for all people, Trumps budget is the complete opposite of what America stands for and is apparent that he cares nothing for the masses, his allegiance is to the rich and powerful, and foreign interests which will benefit him and his family.

Trump is a boil which is abscessing and spreading across this great county, we need to stop the disease now before we all suffer worse than we are under this manic psychopath.




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