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From: R. Patriot  5/21/19

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again.  Our President spoke to President Putin last week and told him that the Muller report completely exonerated him. President Putin agreed and assured our President (and America) that he would never interfere with a US Election. I think that this should settle this issue once and for all.  Our biggest problem might be the Democrats who still want to cause disruption and prevent our President from doing his job.  I was pleased to see Don McGahn refuse the House’s subpoena. With the President’s backing, we can see Congress as nothing but a paper tiger.  They can make lots of noise, but they won’t be able to do anything. 

Our President still has not been able to replace all Federal judges, but he has replaced over 100 so far. With the Supreme Court’s support and patriotic federal judges supporting him, there will be no stopping our President in his plan to make America great again and put the evil Democrats in their place..

Pray for our President and pray that he succeeds.

God Bless America


From: Smokey 5/21/19

I get excited when I see plants growing and I know that we will have plenty of green produce to use, to share with our neighbors and to bring to the food bank.

Jorge is still here. Our lawyer got him an injunction and found out that the supposed “unpaid traffic ticket” was a mistake.  He is still in trouble with ICE. These people have no compassion, even for a man who is a family man, married to a US Citizen, US Veteran and who enlisted in the military with the promise of being able to gain citizenship. Our lady lawyer is good and I hope that she will be able to make sure that he is able to stay here.

Suzanne says that the Alabama abortion bill is crazy. So are some of the other “heart beat bills.” How can a Zygote have a heart beat at 6 weeks? It pulses, but there is no developed heart. How can it supposedly be a human being when it still does not have a brain or any sort of a nervous system?

She says that those laws are not scientific, or reality based.  All they will mean is that there will be more back ally abortions, more women’s health destroyed, and more unwanted children.  She asked me “What sort of adults will these children grow into?”

I told her that it was politics and religion, not science.


From: Nick G. 5/18/19

I was caught by a train, the middle of the day. My guess it was at least a mile and a half long and it was (with the exception of two box cars) all oil cars. It was probably empty, since it was heading toward Portland. I think it took at least 15 minutes before I was able to go. My understand is that the oil they carry is fracked oil and is as explosive as all hell.  It is also my understanding that the community will have to pay for any damages that an accident would cause.

I wish our Port Commissioners would take this into consideration before they stick us with more crap industries.


From: R. Patriot  5/15/19

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again.   Our President recently praised Hungary’s Victor Orban. He is a great leader who is bringing a resurgence of pride to his country. He has a lot in common with Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro. Bolsonaro is a populist (Like our President) and plans to deliver Salvation to his country.  Our President has managed to make friends with people that left wingers hate. He has improved our relations with Russia. He has also managed to be our first President to make friends with Kim Jong Un and has renewed our Friendship with the Philippians. Thanks to President Trump President Duterte is once more friends with America. Our President has personally done more to make friends and make our world safer than any other President in recent times.

I am also pleased that President Trump will help advance science with his Space force and it won’t cost America a penny more than we are spending now. He will help pay for it from money that used be wasted on Pell grants to ungrateful slacker children .

The ungrateful’s need to realize that this is America and we no longer give people something for nothing. Our President is building a closer stronger and better country than any other President in US history. I am so thankful that we have this great and godly man in office.

God bless America.


From: Smokey 5/15/19

We are still fighting to keep Jorge from being deported. Jorge is from Honduras,  he enlisted in the Army, served in Afghanistan and was promised that what he was doing was a direct path to citizenship. He received an honorable discharge and started work with us. He has been here for four years. He is married has a kid and another one on the way and the Government now says that they now want to deport him because he had an unpaid traffic ticket. We have managed to get Jorge a lawyer. A nice lady, who lives in Scappoose.  I hope that they can keep him here. He served our nation and our nation promised him an opportunity to become a citizen.

Suzanne is still volunteering for both the Food Bank and also Planned Parenthood. I am concerned, that she has to drive Cornelius pass and they will be closing this road for a couple of months. She is also concerned that Trump wants to take Pell grant money away from poor people so that he can revitalize NASA. He wants to form a space force and it will at expense of educating poor people.


From: Phil Soth 5/13/19

Death at Logie Trail and Hwy 30
In light of the impending temporary closure of Cornelius Pass for much-needed improvements, I previewed the trip back from Hillsboro down Newberry Rd. It adds roughly 7 miles and 16 minutes to the trip back to Scappoose and points north.
As noted in the project description, a temporary signal will be added at the intersection of Newberry and highway 30; today's experience showed me that even during the middle of the afternoon,
that left-hand turn is problematic.
Rush hour will provide additional levels of urgency, frustration, and complexity I predict that many people will begin to use Logie Trail to avoid Newberry;
however, there has been no announced provision for a temporary signal at Logie Trail and highway 30.

This is fair warning to all governmental entities involved: Someone is going to die at that intersection. You are now warned,
and cannot plead ignorance when the deceased's family sues you for the death.

I have two proposals to protect everyone's safety:
(1)Install a temporary signal at the intersection of Logie Trail and Hwy 30, or
(2)temporarily make Newberry one-way going east, and Logie Trail one-way going west.

