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50000 US Bridges Are Crumbling


Bidenís Build Back Better Plan


President Bidenís $2 trillion infrastructure plan repairing roads, bridges, pipes, as well as expanding access to long-term care services under Medicaid, building schools and expanding internet access across the US. will pay for itself. The plan will tax the filthy rich people who pay little or no taxes. The small tax will be on people who make $400,000 or more a year. Remember the rich men who are going into space, these same men who own the richest companies in the world can afford to develop and finance these pet projects simply because they pay ZERO taxes. The founder and owner of Amazon bragged that his workers financed his project. What an asshat he is, in sense saying because I pay cheap wages and rip you off I can screw you over and go to the stars.

The plan proposes raising the corporate tax rate to 28% from the current 21%, effectively repealing the changes to the corporate tax made under the Trump administration's sweeping tax cuts in 2017. 


 Republicans have been quick to attack, condemning the plan as a stand-in for the Green New Deal, in dispute stating the tax increases will kill jobs, and complaining that a majority of the funds allocated within the bill don't go to infrastructure.


Republican lawmakers want you to believe theyíve made a serious counteroffer to President Bidenís $2.25 trillion infrastructure investment proposal. Republican propaganda explains their plan is not only commensurate with the countryís real infrastructure needs but also a reasonable compromise in response to Bidenís opening numbers and any president who genuinely desires bipartisanship should be grateful. What a bunch of ignoramusís.


But in actuality, Republicans are offering nothing slightly close to a serious or realistic counteroffer, and they know it. This is apparent from their use of an accounting ploy that inflates their compromise and makes it look more similar in size to Bidenís plan. Once you go through the numbers and charts and use apples-to-apples budgeting rules to compare the proposals, youíll grasp what the GOP has offered is simple pennies on the dollar of what Biden has requested. Explicitly, Republicans have offered to tender 8 cents of new spending for every $1 Biden wants. Much less, in some cases.


Republicans depicted it as a trivial Democratic wish list unconnected from the countryís real infrastructure needs. The Republicans crowned themselves the true intermediaries of useful infrastructure spending and last week announced their counteroffer. They drew on butcher paper a graph of lines and dots. Instead of a decent truthful and useful proposal which could be considered or discussion. Their top number which they would discuss was $568 billion.


Of course this offer was a lot lower than Bidenís plan, but maybe a place to start in a good faith move to start discussion. You see the republicans do not want elder care period, they could give a shit less if some poor old person canít eat because their teeth are bad, or hear because they canít afford hearing aids, let alone buy food. Republicans are of the most uncaring and self-centered individuals there is.


The US was going to spend the ďbaselineĒ spending (roughly $379 billion over the next five years anyway. But the republicans offer, represents almost all of what Republicans have offered up. Once you strip out this already expected spending, the entire GOP plan is a mere $189 billion of new money. Thatís a drop in the bucket in the US budget.


So letís do an point by point comparison: If you compare GOP new spending to only the same line items of spending in the Biden plan, the select categories Republicans have blessed as fundamental infrastructure, it means Republicans are offering about 24 percent of Bidenís proposal ($189 billion vs. $785 billion). If you in its place compare the overall packages, including electric vehicles, R&D, eldercare and everything else in Bidenís American Jobs Plan, the GOP counteroffer is only about 8 percent of what Biden seeks ($189 billion vs. $2.25 trillion).


The GOP proposal is especially tightfisted,. On public transit, for example, Republicans are proposing not just less than Biden wants; Republicans are actually proposing to cut public transit funding to levels below the existing baseline.


Republicansí proposed ways to pay for their plan are also sketchy. In unclear bullet points and interviews, they suggest repurposing already appropriated, unspecified covid dollars and extending the Trump tax cuts. That later proposal would reduce tax revenue, not increase it, so would do nothing to offset new spending. President Biden has proposed partly rolling back the Trump corporate tax cuts, which most Americans support doing.


Why Republicans would deliberately inflate the size of their spending proposal, is simple, polls suggest that major new investments in infrastructure even when largely undefined are extremely popular, and Republicans probably donít want to be seen as scrimping on popular spending. Secondly, Republicans have spent months trying to poke a hole in Bidenís narrative that heís pursuing bipartisanship and unity. In other words the Republicans want to strangle the accomplishments of the Biden presidency.


But in doing so they will definitely put a stop to the thriving economy, in fact they want to throw a monkey wrench into everything possible to cause a depression, so they can blame it on the democrats. the welfare of the country and its citizens. Get the masses who voted democratically to turn on the Democratic Party in doing this, the republicans think they can turn around the mid-terms and eventually the president back to republican control. They care nothing for the regular folks, they care only for corporations and the rich. They will appearing to offer a compromise, while actually making an offer Biden can only refuse. They look good and Biden looks bad.


The GOP was called out on their lies by Martha Raddatz. She pulled Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) up short on Sunday morning when he lied about President Joe Biden's infrastructure plan and where the money is going. Only six percent of the money goes to bridges and things," with the balance of the $2 trillion spending plan aimed at projects like "electric cars." The six percent for roads and bridges figures you and other GOP leaders have cited has been fact-checked multiple times. The total amount for what you have called traditional infrastructure, roads, bridges, rails, waterways, public transit is more than 25 percent of the Biden plan. Do you want more?" she informed her Republican guest who did not object to her correction.


The Republican Party has no shame and will continue to lie unless the media starts calling them out and doing just what Martha Raddatz did call them on it point blank. The republicans are obstructionists, diversionists, liars, cheap bullshiters, treasonous traitorís, and the destroyers of democracy and are enough to make on vomit.


We need this bill and more, the USA needs its infrastructure updated, our failing bridges, roads, dams are essential to our defense, our economy our number one place in the world. We need broadband for everyone, and healthcare for everyone, and green technology.


This bill will be paid for period. It will create jobs period. It will bring us in to the future or alongside other world countries period. It will help all Americans period, it will help the working class folks period.


We need to hold these bastards accountable to the masses and not accountable to corporate America and their rich entitled friends.






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50,000 bridges are crumbling, and the Republicans donít care, if they did they would support Bidens

Infrastructure Bill.