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Top 10 Things You Donít Want To Hear At The Zoo

From: From Home Office in Wahoo, Nebraska.† Top 10 list for† Aug 1, 2000




10. No matter how much I wash, I still smell like a Cheetah.



9. † Are you the guy that I am supposed to talk to about the black market elephant?



8. † You know, between me and you, that is just a guy in a bear suit.



7. † Itís time to feed the Pythonsó Will you help me catch a few squirrels?



6.   If you want a good buzz, I have access to the tranquilizer guns.



5.    You know this isnít a mustache; this is a rear Andean Caterpillar.† Want to pet it?



4. †† Do you hear him?† Heís laughing at me.



3. †† Excuse me; I have to glue the horn on the Unicorn.



2.  † Hey yo! Want to see a dinosaur for twenty bucks?



1,†††† Does it look like I have rabies?






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