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Joe Biden, nurse share emotional moment during virtual roundtable

This is what Presidents do, they show compassion for all


Once Again, Adult Human Beings Are In Charge Of The USA



As I listened to President elect Joe Biden speak today, I felt renewed. His decency, his sympathy, his compassion toward the American people who has lost a family member to Covid was genuine.   His compassion was completely the opposite of president Trump.


Trump has lied to the American people for the last time. He will be gone from office by the time this letter posts. And I am so thankful that Trump will be gone. We will have a president in office that truly cares for the people, the Democracy and the Republic.


Asa President Biden and I will address him as such even before he is worn in, because he acts like a president, unlike D Trump. Today as he and Mrs. Biden, Vice President Harris and her husband showed respect for the fallen American people.  All over the Union people cried over the loss of so many, over 400,000 people have died from COVID and Trumps failure to act or show compassion. TV new media folks, doctors, and regular Americans were crying, even I shed tears for people I don’t even know. Why? Because of the tragedy.


This tragedy could have been a lot less if Trump had acknowledged that the virus was real, if he had told Americans to wear masks, if he had shut the country down for a month the virus would not have been so bad. Trump ignored the deaths because he could care less about anyone other than himself.


Instead of Trump acting like a president he has acted like a spoiled brat, he is angry because there will be certain music starts who will be singing for Bidens swearing in ceremony. Stars who refused to sing at his. Who cares! But that shows just what kind of human being he is.


His refusal to greet Joe Biden and Jill at the White House like presidents have done for ever is a snub to the American people. Mrs. Trump refusal to offer tea to Mrs. Biden is another snub. The Obamas greeted the Trumps as protocol demanded, even after Trump lied about Obama’s birth record and was a complete ass on the campaign trail. The Obama’s were a class act and well …… the Trumps are not.


Trumps day of president will end soon and his sendoff will not be fast enough. He wanted red carpet, military bands, jet fly overs etc. Like he is special. Well, the military is not doing all that. Even his supporters are dumping him. His refusal to attend Bidens swearing in shows that he is a schmuck and frankly most people are glad that he won’t be there. It’s like having an unwanted dinner guest.


I hope America will heal and we can restore the soul of the nation. I am afraid that the nuts that stormed the US Capitol will not settle down or go away. I think they will continue to do murderous acts of violence against the innocent. Four years ago, when Trump won, the Democrats suffered through his acts of terrorism against the country and they rallied and voted him out. All done without violence against the country we love.

I feel better already that Biden is president. We will get the vaccine going and distributed to all Americans, we will get back into the Paris Climate Accord, fix the immigration problems, reunite the kids with their families which Trump tore apart. There is so much that Biden will be doing that will help our standing in the world. Our Republic will stand!


The only other thing that will make my heart happy is when the Senate convicts him on the impeachment charges.







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