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State Representative Bran Stout  Accused of sexual assault

I let her pull my pants down and perform oral sex.

Then my wife walked in.




State Rep Accused of Sexual Abuse



I sat in on the court proceedings against our newly elected republican Representative Brian Stout. In short, Brian Stout finally acknowledged his affair in court. In the past Mr. Stout denied the affair, which was going on until Mrs. Stout walked in on the pair having sex.

Mr. Stout being the good strong Christian man and devote Christian and god fearing gentleman said. I asked “first” my god for his forgiveness and then my wife then my family. I am working on my marriage. And I want nothing to do with this woman. Well Mr. Stout you certainly wanted something to do with her for several encounters, and probably would have carried on until you got caught with your fingers latterly in the cookie jar. You lied to many people who asked you about the affair, you bold faced lied to them and denied the affair.

Your sexual fling has cost you the respect of your colleagues in Salem, you have been removed from two committees, small business and labor committee. Few want to have anything to do with you. Should you be removed from these committees?  well… that’s a hard one. You lied about the affair. In all fairness most people would lie about an affair.

Does the affair effect your work on a committee I don’t think so, but people might have doubts about you being trustworthy, and if your word is any good.

I don’t feel sorry for you Mr. Stout, but I do feel sorry for your wife. She did not deserve what you did. Nor does your kids deserve what you did, shame on you.

We won’t know until at least March 29th if you are guilty of sexual harassment/assault…

The people of Columbia County District 31 deserve better.






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