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From: R. Patriot 6/3/2020
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to keep our country great. 
I thought that I should mention that I have a good supply of hydroxychloroquine and if anyone wants to buy some, I can give them a really good deal. 
I am so thankful that our President is a man of God when he stands in front of a church holding the Bible in his hands one knows that Jesus is in his heart. 
Our President let the world know that he does not approve of lawlessness.  He has the legal authority given to him by the Insurrection Act of 1807 to call out the Military and declare Martial law. If State Governors are timid to take care of problems.  White Militias and Patriot groups are Constitutionally allowed by our 2nd Amendment. The President mentioned that two days ago. On the other hand Commie groups like ANTIFA are Terrorist organizations and need to be treated as such. I am sure that George Soros is financing these groups in his attempt to destroy our freedoms.
We have Wackos here in St. Helens that will be doing a Black Lives Matter march. I might just arm myself and make sure that they don’t vandalize any of our buildings our my rentals. Arming myself is my 2nd Amendment right and our President was good enough to remind us. 
I am ever thankful for the moral leadership that our President is providing in protecting us from terrorists spreading the Chinese and making sure that we have law and order. Our President, Vice President and our Attorney General are men of God who know what is best for America. I continue to pray for their safety and for the welfare of our nation.
God bless America.

Smokey 6/3/20
Keeping busy, working and continuing with my school work. Lots of things are going on.  Thanks to my neighbors and Suzanne, our garden is growing and there will soon be food for our neighbors and the food bank. 
Suzanne is fuming over President Trump. She said “He had his people use tear gas and rubber bullet's on peaceful protestors. He forced people out of a church so that he could have a photo op holding a Bible in front of the Church.” 
Suzanne continued: “He is playing to white supremacists Nazi’s and is encouraging hate and fear.”
Suzanne seemed to think that in his speech in front of the church he spoke about people using their 2nd Amendment rights.  Is he trying to encourage people to shoot people? Is he encouraging vigilantes? It almost appears that he is saying “You can shoot people, because I am your President and I have your back.””
Suzanne is very upset and was particularly worried when she read that they are moving Troops into Washington D.C. and the troops are being issued bayonets. Can the President think that he can declare Martial Law?
Suzanne says that she will be joining a peaceful march in St. Helens today.  It starts at 5 and we will march from Lewis and Clark School to the Gazebo behind the Court House.  She is herd that there are some right wingers that have threatened the marchers. She heard that they will be bringing their guns. She and I both believe that black lives matter and we believe that it is good to see white people marching to support black issues.  Black issues are human issues and should be important to all of us.  I think that I  may even march with her today. 

From: R. Patriot 5/27/2020
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to keep our country great. 
I got my shipment of hydroxychloroquine yesterday and I am taking it so I won’t get that deadly Chinese virus.  I am a caring person and I have enough of these capsules in my possession to share with others. If you need help, I can sell you some.  Believe me, I can offer you a really good deal. 
I am having some problems with some of my renters not paying me. There is no excuse, but for some reason, I can’t get the Sheriff’s department to help me evict them. I paid good money to help elect our Sheriff and I am not happy when I see that I am not getting my money’s worth. 
Demorats are complaining about our President’s Twitter messages to the nation. These messages give us strength and hope. The evil Demorats want to destroy our President’s First Amendment right to free speech.  They might learn a thing or two if they would be willing to listen to him and not be so quick to criticize. 
I both worry and pray for our President.  He is trying really hard to help America and all we hear about are lies criticizing him. Even his most innocent statements are being used against him. How he can stand all the false ridicule and abuse is beyond me. I am worried about mail-in ballots and voter fraud. The Demorats want all of the states to do what we have done in Oregon and Washington. We have had vote by mail in Oregon for more than 20 years.  It is so wrong, and who knows how many abuses have occurred.  I hope that God fearing people have good sense to reject “mail-in and be willing to wait in lines like they have always done.  You should have faith. Take your hydroxychloroquine, gather with others to vote and stop worrying about that Chinese virus threat.  
God Bless America. 

From: Smokey 5/27/2020
We have some of our burger restaurants open. No open salad bars and we are practicing carful social distancing. I still think that drive through is lots safer and certainly lots easier for everyone.
