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From: R. Patriot 1/17/18

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again. I don’t care what people say the President said. We don’t need a hoard of worthless immigrants filling up our Country, taking jobs away from hard working Americans.  We also don’t need to waste our tax money on Measure 101.  This bill will encourage more illegals to come here, fill up our hospitals and take our jobs.

Bleeding heart liberals may want to take away our guns,  encourage illegals, and turn Oregon into a Socialistic Peoples State… but not me.  If you want to keep our Country free and well armed, you will vote against this terrible ballot measure. We need to save America one step at a time, and keeping our guns and stopping illegals is the way we need to go. 

if you love America. You will vote “No” on Measure 101

God Bless America.


From: Smokey 1/17/18

I’m Susanne (Smokey’s wife), and I am writing his blog today.  Smokey will be in Boise this week taking management training classes.

Both Smokey and I voted last week before he took off for Boise State. We both voted “Yes” on measure 101.

 Why did I vote Yes?  The Federal government is dramatically cutting funds for the Medicaid program. Our Oregon Health plan is considered one of the best in the nation, and it is a big user of Medicaid money.  Neither Smokey or I depend on Medicaid  but we do depend on the people around us being healthy. Smokey needs healthy workers and I want healthy neighbors. Someone said that this money will be going to illegal immigrants. That is totally untrue. Medicaid money and our Oregon Health plan does not go to illegals. 

I want to see the people in my state educated and healthy.  Healthy people are necessary for a healthy economy and a healthy society.  I would urge others to vote “Yes” on 101 and keep our state and the people in it healthy.


From Ed. Markey 1/12/18

Watch out St. Helens. The City will be holding a public hearing on Tuesday the 16th to change the Traffic Pattern in St. Helens. If what I have been told is true, they will route traffic so that traffic will bypass the Holton area and take people directly to Old Town (Now the Riverfront District).  I wonder what the Holton Merchants think about this plan?


From: R. Patriot 1/10/18

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again.

Our poor President is still being subjected to a partisan witch hunt by Mueller and the FBI. I believe that President Trump is the best President this nation has seen for decades.  He is accomplishing much and working hard to make our nation great. He is ridding us of the Obamacare abomination. He has simplified our tax system so that there will be money in every deserving person’s pockets. He is helping rid us of welfare loafers and will help educate our nation by providing vouchers for private schools.  He is strengthening our military so that no one dare oppose us.  He is ridding us of criminals, rapists, and gangsters and sending them back to the counties that they came from.

He has tightened security and will eventually be able to construct a great wall that will be the envy of the world.

He has also instilled pride in being a white man in this world filled with brown people. White pride, American Pride, Christian Pride.  All of these things have become renewed under our President’s leadership.

His actions make me so proud to live in America today.

God bless America.


From: Smokey 1/10/17

I’m Susanne (Smokey’s wife), and I am writing his blog today.  Smokey will be in Bose for the next two weeks, taking management training classes.  I think that they may want to promote him.  Smokey says if it involves moving, then they can just forget it. He plans to stay here.

I have been busy taking care of my little boy, and creating kinesthetic metal sculptures. Sculptures designed to touch.  I love creating interactive art.  I am also volunteering for the food bank, community meals, and I travel to Washington County to volunteer some time for Planned Parenthood. Both Smokey and I want to help our neighbors, and we would like to help make our community a little bit better.  Not only do we want to do so, we think that we can. I only wish that more people would want to do so too.

I am very upset that the President wants to expel 262,000 people from El Salvador,  who have been here for almost two decades. These people have businesses, pay taxes and are part of the fabric of America. Why expel them now? This is not a humanitarian thing, nor is it good for our nation.  What kind of stupid is this? Instead of kicking them out, we should be helping them all with a path to citizenship.  Diversity is what has, in the past made America great and we need more diversity now.


From: Todd Thorpe 1/6/18

What the heck is wrong with St. Helens Planning? I noticed the Update had a link to a traffic plan Hearing.  Looking at the plan it would appear that  the City wants to divert traffic from Columbia Blvd to Gable Road bypassing all the businesses in St. Helens Holton District. Does the city have something against Holton?   


From: R. Patriot 1/3/18

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again.

I thought it was really funny to see our President put little “Rocket Man” in his place. He let him know that we have a bigger button than him and ours is proven to work.  I sure feel lots safer when I know that I have a real leader like Donald Trump supporting and standing behind us all. People need to understand that there is a reason why our President is cutting money for food stamps and luxuries like meals on wheels. We need this money for necessities like a strong military, strong corporations, and a strong border wall to keep us safe.  He believes, and so do I that America is not the land of the lazy.  It is a place where if you work hard you will succeed. President Trump is a man who works hard and he is now one of our Nation’s wealthiest because of it.  He is a role model for people who want to succeed.

