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How do US welfare programs, such as Social Security, Medicare, and food  stamps, not make our country socialist? - QuoraNo photo description available.

In order to have a civilized society and a thriving society we need these services. Without services we would have a society of outlaws, civil unrest and mayhem. Oh, that’s what the republicans have in mind. Except the services would be for a select group. And not many of us would be eligible to be in that group.

The beginning of this select group started 5 years ago when Trump was campaigning for president. Then he continues on his degradation of the country after he took office right up to the very last day of his term. His followers are continuing his vision of a Make America Great Again campaign. They showed their true colors when they assaulted the capitol and committed treason, assault and murder for Trump and his rhetoric.

They got away with their plot, simply because Trumps followers in the senate are to ball-less and self-serving to stop the scheme. These traitors are personally benefiting from these domestic terrorists’ ideas and are afraid of trump and his vengeance against anyone who dare cross him.  He has already gone out to get the few republicans who voted to convict him of his crimes against the Republic. Trump is loyal to know one, no matter what.

But the real fact of the matter is all those trumpsters who committed crimes against our republic will never be allowed, wanted or fit I to the elite group of Trump. He has made them the scapegoat for his vision and has definitely threw them under the bus for his personal gains. And these folks are too dumb to realize it.

Their racist hearts, their elitism, and entitled personalities will never allow them to see the true picture. Hopefully we can continue to out vote them in the years to come until the fever of self-serving and hate can die out.

You can see the aftermath of the republican’s core values with the covid pandemic. 500,000 Americans are dead of today as I write this take, On Monday Feb. 22. 2021 and by the time you read this article there will be thousands of more dead Americans because of Trump and republican beliefs.

You can also see the deaths mounting in Texas because of republican deregulation and beliefs, people are freezing to death in their homes.  All because the republicans did not want gov. Regulations over seeing their energy systems. And because if there were regulations in place the rich republicans would not be able to make as much profit off the people, and off maintenance costs, something as little as weatherizing the energy grids.  How is republican leadership working for you now Texas? These deaths could have been avoided.

Deregulation of many different kinds of facilities in any state could end up in needless deaths. Think twice before supporting republican beliefs. That death could be you or someone you love.





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