I am still doing my “College distance learning”. Sometimes it is hard to find time for my school work, but I seem to be managing.   Ny garden seems to be doing real well and my hope is that we will soon have fresh veggies for ourselves, our neighbors and the food bank. 
Suzanne will often read President Trump’s tweets and she is furious with the one that he posted the other day.  He accused MSNBC host Joe Scarborough of having a hand in the murder of Lori Klausutis.  Her grieving husband protested this and asked Twitter to remove Trump’s tweet.  They refused, but they did say that they will start fact checking people in the future.  Suzanne says that they should not let anyone, much less  the President continue to post blatant and damaging lies. People have died and are dying because of Trump’s irresponsible tweets. 
Both Suzanne and I wonder how long our country will be able to last as long as this man is still allowed to remain in power.  We both hope that we will have an opportunity in November to replace this irresponsible and dangerous man with someone who again cares about America and the American people.

From: R. Patriot 5/19/2020
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to keep our country great. 
I believe that President Trump is probably, next to Lincoln & Reagan, one of the greatest Presidents our country has ever known.  He is standing strong and leading us through dark times to a place of enlightenment. I was impressed with him speaking up and letting everyone know about hydroxychloroquine.  I tried to get some from my druggist, but she refused to sell any to me without a prescription.  I was finally able to purchase some on the internet.  I bought as large a quantity of this miracle drug aas they would sell to me.  I should get my first shipment in a couple of days.  I may (for a small profit) be able to sell a small amount of it to others.  Once I have this medicine, I won’t have to worry about wearing masks, gloves, or any of the silly distancing nonsense that the Demorats are trying to talk us into doing.  We all know that what they are doing is just a distraction to draw people’s attention away from the crimes of Obama.  They want you to focus on the lies that they are telling about our President.  We don’t need those Demorats shoving their un American  socialism down our throats.  We are the greatest republic in the world and we don’t want our country being turned into socialist hell holes like Venezuela, Russia or Norway. 
We need to protect our country, the land of the free and the brave. We don’t need no stink’n masks.
God bless America.  

From: Smokey 5/19/20
Can’t stay home.  I have to work with our local restaurants to get them ready for opening up again to walk-ins.  We will have to eliminate seats and provide social distancing.  We will put “social distancing marks” on the floor for people who want to walk in instead of drive-through.  We also need to establish a hostess station to guide walk-in customers.  Drive through was lots easier.
Suzanne heard the President say that he regularly takes the anti-malarial medicine; hydroxycholoroquine.  She says that his announcement was totally irresponsible.  He is such a liar, it is hard to tell if he is telling the truth or if he is just making things up.  Without medical supervision, many people have died from taking this medicine.  Regardless of what the President says, no responsible physician would ever prescribe it for Covid-19.  It does not stop the virus, it does not protect you from it or stop infection.  It can give you heart problems, headaches, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, mood changes, skin rash, itching, hair loss, delusions and may even kill you. 
Susanne told me: “as of today, we have 1,532,889 Americans infected with Coronavirus.  91,094 have died.  36,000,000 people have lost their jobs.  The Republicans who haven’t hesitated to spend billions bailing out large corporations, CEO’s and Trump buddies, seem to think (according to Mitch McConnell) that there is no urgency in passing another COVID-19 relief bill.”
Both Suzanne and I wonder what will it take to convince Republicans that the needs of the American people are urgent needs?

From: R. Patriot 4/29/2020
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to keep our country great. 
I just raised the new “Trump 2020” flag on my flag pole.  I have my American flag, my Stars and Bars, and now my Trump flag. Damn but I feel good about being patriotic. It is a damn shame that Demorats and the fake news seem to hate our President.  A man who loves his country and wants to help us all.  
I was pleased to get my stimulus money last week, just one more reminder that our President is looking out for all Americans. 
I am disgusted at some of the free loaders who are renting from me. They had the nerve to say that they don’t have enough money for rent.  They seem to have enough money for beer and junk food and if I have my way, they will not get away with stiffing me for rent money that they owe. 