God Bless America.


From: Smokey 1/3/18

The Burger place will be sending me to school. They will be giving me a management short course (2 weeks). I start Monday, and in the meantime, my shift leaders will be running things at work. Corporate has been really pleased with our sales and I was told I that I have “Potential.” I don’t know what they mean by that, but I do know that I don’t plan to leave my present job. I like being close to home, and I like the people who work for me. I can help them, and they can help make our burger business even better. 

Suzanne is all upset. She was watching MSNBC and said that the Trump Administration is putting pressure on the senior management of the FBI to resign and retire, so that he can replace them. It appears that Trump is getting very nervous about the Russia probe. Things seem to be getting too close to him and he would like to shut it down.

Suzanne is very interested in politics.  My concern is my family and the people who I live and work with.  I would like to help my neighbors and try and make my community a better place to live in.                                                                      


From: Victor 1/2/18

Hey Eagle, I saw you strutting around wearing your new red ball cap. You look really stupid.


From Bruce Downing 1/1/18

Happy New Year Bill.

I see that the city is raising my water and sewer rates again. I understand that they have to pay for their systems, but do I have to be billed every other month?  Why can’t they bill us monthly. That way my bill will be $100 instead of $200.  A monthly billing will make it easier for people like myself to pay.


From: R. Patriot 12/27/17

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again

I am pleased with what our President is doing to help the economy.  People have more money now and property values are soaring. Because of this, I think that I will raise the rents that I will be charging this next year. 

God is good and with the new tax bill, I will be able to do more with my commercial real estate.

I am very pleased with my Presidents choices for his Cabinet and for our Foreign service. These people are not like Obama’s government cronies, but are multimillionaires and captains of Industry. They may not know how to run a bureaucratic government, but they know how to run a real business. We are so lucky to have these people.

I feel richer, better and safer because we have Donald Trump as President. 

God bless America. 


From: Smokey 12/27/17

A few months ago, things were really going well for us. Suzanne’s art was selling like crazy and we had all sorts of money rolling in. Evidently this has, at least temporarily, stopped.  We spent a lot of money on Christmas for our neighbors, and for my employees at the Burger place. For seem reason, the money seems to have disappeared .  Suzanne had a plan to set up a foundation (called Good gifts).. But it is hard to sink any money into it, when the money has temporarily run out.

Still, we are happy, we have had a great Christmas and we have managed to help a lot of other people have a great Christmas as well.

Suzanne says that we need be thankful for all of the good things we have done and not dwell on what we don’t have. The money that we spent helped others. There is nothing better than that.  Suzanne believes in the Three fold rule. What we do is returned to us three fold.

I think that she is right. We want to wish every one a wonderful holiday season and a blessed and prosperous new year.


From : Mike Hyme 12/24/17

Bill, you asked me what you should say to liberals who tell you “We did not want to vote for Trump, we really voted against Hillary and everything she represents?


So let me restate this in beer terms. We will make Hillary Budweiser to make your position clearer.


You’re against Budweiser, and everything it represents… fair enough?


So in protest, you drank Clorox.


That pretty much sums up this liberal’s view of your choice.


From: Brandon Williams 12/24/17

 It’s not about Trump or Hillary. It’s about the simple fact of how voting works.

You vote FOR the candidate you agree with. You do not vote AGAINST a different candidate by electing the opposition. If you do not agree with any candidate, write someone else in.

It’s like having a tuna sandwich and an old moldy ham sandwich. If you hate tuna, you don’t choose the moldy ham, you find a third option.


From: R. Patriot 12/20/17

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again

My live in girl friend just bought us some MAGA Christmas ornaments for our tree. I love all the things that our President is doing for America.  He is sending thieving & raping illegal immigrants back home. He is waging a strong war against Islamic terrorists and he is protecting us all with his Muslim ban.

I am really happy to see the new GOP tax bill.  This bill will make America great by putting more money in the pockets of job creators. I expect to see the stock market benefit and our economy taking off.

He will put an end to Obamacare by killing the mandate and making it harder to enroll in Obama’s Socialistic health insurance. We need to give tax breaks to the people on top, because it will trickle down and help all of us.

In truth, I really don’t care who the new tax hurts as long as it helps me.  God loves Donald Trump and people like me who have the smarts to be able to accumulate money and know how to use it.

God Bless America.


