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Top 10 Ways To Tell You’re An Online Shopping Addict

From:  Anna Welander



10. People call you instead of using Amazon and eBay.



9.  You have 16 co-branded credit cards and you only use each one for the online store it’s branded with.



8.  You write nasty e-mails to Amazon every time their recommendation is slightly off from your true taste.



7.  Every week your cat asks you to find the cheapest Friskies online.



6.   The FedEx truck is parked in front of your house for over an hour each day.



5.  “Getting together to go shopping with friends” means sitting in your living room and connecting to the Internet through FiOS.



4.  You look down on people who shop in “brick and mortar” stores, and you haven’t been in one since the late 1919’s.



3.  You have a constant supply of food and drink arriving at your door so you don’t have to stop shopping.  Of course, all of it was ordered online.



2.   Your dog is authorized to sign for packages.



1    You’ve nodded to everything listed above, but you have an online shipping site open in another browser window RIGHT NOW.