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Nuclear bombs and hurricanes do not mix. No matter what

President Dummy Trump thinks. Even if he brags being smarter

than any nuclear scientist, or anybody on any subject.


Wow! When you think Trump has said the most stupid, ignorant, imbecilic things you have ever heard, he actually can out do his own stupidity.

Following reports that President Donald Trump wanted to explore using nuclear weapons to destroy hurricanes is about the dumbest thing the president has said to date. It is not a good idea, a US scientific agency has replied to the president’s comments.  Trump has asked several national security persons about the possibility of dropping a nuclear bomb in the eye of the hurricane.

Most everybody with an average IQ understands the devastation a nuclear bomb would do, but our below average intelligent president seems to think it is a fabulous idea. And wants to keep looking into the idea.  What is really funny-- Trump now denies that he ever made such a comment and is back peddling, similar to most every thing he says on any given subject, then he recants.

  NOAA says that using nuclear weapons on a hurricane "might not even alter the storm" and the "radioactive fallout would fairly quickly move with the Tradewinds to affect land areas. The difficulty with using explosives to change hurricanes, it says, is the amount of energy needed. The heat release of a hurricane is equivalent to a 10-megaton nuclear bomb exploding every 20 minutes.

Even though the mechanical energy of a bomb is closer to that of the storm, "the task of focusing even half of the energy on a spot in the middle of a remote ocean would be formidable. Attacking weak tropical waves or depressions before they have a chance to grow into hurricanes isn't promising either," says the NOAA spokesperson. About 80 of these disturbances form every year in the Atlantic basin but only about five become hurricanes in a typical year. There is no way to tell in advance which ones will develop.

The idea of bombing a hurricane has been around since the 1950s when the suggestion was originally made by a government scientist. But then added it could only be investigated when we knew what we were doing. So far we don’t.

George Washington University Professor Sharon Squassoni says the idea stems from the Plowshares Program of the 1950s when a "laundry list of different weird... fantastical, slightly crazy" uses for nuclear weapons was devised by government researchers. In nearly 20 years, the US exploded 31 warheads in 27 tests in order to test whether America's nuclear arsenal could be used to excavate canals or mines, or create a harbor for ships. As the dangers of radiation became more clear, the notion was dropped, Prof Squassoni tells BBC News, adding that current international treaties would ban the US from exploding a nuclear weapon in a hurricane.

With climate change happening around the globe, hurricanes will become more in numbers and fiercer in strength. Maybe Trump should stop being so ignorant and start listening to the scientific community and start programs that will deal with and off set climate change. Instead of repealing regulations which helps our earth.

Our world is in crisis, the rainforest is burning, our ice sheets are melting, and we have a world and a president that puts money over our very lives. The rainforest is burning because South American farmers are setting the forest on fire so they can grow more crops. They are killing species to extinction.

They are killing species that we have not even discovered yet, we are losing valuable plants etc. that could possibly cure disease these are all from the rainforest.  Humans are destroying themselves ,what is sad humans are killing all the other innocent species, species which do just fine without human interference.

The next few years will be the most important for the life of our planet, what humans do in the next few years will either save the planet or it will definitely be the end of earth as we know it.

We all know that as long as Trump is in office the earth does not have a chance.





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