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This is For Larry Erickson





Money Or Truth?


The local Republican Party/ Conservative Report radio show hosted by Larry Erickson former chair of the Republican party of Columbia County has come out and basically called Tammy Maygra and Brady Preheim liars, despicable, underhanded dirty tricks, and that the voters want a clean campaign. Let me tell you this. What we are doing is not dirty, underhanded or despicable, wanting the truth is all we want. It has nothing to do with a campaign it has to do with the truth.


Obviously Erickson, Garrett and the republican party has not been aware or better yet they don’t care that there has been protests all across America against racism. Typical Trump supporters, white is the only acceptable color, and besmirching someone is a ok. Plus using the blame game, and acting as if they are the victim when in all fairness they are the culprit. Shame on you Larry Erickson I thought you better than that. And in if finding the truth is getting unredacted public records than that’s what we need to do.   The issue that has the Republican Party and former chair so upset is a radio show that aired previously On “Odd On Friday”.

The pair of community activists and radio show hosts talked about Casey Garrett who is a candidate for County Commissioner and the allegations that Mr. Garett called the people under him “Niggers”.  On Odd Friday this topic was discussed and the two hosts talked about how this is horrible and wrong.


It is time this country treats people of color with equality and respect. The percentage of the nation’s people want this too. Its time to get away from the Jim Crow days and bring this nation into the modern world, its time for change and we have seen some change and we will continue to see more if we do not ignore or hide what some people feel as funny or acceptable. And in order to do this we need leaders who recognize and treat all people the same, not someone who believes some people are not as worthy as others or besmirches someone by using skin color as a put down.


On a previous Tammy’s Take is was reported that Maygra has written a document to the D.A It was actually sent off 8-25-20. The reason it was delayed was because the Spotlight newspaper was  doing an appeal to the D.A. as well and the Spotlight and Maygra was going to work together, but after the Spotlight failed to return several calls from the team, Maygra and Preheim decided they had waited long enough and the appeal needed to happen., so Maygra sent off her document to appeal Garrett’s unredacted  file. Hopefully the duo will win this issue for the rights of all people.


Maygra and Preheim feel that the voters need to know if the allegations are true then the voters can make a decision.  Unfortunately Larry Erickson and crew feels differently and are saying this is a character assassination on Mr. Garrett.  It’s not an attack, it about fact finding, it’s not mud -slinging as has been quoted by the republicans it about—yes--- Mr. Garrett’s character. If Mr. Garrett called people his ‘Niggers” than that certainly does say a lot about his character and the voters need to know what kind of a person he is, and the voters should decide if they want someone with his character holding one of the highest positions in the county. One way or the other people/voters have the right to know.


Larry Erickson claims this is underhanded, and despicable, it’s a character assignation and is demanding that Garett’s opponent denounce Maygra and Preheim.


Frankly Larry, I find your ostrich stance as foolhardy, ignorant and despicable because you don’t want the truth to get out if the fact finding mission come out to be true. What's really funny no one mentioned Garretts job performance just his authority and remarks to his subordinates.


I also have an issue with KOHI radio, Marty should have run our entire show about Garrett, and people could have heard the truth of what we were doing  and why. Instead of a so-called victim show done by Erickson, if Garrett is innocent why don’t he produce his file to the public for review? Pretty plain and simple, if Garrett was innocent why did his file say he used inappropriate words to his  co-workers/ subordinates? Why did he have to go to mediation? and was chastised by the mediator? Why is the radio station afraid to air our show.. because he is afraid the Republican advertisers will not advertise with him.


Larry call us all the names you want, try and rewrite the file all you want, but there are people out there that know the truth and Garrett is one of them, while some of the people who know are afraid to come forward, if the appeal is won, and we can go public, --you-- Larry will owe us a huge apology.


 I guess money is more important that the truth for some people.







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