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San Francisco's Need for Open, Transparent Government - Reset San Francisco

Hey Mr. Fletcher, director of 9-1-1, What’s there to hide?

Columbia 9-1-1

I have decided to take an interest in our local 911, there has been allegations of mis- spent money at this district. As a taxpayer I believe that all meetings involving taxpayer dollars should be made public. I hope other people feel the same way and decide to get involved. 911 is a huge cost to the public, I agree their services are important and we need 911. But that does not give 911 a pass or an excuse to circumvent public involvement. Open and transparent government is necessary, and a must to ensure a honest, and good government and proper services for the people.



 To: Mike Fletcher, the Executive Director, Columbia 911

      58611 McNulty Way, St Helens, OR 97051



From: Tammy Maygra

34319 Canaan Rd.

Deer Island, or 97054


 Mr. Fletcher,

As a taxpayer in the 911 district, I feel impelled to address some concerns I have about some actions being taken at 911. The issue I am referring to is regarding the committee you have formed to discuss the facets of a new radio system. I also understand that you have made the decision to keep these meetings private.

I am totally against said action taken by you as the Director. 911 is a special district funded by the taxpayers of said district. At no time should a meeting of a public body be kept private. The public has a “right” to listen to a work session, a committee meeting or whatever name you have labeled the meeting. And they have the right to know what or how their money might or will be spent. And should have the ability of knowing all the facts before they are asked to approve a bond measure. In an up -coming election you will be asking the taxpayers to approve a bond of over $15 million to fund a new radio system.


Don’t you think the taxpayers should be able to see how their $ millions are going to be spent?

As the director of 911 you should be more than agreeable to make all facts available to the public, in fact you should be stringent in your capacity as the director of 911 to make the meetings, committee meetings or otherwise open to the public, after all you are getting paid to make decisions in the best interest of the public.


It is imperative that you resend your previous decision and make 911 an open and transparent body. When you circumvent or restrict access to the public it depicts a dark light on you and the district. And to the public, it portrays a district that has something that they want to keep hidden.


Even though 911 legal counsel responded, that legally they don’t believe the meetings have to be open, this is a matter of not legality, it is more the matter of being open, transparent, considerate, and welcoming to the people who will be footing the bill. And that sir, is the public-taxpayers- of the 911 district, who pays your wages and supports the continuation of 911.


I am looking forward in being part of the up-coming meetings.







Tammy Maygra





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