I am certain there are other alternatives, but planning needs to be done now, to prevent death at the intersection of Logie Trail and Highway 30.

I have posted this letter on Facebook, have sent a copy to Mike Pullen and the Project Team, and will be sending it to as many people as necessary to save a life


From: R. Patriot  5/8/19

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again. 

America owes our President at least two more years for his first term. Muller and the Democrat’s witch hunt have stopped him from doing his job… but he has still done more in his first two years than any other President in history. Jerry Fallwell Jr. was most appreciative of our President allowing his personal lawyer to help him get out of a jam involving  black mail over personal intimate pictures. He has been effusive in his praise of our President ever since. He knows that President Trump is a friend who cares. A friend who has been good to him and will continue to be good to his friends.  Brad Parscale, Trump’s Campaign Manager says that President Trump is a Godsend”...Literally. He said “Our President was sent by God to save our country. Our Secretary of State believes it’s possible that trump is on a holy mission to protect the Jewish people from the treat of Iran. He also said that “Only God could deliver such a savior to our nation , and only God could allow me to help.”

I need to add that we are so very thankful that God has given our nation this great man.

We know, in our hearts, that God is with us, the Republican party and America.

God bless America.


From: Smokey 5/8/19

We may be losing a good cook at our St. Johns Burger place.  Jorge (Pronounced horgay)  is from Honduras. Jorge has worked for us for 4 years, right after he got out of the Army.  He served in Afghanistan and was promised a path to citizenship after he completed his service.  Our government has changed its mind and they want to deport him back to Honduras. Jorge is married and has a little girl and another child on the way. The Governments reason is that he had a warrant issued for an unpaid traffic ticket. ICE has him locked up and his wife is simply frantic. Suzanne is helping out and seeing if her dad will be able to help Jorge get a lawyer. Jorge came to the USA with his mother and this is the only country that he really knows. Our immigration system is broken and neither political party seems to want to fix it.

Suzanne said that some of Trump’s old tax returns show that he has lost more money during late 1980’s and mid 1990’s than any other American. He only paid taxes for 2 out of 10 years. He had over 1.1 billion in losses. My understanding is that he claimed these “loses” so that he would not have to pay any income tax.  Amazing, when I think that I am paying more in taxes than our President.


From: Victor 5/3/19

Hey Eagle, you have not gotten any prettier. You are looking uglier than ever.


From: R. Patriot  5/1/19

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again. 

President Trump chose well when he selected Bill Barr for the office of Attorney General. This man knows how to handle himself. When asked by a Senator if he thought it was right for our President to work with the Russians he responded by telling others why we need to investigate Hillary Clinton’s emails. Senator Linsey Graham said that we need to look at Hillary’s private server and further investigate her role in Benghazi. 

I so agree, we need to lock that woman up. We need to allow our President to do his job and not be diverted by this Russia nonsense. We should be looking at Travel gate, White water and there are a lot of materials that still should be investigated instead of our President’s 2016 campaign. We have a lot of real things to be worried about. We have hoards of brown people besieging our southern borders. Rapists, drug smugglers, murderers, terrorists and disease carriers.  All trying to threaten God fearing Americans. Obama and Hillary, OAC,  Muslim Congresswomen, and Socialists are all threatening the fabric of our Nation. We need to protect our President from these evil people who want to destroy our American way of life. God bless Donald Trump and God bless America.


From: Smokey 5/1/19

Our garden is doing great and we will soon have fresh food for neighbors and our community food bank.

Susanne has been listening to Bill Bar’s meeting with the Senate. Bill Barr won’t let Mueller testify, and he is trying his best to stop Don McGahn from testifying as well. He is stating “Executive Privilege.” Susanne said that McGahn no longer works for Mueller and she thinks Barr is totally wrong. She says that there is a big cover up.  Bill Bar when he used to be Attorney General also covered up for George Bush and hid the Iran Contra mess.  People used to call him “Cover Up Barr” and Susanne says that is why Trump selected him.

Susanne said that “Barr is covering up, lying and obstructing today all the while he is testifying before the Senate. It will be a sad day for America if he is able to continue.”

Susanne is wondering if Barr will even testify before the House, considering the beating he was given when supposedly testifying to the Senate.  Congresswoman Mazie Hirono  told Barr to his face that he was a liar and should resign. He was flustered and did not comport himself well at all. I doubt that he will allow himself to be cross examined by our Democratic House of Representatives.”

I think that this is really sad. Suzanne and I both think that Trump and his Attorney General should be impeached.



From Sally Conner 4/29/19

Just got a call. Caller I.D. said it was from the City of St. Helens. I answered and it was some lady trying to sell me on her credit card company. It disgusts me, how these outfits are able to clone telephone numbers.


From: R. Patriot  4/24/19

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again. 