From: Smokey 12/20/17

Just a few more days until Christmas.  Our tree is decorated and we have lots of presents. Little Sean came back from Kindergarten and let us know that the Santa’s in town really aren’t the real Santa. “They are just Santa’s helpers.”  No argument from any of us.

Susanne is fuming over the GOP’s new Tax Bill. She mentioned that Bernie Sanders wanted to raise taxes on the 1% and give Medicare for all and expand Social security.  She says that instead the GOP tax plan will raise the cost of our health insurance,  and limit what we will be able to claim. She spoke to her dads accountant and he said that the GOP plan may be more complicated than the old tax system. The break for middle class people will only be temporary and most of the tax savings will go to corporations and people like her dad. The rest of us will actually be paying more.  Susanne said that she does not mind paying more in taxes, what she does mind are the massive cuts to Medicaid, Medicare and possibly Social Security. These cuts will be used to make up for the breaks that the GOP is giving to  our nation’s wealthiest.  Susan says that millions of people will be without health insurance, and many old people may be thrown out of their nursing homes.  It will hurt  Children’s health insurance, medical transport, food stamps, Cold weather relief, emergency programs and so much more. 

Susanne says that if we want the economy to grow, we should be putting money into the hands of people on the low end. People that have to spend money to live. People can’t buy things if they don’t have any money and our economy will not flourish unless people have money to make it work.


From: Jim (slick) Nachos 12/18/17

What is happening with the pot producer that the city has been courting? Is he doing business or is he just BS?

If the pot people are for real, will they be using Wauna Credit Union as their bank?


From: R. Patriot 12/13/17

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again

I would hope that Arkansas will have a recount. I suspect that there is ballot box tampering in that state.  Roy Moore should have won. Roy is a good Christian who believes that the Bible supersedes the Constitution and so do I. Instead they are going to elect a man to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions who supports baby killing. I am shocked to think that the people of Arkansas would willingly elect a baby killer to the US Senate.  God Help our nation.

Doug Jones outspent Roy Moore Six to One. My guess is that there was a lot of crooked stuff going on to bring about this win.  We need more people like Roy Moore and we need to work hard to see that this sort of miscarriage of justice does not happen again. God is with the GOP, but sometimes the Devil manages to win.

My live-in Girlfriend and I will pray for our nation and trust in God, knowing that the GOP will continue to bring Gods blessing upon our nation.

God Bless America.


From: Smokey 12/13/17

I took Saturday off and I took Suzanne, Sean and two of his friends (Cherise and Douglas) to the Zoo. We took them in our old VW bus.

It was expense, but it was also a lot of fun.  We road on the Zoo train, we walked as much as the kids legs could stand, and we got to see live animals, birds and even insects. Not only were we able to see them, but we got to learn a whole lot about them. The kids were amazed.  We fed them Hamburgers and even though it was cold, they wanted (and got) ice-cream. Were they ever tired when they got home. I was tired too, but I needed to go back to the Burger place and see if everything was okay.  It was, they survived without me for a day. It was a lot of fun, and I hope we can do it again.  I think next time, we will go to the Children’s Museum. I think they will enjoy that too.

Suzanne is really happy.  Doug Jones won in Arkansas. She said that she could not understand how a man who is banned from entering a shopping mall would be allowed to become part of the US Senate.


From: M. Huston 12/12/17

I saw Bill Eagle at a local event and he double dipped in the ranch dressing. ICK!  Then he wiped his fingers on his pants, try using a napkin next time Eagle.


From: Tom Russo 12/12/17

What is this I hear that the democratic party of Columbia County had an issue with their prior chairperson altering a candidate’s election form? How come the Democrats have kept this quiet? Where are the true patriots those who would not tolerate election tampering.


From: Talk Nazi 12/12/17

There is nothing wrong with our great fuhrers who lead this country. There is nothing wrong with a man copping a feel of a woman, after all women were put on this earth by GOD O MIGHTY to be the instrument of pleasure for a man. God told these men to grope women no matter the age, as this would bring these women to God. And being God fearing men they obeyed this command. The women who are raging the battle cry against good men like Roy Moore and Al Franklin are jealous because they were and are too ugly to be considered for a good time.  Let our beloved leaders led this country into history, as history will report and regard this period of time to be the magnitude of greatness and will be a time to remember and a volume in history books. God Bless our Fuhrers and God Bless Our Mother Country.


From: Sari Swick 12/9/17

We bought our house here in St Helens in 2001, and our taxes have increased every year while our services seem to be fewer and fewer each year. The board’s decision to stop caring for our helpless animals is really scraping the bottom of the barrel of behavior and completely unexpected. Is the lack of moral leadership in Washington, D.C. going to trickle down to our local level now? This is so wrong.