I do support our Presidents effort to help open our nation up again, and get our economy going. We need to open our restaurants, our schools, our barber shops, Tattoo and beauty parlors. I think that this lockdown is stupid and is hurting our economy big time.  The only good thing about it is that I can now hire white people cheaper than I can Mexicans to do my yard work. Of course, you can’t threaten white people with deportation, so I guess I will still keep on using wet backs to do dirty jobs for me. 
God bless America.

From: Smokey 4/29/20
Another week and no new Covid–19 cases in Columbia County.  I think that sheltering in place is working. 
Things are not all that good elsewhere in the country. Suzanne tells me that Coronavirus outbreaks in meat packing plants are worse than anyone thought.  Worse yet, Under Trump’s leadership, the CDC is not insisting on protections and plants that have already closed are now being re-opened.  Smithfield, Tyson, and JBS meat packing plants, don’t have to obey CDC guidelines.  The President said in an Executive order that meat packing is an “essential industry” and that CDC guidelines are “Just guidelines” and are not laws.  Not only are the people in these packing plants becoming sick, they are also infecting people in surrounding counties.  People are being put at risk so as not to hinder corporate profits. The number of Coronavirus case in the USA have exceeded one million, more than any country in the world.  
Both Susan and I agree that the health of people should be much more important than corporate profits. 
Suzanne is in good health and our little baby seems to be flourishing.  Earth Mother lent us one of her milking goats to help supplement Suzanne’s own milk. Earth Mother says that goat milk is actually better than commercial baby formula. This maybe so, but Suzanne seems to think that her own milk is best for our baby.  I agree. 

From: R. Patriot 4/22/2020
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to keep our country great.
I got my voters pamphlet in the mail.  I have my own recommendations.  
For President: Donald Trump.  He has done a great job in leading our nation and has continued to make sure that America is number one, be it in word trade, our economy or Coronavirus response. He is a strong supporter of US Industry and Corporations. He supports thing that help make America great.  
I have had a hard time choosing who I should vote for Senator. I am suspicious of people with Hispanic names like Romero, and I am wondering if Schwartz is of the Jewish persuasion (not that I am prejudiced. My lawyers are all Jews).  I think Joe Rae Perkins is my choice. She will give that Commie Merkley a good run for the money. 
For US Rep, I would chose Chris Christensen; I like his name, a white Christian name.  I think that he has a good opportunity to beat that Catholic Bonamici.  
On a local level, for County Commissioner, I had a hard choice to make between Mayo and Stockwell.  I think I will support Stockwell, because her company was really great in replacing my Hummer’s windshield. 
Casy Garrett is running against our gay Commissioner. It would be good to see a straight man who will work for our industries instead of some gay environmentalist. 
I am looking forward to exercise my right as a Republican voter and I hope the rest of you will do so as well.
God Bless America. 

From: Smokey 4/22/20
Our new baby is doing great.  We have filled out all the necessary legal paperwork and our baby has a name… “Rose”.   She has a rosy face and a rosy disposition. We both think that the name fits. 
Little Sean helped us clean her up and wanted to call her “smelly,” but for some reason we didn’t think that was an appropriate name.  Our little boy told us that we should stop having kids since we now have enough to last us for quite a while. Interesting observation from a kid who won’t be eight until November. 
I have been taking college courses on line and since I am “management” I have been able to do quite a bit of my Burger Place business from home.  We seem to be doing okay with drive through take out. Sadly, we still had to let a few people go. Our hope is that we can get the government to reimburse them for their missed wages. Somehow, things are not going as easily as the President said it would be. Suzanne is upset when she discovered that Trump is bailing out foreign corporations.  She thinks that money should go to American workers and American businesses, not just to Trump’s friends. .
I keep checking with the Oregon Health Authority hospital information.  So far we have not had any new cases of Covid-19 in our county for this last week.  I think that sheltering in place is working and we are not doing dumb things that will spread this frightening virus. 
From: R. Patriot 4/16/2020
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to keep our country great.
