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The senior FBI official who investigated Donald Trump's alleged links to Russia

Has been arrested, for taking money from Russians.





FBI Agent Charged With Money Laundering and


Violating Sanctions On Russia




With all the craziness that has, is happening in Washington D.C. one of the departments that you thought was trustworthy, and a department that would protect America, has a corrupt  traitor, and Un-American at its top rung.

Corruption has no limits, Charles McGonigal, who retired from the FBI in 2018, was charged with money laundering, violating sanctions and other counts in association with his suspected ties to Oleg Deripaska, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

McGonigal has been indicted in two federal jurisdictions on charges related to inappropriate foreign ties, plus for apparently violating U.S. sanctions on Russians by trying to get billionaire Oleg Deripaska removed from the sanctions list. Of course with proper payment.

Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska has been indicted on a charge of sanctions dodging, part of an continuing effort by the Justice Department to hold wealthy Russians with ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin liable for violating U.S. laws as Russia’s war in Ukraine rages on.

U.S. District Court in Manhattan, names other perpetrators accused of participating in his efforts to skirt sanctions that were imposed on him in 2018, when he was smacked with economic penalties by the U.S. government for acting on behalf of a Russian official and for operating in Russia’s energy sector.

Federal prosecutors argue that Deripaska, whose fortune was built on the international aluminum trade, circumvented sanctions to conduct business in the United States by using others for transactions, including those related to a set of properties he indirectly owns, including a 23,000-square-foot Embassy Row mansion.

McGonigal, was accused in a nine-count indictment in federal court in Washington of hiding his documentation of $225,000 from a prior Albanian intelligence agent living in New Jersey. He was also accused of hiding foreign travel and contacts with senior leaders in countries including Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia where the former Albanian agent had business interests.

More bruises for the FBI, contending that one of their most senior and principled intelligence officials was taking secret cash payments and damages the bureau’s overall intelligence-gathering mission. There was money being moved to several others who are being unnamed at this time due to sensitive material.

It seems that the US Courts are busy with corruption by our government officials. Hopefully the courts make it hard enough on these people with fines and jail time, in order to detour others from turning into a Benedict Arnold.

Greed knows no boundaries, it effects all walks of life, rich, poor  smart, dumb, educated non educated. It takes a real person of integrity to refuse the bait of money for special treatment of criminals forging or domestic.






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