Please rethink your mean-spirited decision and help us all take care of our less fortunate animal citizens.


We, the People care about our furry neighbors even if you don’t.


From: R. Patriot 12/6/17

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again

Up until now, all inheritance over $11 Million is tax free. This cap will be eliminated completely. This way, when I die, I (and people wealthier than me) will be able to pass our estates on to our heirs without the government grabbing it.  A good change, because people who have money should be allowed to keep it.

As a Christian, I am pleased to see our President planning to move our Embassy to Jerusalem. My guess is that it will probably piss off a lot of rag heads, but I know that our President knows what he is doing. Personally.\, I think sice we have nukes, we should use them. If we could turn a few countries into parking lots we will all be a lot safer.  No one should screw with us.

I am really pleased with our President and all that he is doing for America.



From: Smokey 12/6/17

Suzanne says that the Senate passed the GOP tax plan. Her fear is that it will not only raise the taxes most people pay while putting our nation further into debt, but it will also raise the cost of health insurance. The tax bill will, eliminate the individual mandate and health insurance companies will be forced to raise their rates.

She is also fuming about Trumps announcement today to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. She seems to think that it will create an explosion of violence in the Middle East.  I sure hope that she is wrong.

Sean is doing great in School He is in Kindergarten. He loves to tell us about his friends Cherise and Douglas. They like playing together.  Suzanne spoke with their parents and we will be setting up a zoo trip on Saturday. This should be a lot of fun for them.


From: Bill Smiley 12/2/17

I sure wish you would not print letters from that R. Patriot guy. I can’t stand him and comes off as a real jerk. None of the stuff that he has to share is factual, he isn’t funny and all he does is piss other people off.  I don’t really care to read your barbs because of him.


From: Nancy Ward 11/29/17

Commissioner Tardif listened to the people, looked into the future and voted 'No' on the Port Westward rezone. He wisely said to Commissioners Magruder and Heimuller, who voted 'Yes', "I hear you say we need to look to the future and for me, I feel like we're looking to the past," .... calling fossil fuel projects relics of the past.


Thank you for listening. Thank you for being a visionary leader. You have our support, Commissioner Tardiff.




From: R. Patriot 11/29/17

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again.  My girlfriend and I enjoyed Thanksgiving by going to Portland and having a delightful restaurant meal. No muss, no mess, and no pesky relatives or neighbors.

President Trump is confident that this nonsense about Russia should be over with by the end of the year. We can get on with real things like needed tax reform. Our President has a great  plan where everyone will save money. We won’t be wasting our money on things like giving free handouts to leaches on Medicaid. The will eliminate the penalty that forces people to enroll in Obamacare and make tax preparations much simpler for everyone. I looked at the figures at the RNC and it would appear that everyone will get money back. It will be a wonderful plan and it will stimulate the economy by encouraging corporations to hire more people.  I am ever thankful that we have a President who is continually looking out for the welfare of patriotic Americans; real citizens, not crooked illegal immigrants.  America is, indeed, on the way to becoming great again.

God bless America.


From: Smokey  11/29/17

Susan and I enjoyed a great Thanksgiving. I had the day off and we cooked a huge turkey and we invited all of our neighbors to join us.  We had a lot of food and our neighbors shared with us as well.  I think we had over twenty people. We had a wonderful time of visiting and sharing. It was a wonderful time. We even invited the fat guy who owns the big yellow Hummer. I guess he must have had a party of his own, because he didn’t join us.

Suzanne is says that they will be voting on Trumps GOP tax plan on December 12. Unlike most bills, there have been no public hearings or public debates. Suzanne says that 80% of the tax cuts will go to the 1%.  According to economists 3 out of 10 working families will see a tax increase of about $2000 a year. The plan gives 2.6 billion in tax cuts to corporations but raises taxes on people by $500 billion. It will be paid by slashing Medicare by $500 billion and Medicaid by $1 trillion.  We won’t be able to deduct student loans, but will be able to deduct private school tuition and things like private airplanes.

To quote  “That’s not ‘reform; that’s a rip off!”


From: Nancy Ward 11/25/17

Will we continue to stand by while oil leaks from pipelines into our ground, our water, our lives? Will we turn a blind eye and continue to live as though nothing has changed? Or will we stop the pipelines by whatever means we can? Will we keep the oil in the ground, keep the trains in their yards, the ships in their ports? Will we begin to build the means, relations, habits, and tools that we need to survive the coming floods?"


Will We?




From: R. Patriot 11/15/17

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again.  There are lots of good things that our President has done for us.  He is stopping illegal immigration by deporting Haitians who Obama brought here and Mexicans who were brought here illegally as children by their parents.  Makes me feel lots safer knowing that these black and brown criminals will be deported.