I am always excited when I hear our President speak.  He has said that “We have passed the peak,” that we are now ready to start recovery.  Our President give us hope. It is about time for people to get out and go back to work and start worshipping again in church.  Allowing people to go out will make us all stronger.  He wants people to go out and protest silly stay at home laws. We need to protest in Salem and in Washington where our politicians are.  We will gain herd immunity.  The old and weak will perish, but the strong will prevail and, in turn, make our nation stronger. 
Our President is leading the way, people will now be able to go to golf courses. We need to liberate our state.  Our President is with us.
God bless America.

From: Smokey 4/16/2020
Missed doing my Blog last week, but I had a good reason. Suzanne had her baby  on April 3rd.  We had her at home. Earth mother, delivered the baby and a Columbia River Fire and Rescue ambulance stood by while the baby was being delivered. Our baby is a beautiful rosy little girl.  She was healthy, wet, bright red and screaming, a most beautiful sound.  Six pounds 2 ounces of marvelous baby girl.  She was so pretty, so cute and so small, I have to admit that I cried when she came.  Suzanne is doing just fine and is already back on  her feat doing stuff for both the family and the baby.  Little Sean was thrilled. I was worried that he would be upset because he was no longer our only child, but so far he hasn’t seemed to be bothered.  The only thing that is bothering him right now is not being able to go to school or play with his friends.  Suzanne said that she will be working with the School District to continue with his schooling at home. Somehow that still does not make up for him not being able to associate with his peers. We got him a computer and he is already using it to Skype to his buddies (some of them even have cell phones) He is only in Grade 2 and I still think he is too young to have his own phone. 
I am doing a lot of work at home with a company laptop.  I am also doing distance learning with the University. 
Busy time for all of us, I hope that things will soon get better soon, Suzanne says that she thinks that we will have at least another year or more before things start to turn around. 

From: R. Patriot 3/25/2020
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to keep our country great.
I am always inspired when I hear our President. I find his messages reassuring and they make me proud to be an American.  Our President has been in front when it comes to helping Americans. He just signed the trillion dollar relief package that will get our economy back on line.
He has done some much good for America, no wonder our Christian churches support him. 
In the meantime I need to make sure that I collect from my renters. I don’t care what those democrats say, about quarantines,  I need to get my rent.  If my renters don’t pay, they get evicted. I think that I, as a Christian myself, am doing them a favor. I am teaching them to be financially responsible.  These people need to be more like me.  I pulled myself up with nothing but my own hard work and a tidy sum that I inherited from my parents. These people can do so as well  In the words of Jesus, “A worker is worthy of his hire” and these rents are my due as a result of my own hard work as their land lord.
God Bless America.
From: Suzanne 4/1/20
Smokey is now going to virtual school His employer is paying for it and he is taking his classes on line.  He has been glued to the computer and is continually talking to himself.
I am due any day now and, so I really don’t feel like doing much work in the garden. Thankfully, the neighbors have been helping plant.  Our garden will be a community garden again.  No school, and there is a good chance that we may not have anymore school this year.  I really would like to help Sean to keep up.  My understanding is that the school district will be providing on line classes. The bad thing is that we have only one computer and Smokey is hogging it.  I think that Smokey may have to take a trip to COSTCO and see if he can pick another computer up.  I am concerned about him going to a business where there may be virus infected people.  We need toilet paper, we need paper goods, we need groceries, and as a pregnant mother, I really don’t want any of us getting the Novel Corona Virus.
I hope that our stores will soon have T.P. again. 
From: R. Patriot 3/25/2020
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to keep our country great.
Our President is more popular than ever.  He is letting all of America know that he is working hard to keep our country going. He is involved with a Corona Virus task force. He has encouraged Congress to pass legislation that will get our country going.  We need to help the oil industry, cruise lines, and put money into the hands of people who know how to handle money. Our President would like to see churches filled to capacity and our entire economy opened up by Easter Sunday. 
Our President called for this last Sunday to be a day of Prayer for a Coronavirus free America.  We all know that we are suffering from this virus because of our disobedience to God’s laws. We have allowed abortions, the killing of innocent babies. We have also allowed people to pursue LGBTQ life styles, and allowed people to vote Democrat. All of this is an offense to God and we are being punished for these sins. My belief in God helped me through my four marriages, and is strengthening my relationship with my live-in girlfriend.  If you care about God and love Jesus, you will pray for our President and vote Republican.  Voting for Republicans will be your vote for God and only God will be able to save America from impending condemnation and judgement. GOP stand for “God’s Own Party.”