Me and my live-in girl friend went to church this Easter. We praised the lord and feel blessed. We gave thanks for our nation, our President, and all of the blessings and rewards that we have received. God blessed us because we are willing to work, and save and not throw our money away on foolish things. God helps those who help themselves and who are willing to take advantage of opportunities that our Lord presents to us. I got a good refund this year and I am going to use it as a down payment on a new Range Rover.  I am so thankful that we are not like those liberals and Demorats who expect the government to give them free stuff. I work hard at my rental business and I know how to invest my money where I can receive good dividends.  Our President is so smart and I get a kick out him outwitting lefties.  It is sort of like While E. Coyote trying to outwit the Road runner.  President Trump is always one step ahead. He is a winner and God loves winners. God bless our President, he makes us so proud. He is  one of the best Presidents that our nation has ever known.

God bless America. 


From: Smokey 4/24/19

Susanne just sent a big check off to Planned Parenthood. She is concerned that there is a big push from on top to hurt this organization. That would be a real shame because they do a lot of good works in helping mothers in lower and middle income families with reproductive health, birth control, pre-cancer screening, sex education, teen pregnancy as well as other reproductive rights and health care issues. Susanne volunteers with them and with our local food bank. We also give money to River Keepers, Citizens For Human dignity, and the Salvation Army. Susanne’s father seems to think that w4e give away more money than we should. We give because we feel that these organizations are helping the people in our community and we all benefit from them. Besides, it makes us feel good to know that we are giving to good causes. 

We still have money to pay our bills and take care of our little family.  Our hope is that our family will soon grow some.  Earth Mother (who is a licensed nurse) told Suzanne that she should be due sometime early in December. We have had a few false alarms, over the last few months, but this one appears to be real. I sure don’t want her to lose our baby. We love our little boy and we want to create a better world for our children.


From: Bill Eagle 4/20/19

Dear Iris, I tried to email you back, but my message was returned to me with as “undeliverable, no such email.”  I would love to hear more from you, since I haven’t received much in the way of email lately.  Barbs are short letters, which are either funny or griping about something.  The longer messages usually go into letters.  As far as R. Patriot is concerned, he is part of Trumps base and he is not supposed to be a nice guy.


From: Iris P.  4/20/19

I have a bit of a problem in seeing what the difference  between your letters and barbs. They both look like letters to me. Why do you have them separate? Who is this R. Patriot guy. I think he is not a very nice person. Please let me know.


From: R. Patriot  4/17/19

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again. I am real sorry to see that big church in France go up in flames. Our President was very concerned and made some great suggestions. Funny that the French didn’t take him up on it.  The President’s suggestion was very simple get a flying water tanker to drop water on top of the church. Duh! It would work and it would have put the fire out right away.  Our President really is a stable genius who knows business and how to make things happen. Our President wants to protect Americans from the gangsters, rapists and murderers who are besieging our borders. We need to cut out all immigration from the south and keep American pure and white. We need people who speak English and share our values, not black and brown skinned thugs.  It was white Europeans who founded our country and we need to keep our country white. We need to build a great wall, the wall of Trump. God favors our nation, because of our Christian values and we need to protect them. If you care for America, you will vote Republican.

God bless America.


From Smokey 4/17/19

My peas are growing, little lettuce plants are starting up as well, our community garden will soon be filled with fresh food for us, our neighbors and our food bank.

I have been thinking about jobs and poverty. My feelings are that we have jobs for everyone, but what we have are a shortage of good wages. People can’t live on minimum wage and people can’t live on part time work.  We have people working two, three jobs, because of low wages and limited hours. Most of the people who work for us have a spouse who also works. All of their money goes back into our economy. Every cent they make is needed for them live, they don’t have extra money that they can save. If our Government really wanted to help our economy, they would raise the minimum wage and make sure that poor people, instead of millionaires get a tax break.

Susanne was very upset about the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral.  Years ago, she to to visit it and she said that some of the art there is irreplaceable. She appreciated the remarks by President Trump, but was disappointed that he did not mention the fires at the three historic black churches in Louisiana. Not a word from Trump or Vice President Pence about this.  Susanne seems to think that this is just one more proof that Trump is a racist. I suspect that Susanne is right. 


From: R. Patriot  4/10/19

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again.

I really love our President. He is probably the best President our country has seen in modern times. He is working hard to protect Americans from brown and black skinned foreigners. I was chuckling when I read that he plans to dump illegals in cities and areas that that have proclaimed themselves to be Sanctuary cities. That will sure teach them a lesson and make them think twice before they start trying to create open borders. The Democrats refuse to change our dangerous immigration laws. This may provide them with an incentive to change their minds.

Our poor President is being audited again by the IRS. They have been doing this every year and I do believe President Trump when he says that he is being audited because he is a strong Christian. The IRS discriminates and our President is the target of much of their discrimination.  I will pray for him and hope that he prevails over the deep state. 

God Bless America. 



From Smokey 4/10/18

My garden is starting to grow. Little shoots of green are appearing.  We have several neighbors that are setting up garden plots for themselves and it is nice to see our little community garden project getting underway. Last year, we produced several tons of food for the Food bank. I hope that we will be able to do this again. 

Suzanne and I have tickets for Friday’s Empty bowls event . This event will also raise money for our food bank, and people that attend will receive a unique individually created ceramic bowl.  Different types of soup have been donated by a number of restaurants. If you have time, I would suggested that you come and have soup and bread with us. Tickets are only $15 each.