The Demorats are big hypocrites. They are making a big fuss over Roy Moore while they defend Al Frankin and John Conyers, just because Republican women were abused by them. They seem to ignore Hillary Clinton’s membership in a secret child molestation ring under a Pizza parlor in Washington DC or her husband Bill’s sexually abusing an innocent White House intern.

Roy Moore is a patriot and a Christian, not a devil worshiper like the Clinton’s.  He never abused a teen unless he first got their mother’s permission. He would be good for America unlike his opponent who prosecuted Christian patriots and is soft on crime.

We need to do away with hypocrisy and vote for Gods Own Party. Vote Republican

God Bless America.


From: Smokey 11/22/17

I got Corporate to back me.  We will be giving all of our people a paid holiday tomorrow. We will be closed on Thanksgiving. McDonald's and other fast food places will be open, but we won’t be. I also got corporate to give gift vouchers to everyone for Thanksgiving Turkey’s.  We have two people who don’t have ovens, but we do have ovens at our restaurant and Suzanne and I will help them cook their Turkey’s here. We plan to party on Thanksgiving.

Suzanne is disturbed about the proposed Tax measure. Even though it will put the us into 1˝ Trillion more debt. It will also cost anyone earning from $10,000—$80.000. We will all pay more in taxes even though corporations and wealthy people, who don’t need help, will get a big tax break. 

Suzanne took economics and she said that there is no economical basis for this, since poor and middle class people would put more money into the local economy if they get more money. Wealthy people won’t do this.   Trickle down or “Tinkle on” economics goes back to the time of Herbert Hoover and it just doesn’t, nor has it ever worked.


From: L. Atwood 11/18/17

It will be interesting if our county commissioner from Clatskanie Ms. Magruder votes to save the farm land and not vote for the re-zone. Magruder claims to be a 3rd or 4th generation farmer in the area. Lets see if she really supports her neighbors or supports more dirty corporations which will destroy the blueberry farms and the mint farm.

From Tammy Maygra 11/16/17

I thought I would chime in on a letter written by Nancy Ward.

 Oregon's Department of Energy recovered just $1.3 million of a $20 million loan in bankruptcy court in regards to the Ethanol Plant at Port Westward. Taxpayers took another hit in their pocketbooks


From: Nancy Ward 11/16/20

"We told you so," Daniel Sheehan, chief counsel of the Lakota People's Law Project, said in a statement. "It was just a matter of time. There have been over 200 significant leaks in these pipelines since the year 2000. This is the exact threat that the Lakota people were trying to protect their sole source of water from at Standing Rock."

Yes, they were told it would happen and, really, who could possibly believe it wouldn't? But, there are elections to buy and people to make rich, so let's ignore the obvious and get on with ruining our rural countryside.


From: R. Patriot 11/15/17

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again

I am pained to see the problems our Christian Judge Roy Moore is incurring. He is the victim of a lying press, fake news and vindictive Demorats. I see nothing wrong with young girls. I find them very pretty myself and It is plain and simple. Roy is a good Christian and young girls are very pretty.  I would rather see a child molester in Congress than a Democrat. Besides having sex with young women is Biblical and you can’t argue with God.

I am also pleased with to see Brett Talley selected for a Federal Judge position. It is true that he has never served as a regular judge before, but he is a good Republican, a faithful Trump supporter, a member of the NRA and has vast experience as a ghost busting psychic investigator and he also hates gays and abortion. All of this qualifies him for a lifetime Judicial appointment.  I thank the lord  that Republicans still have a majority in Congress so that we can get the right people into judicial positions and can use them to effect laws for at least the next 40 years.

God Bless America.


From: Smokey 11/15/17

Sean told me that he was sent home from school last week because he was in a fight. Susanne was very angry because Sean was a victim not the perpetrator. His friend Cherise hit another boy because the boy pushed Sean. Susanne spent some time talking to the teacher and I believe that she has straightened things out. None of the kids were really punished, they were just sent home early.

The teacher told Cherise that it was nice that she wanted to defend Sean, but she needed to understand that violence is not a way to handle differences. It appears that the reason why Sean was pushed by Douglas  was because he crowed into line so that he could be next to Cherise.  Like everything else, things are often not what the might appear at firs.

Susanne is no longer angry at the teacher and the three kids all seem to be having a good time nicely playing with each other.

If only adult problems  could be solved this easy.


