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North Korean Missile Threat to Japan and the US West Coast - Report –  Classiarius

North Korean Missiles Threaten Japan and possibly even the US.


North Korea



North Korea must be in shock from the US presidential election. N. Korea has remained quiet since Nov 3rd.  It’s pretty apparent that N Korea would have rather had Trump remain President. President Donald Trump has been unique among American leaders for his willingness to personally engage with Kim, providing him with a sense of legitimacy on the world stage. This will end when Biden becomes president Jan 20th, 2021. Trump was a big deal to N. Korea, Trump and N Korea had three summit meetings, unprecedented meetings. Trump has made some pretty stupid remarks about the N Korean leader, such as we are in love, referring to letters that were exchanges as love letters.

President elect Biden, on the other hand, has been ruthless in his disapproval of Trump's engagement with Kim, which according to the president-elect weakened US sanctions. Biden called Kim a "thug" during the last presidential debate and has been highly critical of North Korea throughout the entirety of this year's presidential campaign.

Biden has made it clear he would be unwilling to sit down with Kim without preconditions. So there won’t be any special love meetings like N Korea had with Trump. But precedent suggests North Korea has a tendency to stage some kind of provocation in the early stages of a new US administration. Pyongyang fired a missile just weeks after President Trump was inaugurated in 2017, setting the tone for a volatile and tense year.

Experts are split as to whether North Korea will feel the need to do the same for Biden. N Korea is so unstable no one knows what they will do. N. Korea usually brags and boasts about what they are about to do, so everyone will be watching the news to see which way they will head.

They now have proven that they have a viable ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) that can reach almost anywhere in the continental US, they also have a very big nuclear device which they tested in 2017.

North Korea also has a number of its own pressing issues to contend with. The coronavirus, which Kim claims has yet to infect any of his people, a struggling economy as sanctions continue to pinch, and recovery from a string of typhoons and flooding earlier this year.

Biden is not naïve to N Korea and their actions, when he was vice-president. Pyongyang conducted both a nuclear and a long-range missile test in the opening months of the Obama presidency. Biden will probably have a different action than Obama. Obama’s plan failed to stop these tests. Biden has shown he "wants a diplomatic solution, he wants an engagement."  He has emphasized denuclearization, if N Korea does a missile test Biden will probably change tactics. Biden will not tolerate N. Korea.

A response will most likely include the immediate resumption of large-scale US-South Korea military exercises, new military deployments to Korea and the surrounding area and a major effort to impose new sanctions and strengthen existing measures. As well as to take new steps designed to isolate, weaken and pressure the North Korean regime which is better than out right military engagement.

One thing the US will have to watch is how China react to any measures the US takes against China or how China will react with any new missile action from N Korea. The relations with China is strained at this time because of Trumps so-called trade war.

N Korea  has doled out its fair share of insults to Biden over recent months, calling him a "fool of low IQ" and a "rabid dog" who "must be beaten to death with a stick."

But former US officials who have dealt with Pyongyang acknowledge name-calling is par for the course. Trump himself has shown us threats and insults do not rule out diplomacy.

President Obama warned an incoming President Trump that North Korea would be one of the most pressing national security concerns. Which Trump has ignored and has allowed N Korea to be a far greater menace of nuclear threat than ever before. Biden knows N Korea is a problem and will address it accordingly.

I believe Biden will handle the situation very well, he is an experienced person and knows the way N Korea and China works.






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