Suzanne tells me that Wm. Barr is supposed to release his “redacted version” of the Mueller report this next week.  She says that she does not trust him and is not sure if he will release anything of value.  She says that the man is as crazy as the President that he is trying to cover up for.  She listened to an interview with Barr last night, and the man seems to be making things up as he went along. That is the same thing that President Trump likes to do. The one good thing, according to Suzanne , is that there is no doubt in our minds where Barr stands. He is working for the President, not for the American people.



From: R. Patriot  4/3/19

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again. I am pleased that the Mueller Report has fully exonerated our President. There was no collusion and this Russian business is all a myth created as sour grapes by the Democrats. Adam Schiff should resign. I doubt that he has a conscience otherwise the would not be telling all those lies about our President. He is one of the people who tried to shove that fake Steel Document down our throats. How people can believe those lies is beyond my reckoning.  The Socialist Demorats are crawling out of the woodwork. They are determined to make America into a Marxist People’s state.  We need to get rid of Obama care and replace it with the much better plan that our President is preparing for after the 2020 election.

That Hippy woman Susanne asked my girl friend if she would like to share in their Community garden with them. Sounds like more Socialism to me.  If I want fresh vegetables, I will buy them at the grocery store, and not pick them out of some dirty socialist garden.

God Bless America.


From Smokey 4/3/19

Plants are growing and I have only planted part of our community garden. We have invited the neighbors to join with us and make this garden part of our neighborhood. Suzanne even invited R. Patriot’s live in girl friend to share in the garden.  I asked Susanne what she said after she invited her. Susanne replied, “Not much of anything. I think that she thinks that we are not up to the quality of her sort of friends. She and her fat boy friend are strange birds and I suspect that the less we see of them all the better.”

Suzanne’s dad’s lawyers are still working with Corporate  discussing franchising. I hope that they can develop a policy.  I would love to see if we could buy into our local Burger Place.  Susanne just told me that Trump wants to shut down our Southern Border. She says that if that happens it will really hurt our trade imbalance. It appears that Mexico is our second largest trading partner. There is quite a lot of fresh produce that we purchase from Mexico, and my understanding that is they make a lot of parts for our auto industry.  PBS said that it would shut our auto industry down.  I don’t think that the President has really given much thought to what he says he wants to do.  I hope that there are still some grown-ups and clear thinkers alive in Trump’s  White House.


From: R. Patriot  3/27/19

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again,  I have seen the Barr Report and I am pleased to see that my President has been vindicated and cleared of all charges. Over two years of wasted taxpayer money in investigations and witch hunting. We now have to get on with the business of government and work at important and needed projects like building a wall on our southern border. We need to defund unnecessary programs like “Meals on Wheels, Special Olympics, Public Broadcasting, the Arts, Federal Highway construction, High speed Rail and Special Education.

I am glad that our President has finally put his foot down and will rid us of that Godless Obamacare with its death panels and Socialized medicine. America now has the greatest medical system in the entire world. Why would we need to change? Our President has done so much for us and he will be forever known as the man who saved American health care. His tax plan is wonderful and as a land lord, I was able to save lots of money and still get a nice refund.  God and Donald Trump have been so good to me.  I am ever so thankful. God bless America. 


From: Smokey 3/27/19

I am home today. Got to take a day of personal time, Got to till and start to plant the garden.  Suzanne did a great job in preparing it and made what I did really easy.

She is upset because she heard that the President wants to cancel the entire ACA. The sad thing is that it will not be replaced with anything and millions of people including most of our employees will be without health care. I am management, so I will still have company insurance. We need to be able to take care of the people who work for us.

Suzanne is disgusted with the Attorney General. The Muller Report probably is comprised of many 100’s of pages and all we get is a 4 page “summery?”  Susanne said that  “Bill Barr” got his summery completed in less than 46 hours. There is no way that he was able to read the whole Muller Report and he did not even bother to share any complete sentences from the actual Report.”  Suzanne went on to say “I had chicken on my plate and it disappeared.  Our cat was sitting on the floor licking his lips. I can’t prove that my cat ate the chicken, but that does not exonerate him either. The summery does not exonerate the President, it only states that there is not enough evidence to indict him for colluding with the Russians. It also leaves open the possibly that there is evidence that he may have been responsible for obstruction and possibly even witness tampering.”

Suzanne seems to think that it won’t be over until the public is able to see the real report, and not just a 4 page “summery.”


From: R. Patriot  3/20/19

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again,

Our President issued his first Veto and he did it so that he could protect our nation from the hoards of evil drug selling, diseased, rapists, terrorists, murderers, and thieves that are illegally trying to invade our nation. Our President loves America and wants to protect it.

Lefties are protesting our Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, requesting only faith based media be allowed to cover a meeting dealing with faith.  I am thankful for people like Secretary Pompeo who our President is now using to help clean up the mess that Hillary Clinton created when she had that cabinet position.  We need more Christian faith in our Government and more people standing up to the lefties who seem only to want free stuff. Jesus, faith and prayers are what we need instead of freebies, if only these people can see this. We need to stand tall and independent so that we can help make America great again. 