Nancy Ward 11/8/17

You'll never guess ... or, maybe you will. The deliberations concerning the rezone at Port Westward have, yet again, been delayed. The date is now November 29th. Sigh


It was an interesting day in the packed meeting room. Several citizens spoke eloquently of process not met in the Port's application. But, one person, Greg Pettit, hit it out of the park by simply speaking in language we all understand. He said his research shows we (the taxpayers) have spent (wasted) at least $73 million dollars on various schemes to make Port Westward profitable and it has yet to happen. He wondered how many useful and practical projects could have been implemented with that money?


We wonder too.


From: Jasmine Zimmer-Stuckey 11/8/17

Hi everyone,

Thank you for packing the room today!


The full house, combined with excellent testimony, was a very powerful showing of opposition to the rezone. The board did not vote today. The port will have seven days to submit their final argument to the rebuttal testimony provided as it relates to the recent ex parte  communication. Travel schedules and the Thanksgiving holiday delayed the next deliberation for the commissioners on the topic so the new date is Wednesday, November 29th at 10 AM in at the county building.

Unless something happens between now and then (another ex parte communication or another item added to the record), it's highly likely that the vote on the rezone will occur at the meeting on the 29th.

In the meantime, please write letters to the editor and spread the word about the Nov 29th meeting.


Courtney Vaughn with the Spotlight was at the meeting so I anticipate a story in the paper soon.


From: R. Patriot 11/7/17

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again

I was very saddened to hear about the shooting in Texas.  Me and the prayers of my girlfriend are with those people who lost loved ones.  Like Stephan Paddock in Las Vegas last month, my guess is that Devin Kelly was also recruited by Antifa. These crazy people are Hillary lovers and Obama supporters and they want to take our guns away and tear our government down. Some say they support ISIS others Lenin, but their one purpose is our nations destruction and the elimination of our American way of life. If you want to learn the real truth behind some of these events you need to visit www.infowars.com. You can learn the truth on this web site and understand how dangerous Antifa is and anti Christian people like George Soros are to America.

I am ever thankful for the Second Amendment and for patriots like Alex Jones and President Trump and other white men who care about America and want us all to be prepared to defend what we have so that American can become great again.

God Bless America.


From: Smokey 11/7/17

Our little boy Sean was 5 years old this last August and Susanne and I enrolled him in Kindergarten right after labor day. We thought it might be better if we didn’t start him too early, we both agreed that he needs to socialize with other children. He is so bright that we even thought of home schooling him, but the more we thought about it, we came to the conclusion that he needs to be able to socialize with other children.

We got a call from the school telling us that they were sending Sean home for fighting.

I took off of work and picked him up. I spoke to Sean about this and he said:  “My teacher’s really nice, but not everyone is. Douglas is really big and he is really bossy and sometimes he is real mean.  He pushed me down for no reason and as I was getting up my friend Cherise hit him in the face. She gave him a bloody nose.  They got real mad at her and sent her home.  I told my teacher that she was only helping me. That’s why they sent me home too.

Somehow, I don’t think that’s fair.”

I didn’t say anything, but I have to admit that this didn’t seem fair to me either.

When we got home,  I spoke to Suzanne and she got really mad. She said that she plans to go back to the school and talk to the teacher.

Suzanne said, that she believes fighting is wrong, but you don’t punish victims.

I have to agree.  On the other hand, I would have felt better if it was Sean who gave Douglas the bloody nose instead of Cherise.


From: Nancy Ward 11/6/17

Warning! Big week ahead:


1. 10:00a.m. Wednesday, 11/8 at 230 Strand St., St. Helens.
The Commissioners will finally vote on whether to approve the Port of St. Helen's request to rezone agricultural land for industrial use at Port Westward.


2. 6:30p.m. Thursday, 11/9 CCC monthly meeting at the Soil and Water Conservation meeting room 35285 Millard Rd, St Helens The agenda includes a discussion of the Board's vote and a continuing discussion of the harmful effects of pesticide use in Oregon.


3. 9:00a.m. Friday, 11/10 on KOHI AM1600, Odd Friday. This week's guest is Doug Hayes, Executive Director of the Port. We'll discuss how the Board's vote will impact the growth at Port Westward - does their vision include sustainable growth that will not harm the surrounding agricultural industries?


From: R. Patriot 11/1/17

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again.  I am troubled by the Demorats persecution of our President. They are conducting a witch hunt against him, his family and all the people who work What they should be doing is investigating that Crooked Hillary, or better yet, the evil black Kenyan who pretended to be President. They are the ones responsible for Russian Hackers of the DNC and they sold Uranium to the Russians allowing them to threaten us with nuclear annihilation. Our liberal press says nothing about this, but continues to print fake news about our President.

