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This is why we must send money, bullets etc to Ukraine. A country which was invaded

By force. They are fighting for their freedom. The USA should help them be free from oppression.


Republicans Stop Aid To Ukraine



Senators on Sunday released a highly anticipated $118 billion package that combines border enforcement policy with wartime aid for Ukraine, Israel and other U.S. allies, but it quickly ran into a wall of obstruction from top House Republicans, including Speaker Mike Johnson.

The proposal could be the best chance for President Joe Biden to resupply Ukraine with wartime aid, a major foreign policy goal that is shared with both the Senate’s top Democrat, Sen. Chuck Schumer, and top Republican, Sen. Mitch McConnell. The Senate was expected this week to hold a crucial test vote on the legislation, but within hours of the text being released Johnson said on social media that it would be “dead on arrival” if it reaches the House.

The Republicans want to cripple Biden’s reelection bid and will do anything to stop Biden from winning the presidency this November. They do not want Bid to get any credit for anything, even if it is detrimental for our country. With Congress stalled on approving $60 billion in Ukraine aid, the U.S. has halted shipments of ammunition and missiles to Kyiv, leaving Ukrainian soldiers outgunned as they try to beat back Russia’s invasion. So lets’ let the soldiers who has died, the civilians who has been killed, their deaths been wasted. Let ‘s ensure more innocent people fighting for their freedom die because of ignorant republicans. How horrible these republicans are.

Biden said in a statement that the Senate proposal “allows the United States to continue our vital work, together with partners all around the world, to stand up for Ukraine’s freedom and support its ability to defend itself against Russia’s aggression. I agree with Biden. We cannot let Russia take over anywhere.

On the border issue, The proposal would overhaul the asylum system with faster and tougher enforcement, as well as give presidents new powers to immediately expel migrants if authorities become overwhelmed with the number of people applying for asylum. Including in the new bill would also invest in U.S. defense manufacturing, send $14 billion in military aid to Israel, steer nearly $5 billion to allies in the Asia-Pacific, and provide humanitarian assistance to civilians caught in conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza. We need to protect our Asia-Pacific allies, that area is a major defense area for the United states and we cannot allow China to have control of the Southern hemisphere.

Schumer said he has never worked so closely with McConnell. He called the bill a monumental step toward strengthening national security at home and abroad. Its nice to see democrats and republicans working together for the common good, something which has been lacking fir way to long.

Without the Ukraine aid, Schumer said, he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin could be rolling over Ukraine and even into Eastern Europe. McConnell said in a statement that the Senate must be prepared to act. America’s sovereignty is being tested here at home, and our credibility is being tested by emboldened adversaries around the world,” McConnell said. “The challenges we face will not resolve themselves, nor will our adversaries wait for America to muster the resolve to meet them.

This is the few times I personally agree with Mitch Mc Connell, we cannot allow Russia to overrun Europe at any costs,  must we wait and repeat what happens 70+ years ago when the Nazis did the same thing, while we sat and watched. We allowed the Nazis to get a foothold in Europe, then it was a longer more deadly war.

Sometimes we need to join together for the common good, building things up and not ripping things apart. The division in our country is not doing anyone any good, it is hurting the country. The extremes are running the country we need to get a more balanced government back. We don’t have to agree with each other on everything but we need to come to a middle ground. When it’s a stalemate no one wins, everyone looses.





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