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Taliban morality police beat to death Mahsa Amini because she didnít wear a hijab.


Afghanistan Girls Under The




Afghanistan is the only country in the world with restrictions on female education. Girls are not allowed to go to school after the 6th grade. The rights of Afghan women and children are on the agenda of the United Nations General Assembly Monday in New York. But it wont change nothing.

The U.N. childrenís agency says more than 1 million girls are affected by the ban, although it estimates 5 million were out of school before the Taliban takeover due to a lack of facilities and other reasons. The ban triggered global condemnation and remains the Talibanís biggest obstacle to gaining recognition as the legitimate rulers of Afghanistan. But the Taliban defied the backlash and went further, excluding women and girls from higher education, public spaces like parks, and most jobs.

The Taliban stopped girlsí education beyond sixth grade because they said it didnít comply with their interpretation of Islamic law, or Sharia. They didnít stop it for boys though. In the past two years, theyíve shown no signs of progress in creating the conditions they say are needed for girls to return to class. Their view on girlsí education partially comes from a particular school of 19th century Islamic thought and partly from rural areas where tribalism is entrenched, according to regional expert Hassan Abbas.

These religious controlling fools are so backward, that female medical students had their studies halted after last Decemberís Taliban proclamation banning higher education for women. Afghan women work in hospitals and clinics. Health care is one of the few areas open to them, but the pool of qualified people will be zero. Afghan women cannot see male doctors, so children will also lose out on medical attention if women are their primary care. How will Afghan women be able to get the most basic healthcare services if there are no female professionals to treat them? Simple they will have no health care, because Afghan men consider women crap and not worthy of any care. Women are nothing but chattel or considered less value of a goat. Yet they want to have sex with them after that they careless.

Not only does these backward beliefs and actions hurt women and children health wise but it hurts teachers professors and that trickles to the economy, which will keep the country in poor starving conditions. U.N. data says birth rates are higher among Afghan girls aged 15-19 who donít have secondary or higher education. A womanís education can also determine if her children have basic immunization and if her daughters are married by the age of 18.

The Taliban waged a decades-long jihad to implement their dream of Sharia. They are not backing down. Sanctions, frozen assets, the lack of official recognition, and widespread condemnation has made little difference. These fools are so set in their controlling beliefs that they donít care about anything other than keeping control of women.

Many countries want this idea t change in the country but they have other priorities first such as, Pakistan has concerns about a resurgence of militant activity. Iran and Central Asian countries have grievances about water resources. China is eyeing investment and mineral extraction opportunities.

Maybe the change will come from within the country itself, but While Afghans are concerned about the loss of girlsí education, they have more immediate concerns like earning money, putting food on the table, keeping a roof over their heads, and surviving droughts and harsh winters. This is a really poor country. It could take years for the banís consequences to hit Afghan men and trigger a wave of unrest. Right now, it only affects girls and itís mostly women who have protested the slew of restrictions. Women are still being killed today because they refuse to wear hijab, the Islamic headscarf. This is how ignorant these religious controlling fools are. They are barbaric, cruel, murders, all in the name of a outdated, foolish so called religion. 

The far right Christians in the USA are somewhat like the Taliban in regards to womenís rights, they want to limit healthcare for women,  control their birth control, make women carry fetusís they do not want derived by unwanted contact with men, or if there is some medical reason they cant have the baby , its dead or not viable. Trying to keep women from traveling to another state to get medical treatment. Nothing more but Taliban in disguise. Limiting what books all people can read, censorship is their calling.  Pushing for prayer in public schools, saying this country was founded on the Christian religion which by the way is false.  Please read the Treaty of Tripoli.

What has made men think they can control women anywhere in this world? What makes a man believe he knows better than a woman, knows what is best for a woman? And what drive a woman  to stand by her man in these thoughts. Religion is what leads these Middle Age beliefs.

Religion is the ruination of the world. Religion has kept people imprisoned, deprived, tortured, killed, backwards, censored, hateful, abused, discriminated against all in the name of ďGodĒ.





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