Had some kids come to my house on Halloween and try to rip me off. Said they were trick or treating for the Communist United Nations. They wanted money to give injections to a bunch of black Africans.  I told the young hippies “We need to take care of American’s first and not a bunch of lazy African Commie ingrates.”  I also said that if they didn’t get off my porch fast that I would sic my dogs on ‘em.

It was really fun to see them scatter.  God I love doing stuff like this.

God Bless America.


From: Smokey 11/1/17

Kids from the St. Helen’s High School Key Club stopped by both our Burger place and our house. They were Trick or Treating for UNICEF. They all had these little UNICEF boxes stuffed with money. They said that the money would go toward the “Eliminate Project.” This project is to rid the world of Maternal Neonatal Tetanus. This disease kills thousands of children and their mothers in the third world. It is caused by unsanitary birthing conditions.  The disease can be prevented with the administration of three injections of a Tetanus anti toxin. The cost is 60 cents a shot and for $1.80 a mother and child (and future children) will be immunized.  I gave the kids money and so did Susanne, when they came to our door. When they came to the Burger place we gave them both Burgers and candy. It’s great to see kids doing good things. I hope that our little Sean will do good things like this too when he grows older.

Both Susanne and I think our purpose in this word is to help others make this world a better place.  Kids like these Key Clubbers are doing this very thing.


From: Jerry Gifford 10/31/17

What ever happened to Commissioner Tony Hyde? I heard he now works for Knife River as a consultant or something, how cool is that … all those special favors he did for the gravel industry while commissioner has finally paid off.


From: Billy Braud 10/31/17

The roads needs to be fixed; how come the county does not increase the depletion fee? It has not been increased since 1996. It’s time to do something.


From: Short-fellow  10/31/17

Trump is worse than dumb

He prefers his league of scum

He has offended the world

Now everyone has hurled

He can go sit on his thumb.


From: Talk NAZi 10/30/17

The inbred lady who called the police on our beloved fuhrers at city council needs a new brain.
How dare she question the decisions of her superiors. Who cares if these pond slime retards burn up.
The city would be better off without these welfare rats. The mud monkeys who came to speak before
our great leaders need to know their place and shut the hell up.
If our intelligent and worthy leaders feel the need for more taxes whether it is on sugary drinks or on toilet paper
you stupid in-breds need to take less food stamps but then sugary drinks are your favorite food.

God Bless our beloved leaders. And God Bless The Mother Country.


From: Nancy Ward 10/26/17

As if Roundup wasn't already a chemical nightmare, now we have a new, improved killer, guaranteed to do its job ... and, more. Watch what you eat!


"If this were any other product, I feel like it would be just pulled off the market, and we'd be done with it." But dicamba, and the crops created to tolerate it, aren't just any products. There's big money behind them.




From: R. Patriot 10/25/17

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again. 

I always feel so proud when I hear my President speak. It is a shame that RINO’s like Jeff Flake and Bob Corker try to sully our President's name.

Our President never seems able to please the people from our lying press. They say awful things about him, even though he goes out of his way to do good and console widows and parents of service members.

We should be proud that our President, unlike that last one, cares enough to call. 

President Trump and the GOP want to keep America safe. They will work hard to spend more money on our troops.  We should be happy that our money is going there instead of being wasted on food stamps, welfare children, and liberal school health programs.

God is with our President because he wants to protect us all with a great military and a great wall.

God Bless America.


From: Smokey 10/25/17

Suzanne is fuming. Trump just awarded a $300 Million dollar no bid contract to White fish Energy to rebuild Puerto Rico’s electrical infrastructure. This is a tiny company with limited resources and minimal disaster experience. The one thing that they have done right is make some very large contributions to Donald Trump. The owner is also good friends with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

Suzanne says that it will take years for Puerto Rico to recover and that FEMA and our government is doing very little to help.  Suzanne seems to think that what is happening should be considered blatant corruption.


From: Victor 10/23/17

Hey Bill.  I saw you wearing a red wig while driving a bus.  You still look ugly even with hair.


From: Sari Sweet 10/21/17

God will punish St. Helens for it’s evil, pagan, satanic Halloween celebration.


From: R. Patriot 10/18/17

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again.  I am so proud of our President’s recent achievements. He has taken it upon himself to defeat ISIS and great progress is being made. Hillary and Obama were to soft on these terror groups but not our President.

He believes that young lives matter and  has made sure that illegal immigrant teens will be prevented from receiving abortions.

He has alerted the American people about how dishonest CNN and NBC are.

Despite what the media says  President Trump, unlike Obama, supports our fallen comrades and will even give his condolences to some of their families.