God Bless America.


From: Smokey 3/20/19

Smokey is out of town again, and I (Susan) am again writing his blog for him. 

I drove our tractor yesterday and  rototilled our neighborhood garden.  I was able to work up all the weeds and with the dry weather, things looks pretty nice. Smokey was really happy when he got home last night and saw what I did. He said that his job is keeping him so busy that he was neglecting things to do around the house.

Mike Pompei held a meeting and only allowed “Faith based Media” to attend. He barred non religious journalists. The outstanding thing about his meeting was that he also did not allow any Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, or any other non Judeo Christian religion to be there. What ever happened to Constitutional Freedom of Religion and our separation of church and state? I thought that Freedom of Religion also meant that people were allowed to be free from religion as well as choose a religion. It would appear that our government is playing to the evangelicals rather than to all beliefs. I believe that this is unconstitutional. We may need the Supreme court to decide on this and sadly, I would not trust our existing court.


From: Sarah Samuels  3/18/19

It is such a shame what is happening at the old Violets Villa. Why in the world didn’t they keep a few of the larger trees?  I am not opposed to this development, but destroying all those trees just seems so wrong.


From: R. Patriot  3/13/19

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again,

Poor Paul Manafort, they just sentenced him to 7 ½ years in Federal Prison. The man is a patriot who loves our President and wants to protect him.  He does not deserve such an unjust punishment. He is not a real criminal like those people who peddle Marijuana, or shoplift.   I hope that President Trump will find it in his heart to pardon him.

I was amused at some of the news about college admission scandals.  I don’t see why they are making such a big deal about this.  All a person ever had to do was build a building or make a sizable donation to a school in order to get their kids admitted. I recall that I paid to put Astro-Turf on one of their fields in order to get one of my no good sons admitted. He didn’t thank me and he didn’t even finish school. But this “scandal” is overblown.  It is not any sort of a big deal, it is really just business as usual.


As always I will pray for my President and ask others to do so as well. He is God’s messenger to our nation and we need to support him.

God bless America.


From: Smokey 3/13/19

Smokey is working out of town again, so I am writing his blog for him. I am not happy with Trumps budget and I am upset to see him planning to pretty much, eliminate money for Medicare, Medicaid, particularly when he promised not to touch these programs. He will be taking money from military pensions, Veterans benefits, military housing and other important programs to help build his useless vanity wall.

I am disgusted reading about wealthy people paying to get high scores and faking ACT’s and SATS, so that they can get their kids into a prestigious school.  My dad helped me go to school, but I still had to take the tests myself and take out student loans in order for me to get and stay in college.

I am sad to think that if you are wealthy, you can be above the law and the rules that everyone else live by don’t apply to you.

I am interested in what Robert Mueller is turning up. According to the news Devin

Nunes basically admits the criminal behavior that Trump and his campaign engaged in by working with Wikileaks. I know this hasn’t been proven yet, but Roger Stone, a close confidant of Trump, admitted his own interaction with Guccifer 2.0 and then touted when the stolen emails would be released on social media. I will never understand how and why Republicans will do whatever they can to protect Trump who is likely a criminal. Patriotism amongst Republicans is dead.


From: R. Patriot  3/6/19

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again,

Someone asked me why my Girl friend and I don’t volunteer. I believe in a man getting paid for their work. We don’t work for free. Only Commies and slaves work for free. Besides, volunteers are mostly all a bunch of tree hugging pansy’s.

I am sorry that our President was not able to do as much as he would have liked with North Korea, but we all know that the problem does not lie with our President, but with our biased liberal press publishing stories about Michael Cohn’s lies to Congress.  You can’t trust what you read. I only watch Fox News and even that seems, at times, to have a liberal bent to it.

I hope that our President is able to build a wall on our Southern Border. This will help protect Americans from the hoards that are surging into our nation, the narcotics traffickers, the white slavers, rapists and murders that are destroying our people. My dream is that what we will have will have something like the Great wall of China, and will be visible even from outer space. This, indeed, will make America Great again.

God Bless America.


From: Smokey 3/6/19

Susanne is hoping that the weather remains good, since she will be driving across Cornelius pass today. She is a volunteer for Planned Parenthood and takes her volunteer responsibilities quite seriously.

Susanne is convinced that President Trump has committed numerous crimes while in office. She said that she believes the testimony of Michael Cohn far more than anything that the President or his followers would say. Susan said “Cohn is already going to jail and he has no reason to lie again to Congress.  If he did so it would put him in greater jeopardy and add time to his existing jail sentence.” 

Susanne said that it is a shame that our President would believe and do the bidding of Russia’s Vladimir Putin and not listen to, or follow, the advice of our own intelligence agencies. It would almost seem as if he is working for Russia instead of our own country.


From: R. Patriot  2/27/19

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again.

Today my President is meeting in Viet Nam with Kim Jung Un to make sure that we have peace on the Korean Peninsula. He will be doing something that no President of the United States has been able to accomplish. Thanks to President Trump, we will be at peace, not at war with North Korea.