God Bless America.
From: Suzanne 3/25/20
I am very pregnant. I really should not have done it, but I went to Market Fresh to shop.  I tried to keep my distance from people which is pretty hard to do, particularly when some of these people are your friends and neighbors.  The store seemed to have plenty of fresh vegetables , but I did not see any bleach, paper towels, or toilet paper.  I asked about it and they told me that they were well stocked last night, but people came in early and bought it all up. I noticed that the checkers were being very careful to wipe down everything with a disinfectant before people took their food off their carts. I had the feeling that this was one store that seemed to do everything right.
I heard on the radio that the President signed the Defense Production Act back into law.  This is an act first passed in 1950 that can be used to compel industry to produce necessary products.  I was hoping that he would use it to encourage local production of gloves, masks, ventilators and test kits.   It appears now that the President is reluctant to use the act.  He seems to think that it would socialize industry. I am not sure where he got that idea, since it does not socialize anything The act’s intent is to encourage industry to produce products that are in the national interest.  I hope that we can get some more action and less crazy talk from the White house.
I am due next month.  I am glad that Smokey is staying close to home, because I really feel like I need his help and support. 
From: R. Patriot 3/18/2020
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to keep our country great.
I listened to Hannerty on Fox and he said that most of the uproar about the Corona Virus is just a plot by the Democrats and the “Deep State” to try and make our President look bad.  President Trump has fooled his critics by taking quick action.  He addressed the nation and put us all at ease. We know that he is doing things right now.  He will be making test kits available and will take efforts to shore up failing businesses like Boeing and will make massive amounts of money available to the banks and to the stock market.  He has just closed the Canadian as well as the Mexican borders. We won’t have any of those socialist Canuks sneaking into the US to take advantage of our superior medical and pharmaceutical services.  He said that he will sign a recovery bill if the Democrats in our do nothing Congress ever manage to put one together. My big concern is that this bill should not give every free loader sick or family leave, and it really should have an Abortion ban built into it.
No matter how desperate we are, we need to first take care of our corporations.  They made America what it is today, and what is good for them is good for us as well. Let us not be fooled by Commie Socialist ideas.  We don’t want America to look like Cuba or Venezuela. We are Americans, by God! We need to make sure that any legislation maintains our Conservative values.  I Trust in our President, and I know that America is in good hands.
God Bless America
From Smokey: 3/18/2020
My schooling has been curtailed.  I will still be able to complete some of my classes on line, but because of the Corona Virus, we will no longer be attending classes.  The Burger place corporate is encouraging me to work from home… our local restaurant has closed it’s dining room and will only service drive throughs.  Suzanne is getting closer and closer to her time. I am happy that she will be having Earth Mother as her midwife.  Earth Mother is a RPN and will be inContact with our doctor while she is doing Suzanne’s home delivery. 
One thing that I have been able to do, that Suzanne shouldn’t be doing, is till up our garden.  Suzanne and our neighbors will be doing some more of the work.  I really don’t want her doing too much, and with me staying home, I will be able to take more time in working on it.
Suzanne says that there are only two companies in the USA that are allowed to produce Corona Virus test kits; Quest Labs, and Labtech.  Suzanne thinks that President Trump owns stock in both of these companies.  Restaurants, schools are being closed. Community service organizations no longer can meet and there are lots of people who are now out of work. 
I believe that we are witnessing something as bad (or worse) than the Great Depression.
I certainly hope that we will be able to get our country back on its feet, but right now, all I see is something that will hurt America (as well as the rest of the world.). 
I hope that we will all be able to survive.
From: R. Patriot 3/11/2020
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to keep our country great.  Our President is continually working hard for our nation.  Our President has brilliant plans to defeat the Corona virus by providing Americans with an economic stimulus. His solution is both brilliant and simple, he will cut payroll taxes.  No more payroll taxes until the Corona Virus outbreak is defeated. This will provide a big lift to the stock market and our economy. I see this as a wonderful solution to a world wide epidemic.
