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The People vs Agent Orange (2020) | Official Trailer HD

Please Watch This Movie

I just finished watching the documentary People Vs Agent Orange. There is a $12 charge and worth every dime. I suggest that everyone needs to watch this very informative film. It is disturbing what our government knowingly did and conspired with the chemical companies Dow and Monsanto to carry out their destruction and mayhem since the early 1960’s. It is a rude awakening, and yet it is still going on. They allowed a chemical to be used all over the world when they knew it was poison and it has a 2 billion life.

The Agent Orange catastrophe did not end with the war in Vietnam.  Today, all over the world, a primary component of that toxic herbicide controls weeds in farming, forestry, parks, even on children’s playgrounds. The chemical wreaks havoc on the human genome, causing deformed births and deadly cancers. And it is in over 750 products.

After decades of struggle and tragic personal losses, two heroic women are leading a worldwide movement to end the plague and hold the manufacturers accountable.

In France, Tran To Nga who was sprayed in 1966 in Vietnam, is suing the American chemical industry for poisoning her Vietnamese family. And in America, Carol Van Strum exposes the continuing use of toxic herbicides. Incriminating documents disappear. Her home is burned to the ground from arson and her 4 children are killed in the fire. Activists and their children are threatened and die. 

A helicopter technician secretly films the contamination of reservoirs, while a massive industrial cover-up continues. The helicopter crewman was sprayed several times and ended up at the hospital in the decontamination room, not being allowed in the hospital because he was so toxic. He is shown to be bleeding from his nose and coughing hardly able to breathe.

One woman from the valley contacted the government, a person was sent out to investigate, she collected clean samples for him. He told her he would be back in 90 days. Three years later he had not shown up. She died at the age of 32 from lung, breast and brain cancer.

500,000 adults in Vietnam are suffering from the effects of Agent Orange, 500,000 children are too. Many have severe birth defects.

Children of Vietnam vets which were exposed to Agent Orange, has missing limbs, toes, fingers and webbed feet and yet receive no compensation from our government. In fact our gov. denies their issues are from Agent Orange. Yet founded documents have proven otherwise.

A retired Airforce scientist who worked on the projects blew the whistle and said that our government knew and encouraged the use of Agent Orange. He said they knew the chemical caused mutated genes and caused miscarriages. The government needed so much of it for Vietnam, that they allowed Dow to skip safety protocols, cook it at higher temperatures. This increased the potency of the chemical. President John Kennedy was involved in the beginning. No one cared because it was being used in the jungle.

I will stop here, you really need to view the documentary and have your eyes opened.






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