In the meantime, we are witnessing a circus with Michael Cohn, a proven liar, giving his lying testimony to Congress. He hates our President, because President Trump did not give him a job in the White house. No one should believe what he says because, unlike our President, he is a proven liar.

Congress should be working on providing us with border security, like the building of a great wall on our border, instead of listening to a liar spin lies.  I am, however confident that our great country will prevail. God bless America.



From: Smokey 2/27/19

Working real hard in helping some of our new Burgerplaces get started. Corporate has bought into the idea of creating franchises, but they still want to keep their high profit company restaurants. It may be a while before we can create a locally owned franchise here.

Susanne is putting together food donations for our food bank. She has also renewed our membership in the ACLU, and Planned Parenthood. Weather permitting she will be spending a day each weak volunteering for PP in Washington/Multnomah county.

She mentioned that Michael Cohn is now testifying before Congressional committees with proof that the President committed felonies both before and while in office. She says that we will see if our Justice Department will actually act to support our Constitution or will try to cover up for the President.  She does not trust William Barr.

If the Justice Department refuses to do its duty and won’t pursue felonious activity, then it will be a sad day for the American people.

We have much to learn in the next few days in what will happen. .


From: Talk Nazi 2/26/19

Our beloved fuhrer has decided to take a most glorious trip to Vietnam to meet fuhrer, Rocketman from N Korea. Our country will be safer and better after our beloved leader makes a deal with his new love Rocketman. Rocketman has said over and over that N. Korea does not have nuclear weapons. And fuhrer Trump said he believes him and if our leader says it-- it is true!. We will have wonderful trade with N Korea and better than trade, the N Koreans will get a Trump tower to call their own. We are so lucky to have such an intelligent, genuine and smart leader in Fuhrer Trump. God Bless the Fuhrer and God Bless The Mother Country.


From: Short Fellow 2/26/19

There once was a lady who loved facts

She could read both their fronts and their backs.

She memorized the data

And she grew Fattah

Until she exhausted all of her snacks


From: Clair G. 2/25/10

What the hell is wrong with the GOP and Trump cutting lunches for schools if the kids grades are not really good. It does not make sense to punish a child by taking away their food. A child learns better if they have a full tummy. Many of those children get no other food other than food at school. The cruelty and ignorance of the GOP and Trump is beyond words. As I look at Trump I see a fat ungrateful person who cares nothing of other people. He is a bully and looks like he has not missed any lunches. People who punish children for being children need locked away.


From: R. Patriot  2/20/19

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again.

My live in girl friend and I met with a very Christian group in Beaverton yesterday. They call themselves the Patriot Prayer people, and they support our President. They believe in helping make America better and protect us all from the brown wave of rapists, drug smugglers, and criminals that are coming across our border. They know that a wall is what our nation needs and they are fearful that the Democrat and Socialist Commies will try and stop our Presidents National Emergency declaration. They want to protect America from these people and stop our country from being turned into another Venezuela. Thank God that our President is willing to use money that would be wasted on Military families, and Drug interdiction. He will use the money for his great wall and put an end to the brown armies that are besieging us. With a southern border wall, America can become great again. Although our President has already done so much for us, a southern border wall will be a lasting monument to his greatness.

God Bless America.


From: Smokey 2/20/19

Susan bought some pet food to drop off at the food bank. She says lots of poor people have pets and they need to feed them.  She is also donating some of her art money to the Back Pack program.  We have lots of kids in our community who only are able to eat when they are in school They go home for the weekend or on spring break, and there is no food at home for them.  I think we might also do some collections at our burger place for hungry people. 

Susanne listened to Rachael Maddow yesterday and said that Sally Yates told President Trump that his new National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, was a security risk and had way too many conflicts of interest.  Trump did nothing, and Flynn resigned on his own 18 days later. Trump later fired Sally Yates.  Flynn is cooperating with the Special Council, but the Judge seems to think that the man committed Treason. What is scarier yet is the possibility that Trump himself might be a Russian asset.

We do live in some interesting and scary times.


From Sam Nevin  2/17/10

Why is the city is raising our utility rates? They aren’t building anything new. Will they use the extra money to prepare our sewer lagoon to take Portland’s toxic waste?


From: R. Patriot  2/13/19

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again.

Our President needs money for his wall. The wall will be the only thing that will save our nation from rapists, murderers, terrorists, drugs and Democrats.

Our President says that he will get the money from other sources like SNAP and drug interdiction funds.  We are so fortunate that our President is a great deal maker and knows how to handle and make money.  Even when our President declared 6 bankruptcies, he still managed to come out of them with a profit.  I am sure that he will help our nation profit as well. All we need is faith in him.

Our president had a great turn out in El Paso. Over 10,000 people were there to cheer him on and support him in his desire to save them from a brown plague of vicious foreigners. El Paso loves our President.

My girlfriend and I just bought two more red MAGA hats. Sadly they were made in China, but they are sold here in the USA and our money will support our President to continue making American Great Again.

God Bless America.