Our President is always thinking and his plans are to keep our nation going. He has had a difficult time because Obama left him with an awful mess. People need to understand that we are facing an even more dangerous event than a disease outbreak. The worse thing that could befall our nation would be if Joe Biden were allowed to steal the Presidency.  We don’t need a corrupt man like Biden as President. Biden is a man who used his office of Vice President, to get his son a job in the Ukraine. We don’t need a man like him putting their friends and family into Government. Biden is crooked enough to arrange for the Ukrainians to interfere with our elections. The Democrats have violated the integrity of our election system. They have arranged for people to disguise themselves so that they can vote multiple times. The Democrats have arranged for election help from foreign governments. We don’t need corrupt commie Democrats destroying our Democracy. They will take away our guns, Socialize our government, promote their global warming hoax and have mixed race immigrants breed with our daughters.
It is imperative that we give our President a second term in office.  Our Democracy and our Christianity is at stake. 
God bless America.
From: Suzanne 3/11/20
Because of the Covid 19 news, I am a bit concerned about attending meetings with groups of people. I know that I shouldn't be, I am due in April and I don’t want anything to happen to my future baby. Smokey is in school and can’t help as much as he used to.  I am still volunteering for the food bank, Community meals and Planned Parenthood;  I am not sure how long I will be able to continue. My back hurts, my feet ache, and I feel like I have a 50 pound hot water bottle in my belly. We must have fed close to 80 people at last Tuesday’s Community meals. I don’t want to drop out, because a lot of people depend on the hot meals that we are able to provide. 
I see that Joe Biden is now the front runner.  I would have really liked to see Bernie, because of his program of Medicare for all and his proposal to eliminate student debt. Big money is backing Biden.  They like him because he is more moderate than Bernie. The Oligarchs and big corporations are not in love with someone like Bernie who will cut into their profits with his proposals.
I am not turned off by Biden, and I will certainly vote and support him if he wins the nomination.  My big hope is that he will chose a woman to run with him. It is about time that we have a woman as our chief executive. I am just sorry that other people don’t see things this way.  I believe that anyone would be better than Trump. We need a President who will care about the people of this country and will see people as more important than corporate profits.
We have 8 months until November. I hope that we will get someone who will kick the orange Mussolini’s butt.
From: R. Patriot 3/4/2020
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to keep our country great.
I am always pleased to see and listen to our President.  He let us know that all this nonsense about a Corona virus epidemic is part of a Democrat hoax to try and make our President look bad.
Vice President Pence is now in charge of disease response and I can’t think of a better person to do this job. He did a marvelous job in Indiana, when he handled the HIV epidemic and he will do a marvelous job here as well. 
Thank God that we have a great wall and aggressive border patrol people to keep diseased people from polluting our nation.
Our nation has the best health care system in the world. Our for profit system is better than anything that the Socialists can dream up.  Those Commies in Canada, Denmark, Norway and France can’t hold a candle to our great American Doctors. If you have money, they can cure you. If you can’t afford to get medicine, then you probably don’t deserve medical care.  Can you believe it, that Commie Democrats think that we should immunize illegals who are jailed by our Border Patrol?  I know that we don’t need a bunch of unwashed unwanted illegals clamoring for free medicine when we have good Americans who are willing to pay for what they get. 
Everything that our nation does is the best. We have the best laws, the best medicine, the best government, and best President in all of the world
God bless America.
From Suzanne 3/4/20
As an expectant mother I am very concerned about my health.  I just heard on the news that 9 people in the state of Washington have died of the Covid 19 Coronavirus. They have identified three cases here in Oregon. One of which is an Oswego School District Employee and an other, a man works at the Umatilla Indian Casino.  I keep on wondering how many others have been infected by these people. The media is telling people who are sick to get tested for the virus.  Our local public health district is unable to test anyone.  I heard that there are 1500 test kits in our state, but you must be really sick and have advanced symptoms before you can get yourself tested. The sad thing is that this virus spreads while people have only mild symptoms and by the time you get sick enough to qualify for testing, you may, very well, have infected others.