People need to be aware that they are hearing fake news, particularly when it comes to stories about Puerto Rico and the Virgin islands. Thanks to President Trump and FEMA these people are being given more help than they really need. Our President is trying to teach people to become more self sufficient and willing to stand up on their own two feet, without having to beg for free stuff from the government.

President Trump has gone out of his way to help our nation and his new tax plan will put more money in the pockets of the people who need it.  He will save white Christian Americans. He is continually looking for ways to save our nation money. Under his leadership Americans and America will be safe and great again.

God bless America.


From: Smokey 10/18/17

We have taken the last of our garden produce to the Food Bank. Hope that we have been able to do our part this year in helping the hungry people in our community. Suzanne and Sean (Rugbug) went down to Halloween town. Many of the things seemed expensive, but a shuttle driver explained it to us. He said that most of the money that they are collecting will go to community service groups like Rotary, lions, Kiwanis and CERT. All of these organizations are non profit and will use this money to help kids and needy adults in our community. The money is not waste, but will be used to help others. 

Suzanne is still waiting for her next gallery check. She plans to send all of her next check to “Americare” to help the people of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands recover from the hurricane damage.   She says that we also should be concerned about the people in California that have lost their homes from wildfire. Many do not have insurance coverage. Suzanne says that the purpose of civilization is to help our citizens. She wonders why many people don’t seem to understand this concept.


From: Nancy Ward 10/18/17

Letting loose the hounds - that's what will happen if Mr. Dourson is approved to manage the E.P.A. Why? Because Mr. Dourson is a "scientist for hire" and a favorite son of the chemical industry.

Heaven help us!



From Mark  M. 10/16/17

Way to go Tammy. Love your take.  Funny how the Police want us all to obey the law but ignore it when they are involved.


From Dave Crank. 10/16/18

If you care about St. Helens, you need to recall City Council woman Susan Conn. She is the woman who tried to introduce the stupid sugar beverage tax. She needs to be punished for her stupidity.  Be sure to sign the recall petition when it comes around.


From Sally Keller 10/14/17

Your Halloween town celebration is a disgrace. Halloween is a holiday that honors Satan and what you are doing is demonic. God help you all and your children. If you get them involved, your souls will burn in hell.


From: R. Patriot 10/11/17

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again.  Hurray for Vice President Pence. He showed the Colt’s and 49ers what he thought of them when he walked out of that NFL Game. How dare those pampered Negro athletes kneel and disrespect our flag, our service members and our national anthem. They are so ungrateful for all that America has done for them. Their people seem to want special privileges, just because of their skin color. None of my people have ever asked for special privileges. Like President Trump, we white Americans have worked for all that we have and we don’t expect welfare to take care of us either.

I am pleased that President Trump is now supporting tax “fairness” and that he has let the Canadians know that we don’t like their trade deals either. He will stop NAFTA, and make sure that America no longer gets the “shaft” from Canada and Mexico.

Last week he let the lazy brown people in Puerto Rico know that if they want help, they had better start trying to take care of themselves. They should not always be depending on America for hand outs.

I also think that that little fat dictator in North Korea better watch his ass, because President Trump is not afraid to nuke it.

God Bless America.

 From: Smokey 10/11/17

Lots of people are contributing to help Hurricane and earth quake victims. Suzanne says that we need to be able to get them food, water and other relief.  To quote my wife Suzanne:  “We need to do more for them than just throwing paper towels at them.”  We are encouraging people to make donations to “Americares” and “Direct Relief.” Charity watch gives them both high ratings.

We are also trying to get donations for our food bank. It is nice to donate canned food, but it is even better to give them money. Suzanne plans to donate the proceeds of her next art sale to them.

They can take a dollar and get a lot more out of it than any of us. They buy in bulk and they do a wonderful job in seeing that all donations are used wisely.

Suzanne seems to think that kneeling during the National Anthem is a respectful way to say that not everything is right in America and that despite all our advances, black people still face discrimination and are treated unfairly, because of the color of their skin. Suzanne says that “as Americans it is our First Amendment right to stand up (or in this case kneel) for what is right.”

 From:  Travis F. 10/11/17

To the moron lady, who was in such a hurry and tried to mate with my truck, and who decided to pass me on a curvy road at 50 mph. You passed in a spot which could have ended up resulting in a head on collision. Someone was on your side this time, the near miss hopefully woke you up you stupid hag. Next time leave a bit earlier then you would not have to speed to make an appointment. People like you should lose their drivers license. Oh by the way my passenger got your plate number and you will be hearing from the sheriff’s department.


From TM 10/10/17

Eagle your web site sucks, just like you.