From Smokey 2/13/19

Been working on the Franchise stuff with Susan’s dad’s lawyers and some of the lawyers from corporate.  I had no idea that such stuff could be so complicated, but we are seeing progress.

Susanne just told me that Donald Trump had a great idea. He wants to have a 4th of July parade in Washington D.C.  Susan said that this is a good idea, but she thinks that the President didn’t know that D.C. has had a 4th of July parade for years. 

She said that he isn’t happy with what Congress is offering him for his wall. Congress offered less money  this time then then they did last. It appears that the President might sign their continuing resolution into law.  The last government shut down cost us billions and our nation can’t really afford doing it again. Trump says that he will get his money from other sources.  Susanne says that another shutdown will be very damaging to the President and his political allies.

I sure hope that he won’t veto what Congress sends to him.


From: R. Patriot  2/06/19

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again.

I have never been so enthused and excited as I felt after hearing our President’s great State of the Union address.  Our country has never been better off than we are now. He let everyone know why we needed to build a giant wall to stop hoards of brown murders and terrorists from threatening our nation.  Huge caravans have moved up from the south and they need to be stopped to prevent murders and rapes. We need to be aware that women are being smuggled into our country by evil forces to become sex slaves.

It made me sick to hear him tell us of the horrors of abortion and how the Governor of Virginia is executing newborn children, innocent children.  We need to stop these murders.

Drug prices have declined, and the quality of our medicine has improved with his dismantling of Obamacare.  He is saving us from socialism and socialized medicine. He has prevented the Democrats from turning our nation into another Venezuela

Thanks to President Trump, our economy is now the best that it has ever been in most people’s life times. Wages are higher, poverty is lower and people’s lives have been enriched by his programs. God was good to us when he gave us our President. The Rev Franklin Graham and Rev. Pat Robertson were so right when they told us that our President was given by God to the people of this country. 

God Bless America.



From Smokey 2/6/19

(Susan is again writing Smokey’s blog)

I was appalled by last nights State of the Union. Trump paraded Holocaust survivors all the while trying to frighten us with supposed Caravans of people filled with MS13 gang members, murderers and rapists. He made no mention of the thousands of children of amnesty seekers who have been taken away from their parents and never again united with them.

He bragged about the greatest prosperity in the last half century, all the while he has cut funds to food banks, meals on wheels and food stamps.  He spoke about lowering medical and pharmaceutical costs,  after signing legislation preventing organizations from buying cheaper Canadian drugs and he bragged about dismantling the ACA and has given us nothing in return other than allowing the cost of life saving Insulin and other medications to quadruple.

Worse yet, he spoke about this unprecedented prosperity and then threatened congress if they continued to exercise their Constitutional responsibility in exercising oversight of him and his administration.

Indeed I was appalled and saddened to see what is happening when we put our government into the hands of this crazy bigot.


From: Blake Gardiner 2/5/19

To save you having to watch, I'm sending this PSA summarizing the State Of The Union address:

Lie, Lie, Lie, Me, Me, Me, NO COLLUSION!

Text Box: Lie, Lie, Lie, Me, Me, Me, BUILD THE WALL!
Lie, Lie, Lie, Me, Me, Me, IT'S OBAMA'S FAULT!
Lie, Lie, Lie, Me, Me, Me, IT'S THE DEMOCRATS FAULT!
Lie, Lie, Lie, Me, Me, Me, WITCH HUNT!
Lie, Lie, Lie, Me, Me, Me, I AM A STABLE GENIUS!
Lie, Lie, Lie, Me, Me, Me, HIGHEST TV RATINGS IN 10,000 YEARS!
Lie, Lie, Lie, Me, Me, Me, HER EMAILS!
The End!

From: R. Patriot 1/30/19

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again.  We need a wall on our Southern Border. Border security is very important and our nation can’t afford to have a bunch of brown skinned, rapists, murderers, dope peddlers, diapers users and Democratic voters invading us.

Our President has done so much for America. He has shown us that he can work deals with Russia, North Korea, and China. He can cut unnecessary and unneeded rules for clean water and air. We need to allow business to stay in the USA and the best way is to end stupid anti pollution and safety rules. These rules cost money and they hurt. He is also saving us money by cutting unneeded programs like Meals on Wheels and other handouts to freeloaders.  My hope is that we will be able to eliminate what is left of Obamacare so that American can continue to provide its’ citizens with the best healthcare in the world.

God Bless America


From Smokey 1/30/19

This is Susanne,  I am writing Smokey’s Blog today. Smokey is putting in extra time at work. He has some new ideas on how to improve sales and also provide new employee incentives.

I can’t believe it, but I just sold my huge metal sculpture. It was purchased by a wealthy tech guy, who purchased it for a new series of offices that he is building in Bend.

I am glad that the Government shutdown is temporarily over. Trump reminds me of a bratty child who tells his dad that if he does not give him a raise in his allowance that he will smother their family pet.  A government shutdown is disgusting, it is stupid, and it is also very, very expensive.  I think that our President is suffering from Dementia and is not rational. You don’t punish innocent people, just because you don’t get your own way.  I was also shocked to find out that our President is having private meetings with Russia’s President without any Americans (including people from his own cabinet) to witness what is being said or done.  I guess this fits in with Jerod’s request to the Russian Embassy to see if he could set up a “secure line” with Russia.  My fear is that Trump is not working for the people of the United States, but rather is working for his own personal profit. The sad thing is that none of this seems to bother the Republicans.