Our State, our country is not set up to handle a major outbreak of any sort of disease.  One man who just returned from China had himself tested. He was found to be okay, but they sent him a bill of over $3000 for the test.  How many people can afford $3,000 or more?  The high cost of medicine and an unwillingness to act, by health facilities unless you are very sick.   both prove to be dangerous disincentives.   Trump’s taking away health care money to build his wall, cutting the CDC, and his ignoring recommendations from health care professionals help no one.  The President is downsizing our nation’s National Security staff, staff that address global health issues like pandemics. We no longer have a responsible Cabinet secretary to handle pandemics. The USA is no longer equipped to actively respond to a major disese outbreak.
Trump when he put Vice President Pence in charge of a  Health care task force does not make me, or anyone else I know, feel secure.  Pence botched health care problems in Indiana, he created more problems than he solved. I don’t think his telling us “Wash your hands and Pray” to be all that helpful.
It is a shame that we no longer have any responsible adults in charge of our government.
From: R. Patriot 2/26/2020
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to keep our country great.
I am ever thankful for our President and all the things that he is doing for better government. He is making us safer by protecting us from, Commies, Democrats and immigrant children. The Democrats are on the run, since our President is making sure that only loyal Americans are now being appointed to government positions.  They are vetted on the basis of what party they have made financial contributions to, if they have supported the Presidency and if they are loyal to our President.  He does not want Democrats, low income people and deep state civil servants. His solution to insure good government is that if a worker isn’t loyal, they will be fired. He is proving to do what he promised during his election. He is draining the swamp.
I am also pleased to see our President making sure that the Corona virus is under control. He is doing this by taking military and National Health Service Money to build the wall and keep disease carriers out of our country. Right now most of the Corona virus scare is something that the Demorats have created to scare people and to hurt the stock market. They want to take our attention away from our President’s many accomplishments.  We need to believe the words of our President and not the ramblings of doctors from the CDC.
We are so fortunate to have a President who is a great manager, a wonderful leader and a fine Christian.
God Bless America.
From: Suzanne 2/26/20
Not only am I volunteering for (and contributing to) Planned Parenthood, I am a recipient of their services.  I have been going to them for pre-natal exams, advice and material. They are wonderful to me. I really appreciate all the help that they provide for both new and potential mothers.
Sean came home from school yesterday all upset that he was going to get attacked by the Chinese Corona Virus.
I told him that there have been no cases yet of anyone getting the virus here in the USA. The viruses' proper name is Covid 19 and it is spread just like the common cold. I said that if you wash frequently, and stay in good health, you shouldn’t get it.  More people die of influenzas than any other disease.  I also told him that the people who are most likely to die of it would be old people, not kids.  I am not sure if I really reassured him or not, but I have seen him washing his hands and face more than usual.
I am not sure that the President is helping matters.  He cut funds for the Center for Disease Control, He has diverted money for medical care to finance his border wall. he cut funds by 80% to help prevent and fight diseases in third world countries, and appears to be more interested in how the virus scare is effecting the stock market, than it will most of the people.
I hope that we will eventually get a President who will really care about Americans.
From: R. Patriot 2/19/2020
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to keep our country great.
I am pleased to see our President standing up for his friends. Roger Stone, Mike Flynn and our President were all victims of a political witch hunt, so were all the white collar criminals that he just pardoned. Our President is a true leader and one worth following.  He has put his friends and his family in positions of importance.  He has put them there because he wants people who he can trust.  He rewards his friends and he punishes his enemies.  Not only enemies, but even families of enemies.  He has stopped illegal immigration by taking measures that may seem unpleasant, but are effective. 
Like our President, I believe that you need to take positive action, be it putting kids in cages, or even using deadly force if necessary to protect our border police from the brown wave that is trying to invade our nation.
If we want America to be strong, then we too, need to be strong. The Demorats are nothing but slimy snow flakes.  They want to take a gentel approach and if we do that, then these filthy invaders will over run us.
I am thankful to God, that our President is there defending us and working for us so that we can have a better brighter America.
Good Bless America.