From: Talk NAZI 1/29/19

I love Donald Trump, his dealings with Russia is  most wise, the Fuhrer  has many great connections with the honorable Putin and the Russian mob. Our brave leader knows what is best for the pond slime of America. These poor black, brown, and white people are worthless and needs put in their place and understand Fuhrer Trump is most wise and knows what is good for them. He is a self -made man, and demands that the citizens of the United States are self-made as well, No more welfare, health insurance, to hell with these degenerates let them eat cake. God Bless the Fuhrer and God Bless the Mother Country.


From: S. Sanders 1/28/19

I live in St. Helens and I tried to pay my water bill with the address printed on the bill. I sent my check off and I got it back with correspondence stating this is not the correct address. In the mean time I got threatened by the city to have my water shut off because I had not paid my bill. Why do they put the wrong address on the statement? Then threaten people? Are the people running the city incompetent, I believe they are.


From: R. Patriot 1/23/19

God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again.

By now there are a lot of Demorats who are regretting not supporting our President.  He has really taught them a lesson and let them know who is boss. The government will not be started again, until the Democrats vote to fund border security by allowing our President to build a great wall.  A wall that will protect us from our brown enemies.  These people may look like women and children, but there are hundreds of terrorists and disease carrying drug carrying kids being snuck in with these illegal asylum seekers.  These people are the scum of their country and they are all trying to come here.  Our Border patrol has stopped many of them, but we are helpless unless we can get a wall to protect us from these disease and drug carriers.

Our President has tried to present the opposition with logic and was even willing to compromise and yet those Demorats still won’t budge.  The Demorats have brought our government to a standstill and they have the audacity to try and blame the shutdown on our great President.   Great people do great things and our President has given them a greater shutdown than anyone thought possible. The Demorats must cave so that we can protect America again.

God Bless America.


From: Smokey 1/23/19

Still working on the Franchise concept for Burgerplace Restaurants. Corporate is making things lots harder, but Susanne’s dad’s lawyers seem up for the challenge.

Suzanne is upset by the government shutdown. She is afraid that it will hurt our courts, our law enforcement, and all of the services that we pay government to provide. Susan says tht the cost to our nation is in the billions and it will be a very long time before we can get things going again, even if the shutdown ends tomorrow.  She is also upset that government workers won’t be able to pay their bills or even, in some cases, feed their families. I agree with her; it’s extortion. Hurting a bunch of innocent people, just so our President can get his way. He wants to get something, that in his first two years, his own political party never gave him. Both Susanne and I hate bullies and we are all being bullied.

This is not how we were taught government was supposed to work.


From: Mike Richter 1/22/19

I am sickened with the way this country has gone, its divided so bad that I am afraid it will be years until we are united again. Trump is a one man wrecking crew against this country. Trump acts like a spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum. Shutting the government down is costing us billions, people cant live, holding the country hostage. The democrats are right -they do not negotiate with terrorists. Stand  up for our principles Nancy and Schumer.  Convict Trump on his Russian involvement, impeach him for his bad illegal deeds.  Him not paying people their wages but require them to work is SLAVERY , not to care about people because you have your money, is nothing more than classism. Piece of shit.


From: Terry Pritchard 1/22/19

The Port of Columbia’s apparent decision to stop public comment recently only shows that they care little of what the public, thinks or wants. I thought the new director was going to be different, but its business as usual.

 From: Mary Sherer 1/21/19

The Port of Columbia has made a huge mistake increasing the API for the oil company. Allowing the tar sands from Canada to pass through our county will add safety issues, as tar sands is more volatile. Shame on you.


From: Talk Nazi 1/20/19

I am so proud of my beloved leader The Honorable Fuhrer Donald Trump.  We need to MAGA!

America has spiraled down under the direction of OBAMA. Now Fuhrer Trump will MAGA with his wonderful policies. His strength of shutting the government down only helps its superior people. As for the low life pond slime they can keep down in the mire where they belong  as they are beneath Trumpsters. His deep concern for the safety of America is to build the WALL!

Keep those welfare, ignorant breeding Mexicans away from us pure whites. They are dirty and filthy. They need to be kept away from us. I can understand why the Fuhrer’s in South America hates them, they deserve to be beaten, and robbed and sold for mules, they are inferior.

I pray to God every day and thank him for Donald Trump. God Bless our Fuhrer and God Bless the Mother Country.


From: Larry Justice 1/20/19

The crack down on public records by Senator Johnson’s Senate Bill 609, what a scam.

I want to thank Tammy Maygra for her letter to the editor, she has brought forth to the public, and just how elected people want to stop citizen involvement and that is to squelch public record access. Next time Betsy is up for re-election she will not get my vote period. She has shown her true colors

From TM1/20/19

Eagle your web site sucks, just like you.