From: Suzanne 2/19/20
President Trump says that the USA is the greatest country in the world,  I would like to think that he is right, but he isn’t. We may be one of the richest in the world, but we certainly aren’t all that great. We haven’t been ever since Ronald Reagan introduced trickle down and started the war against government, labor and the middle class. The USA is 7th in literacy 27th in math, 22nd in science, 49th in life expectancy, 178th in infant mortality, 3rd in median household income. The only things that we lead the world in is the cost of medical care, number of people behind bars and defense spending.  We spend more than the next 26 countries combined on defense. 25 of these countries are allies.
I love my country and I love the people in it, but It pains me to see a man in charge who continually lies to us. The sad thing is that our leaders seem to answer to  big money instead of the American people. We may have a great economy, but we also have more people, working people, who are homeless than we had during our grand parents ‘Great Depression.”
My advice is for people to get active in their communities. People need to work for change . People need to serve on boards, commissions, and their political party.  Personally, I plan to vote solid blue and I would like to convince others to do so as well.
From: R. Patriot 2/12/2020
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to keep our country great.  I was invigorated by the best State of the Union ever given to America.  My President made me feel good, feel loved and feel proud to be an American. We have come so far in the last three years.  I also listened to his New Hampshire speech.  I leaned from our President that taxpayers aren’t paying for the wall. It is being paid by redemption from illegal aliens. I guess that means that the Mexicans are really paying for the wall.
I am glad that all of this impeachment nonsense is over with. There was never any evidence, there was never any crimes committed. No reason for documents or additional witnesses. Just like the President said, “Just read the transcript.” I haven’t actually read it, but I have talked to a lot of people who have and they all say that it proves his innocence.  It’s a shame that the Demorats and corporate media aren’t able to do any critical thinking for themselves. It should be clear to everyone that our President was innocent and that his enemies attempts to impeach him was nothing but a joke. Good thing that our President has a thick skin and is not bothered by unwarranted criticisms.  You can see by our President’s demeanor that he is as innocent as the driven snow. There should be a law against criticizing our President.  If there isn’t one already I hope that our Congress passes one.  Our President makes us all feel proud and safe.  God bless America.
From: Suzanne 2/12/20
Smokey’s Semester is over and he has a short time before classes start again.  He has been really busy and made a point of servicing our farm tractor and fixing some things in our barn. I thought that he would write his own blog this time, but he seemed to think that I should continue to fill in for him. 
I reluctantly  listened to the President’s State of the Union.  He lied about job creation, he said hateful things about immigrants and implied that they were sources of criminal activity, He Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh, a foul mouthed cigar smoking racist, who now has lung cancer.  Limbaugh also used to be a big tobacco lobby spokes person,  He gave a Scholarship to a fancy prep school to a little girl who was already attending a Private School and implied that she was attending a “Failing Government School.” He lied that he lowered drug prices, and supported people with preexisting conditions, when, in truth he is activly doing just the opposite.  He pretended that he cared about America and about the American people… None of it was true. The President’s state of the Union address was a cacophony of lies,  false emotions and reality show theatrics.  The sad thing is that many people really believed every lying word that he said.
I hope that our nation, and our Democracy survives.  I hope that we will soon see a Democrat in office and that we can undo the damage that this evil man has done to our nation.
God help us if he is elected again.
From: R. Patriot 2/05/2020
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to keep our country great.
I love the first of the month. That is the time that rents start trickling in. I like the money, what I don’t like is paying taxes or being stuck with repairs. I do what I have to do to get by. My main goal is to make as much as I can and spend as little as possible. I am a good businessman and making money is good business.
I am pleased to see the end of this impeachment nonsense. The Demorats grandstanding  makes me sick. Shifty Adam Schiff is trying to make a name for himself. He is nothing but a big bag of wind. They had nothing on our President and their pathetic attempts to impeach a man who has done so much for America is sickening.  They have nothing, they have no first hand witnesses and even if they did have proof or witnesses, what they accused our President of was certainly not worthy of impeachment. Their pathetic attempt will go down in history as an expensive waste of time and money
I was inspired yesterday by our President’s address to the nation. He awarded one of America’s most beloved men, Rush Limbaugh, with the Presidential metal of Freedom.   He warned us about all the crimes that criminal aliens are committing and how sanctuary cities are allowing these things to happen.  He said that he hopes that we pass laws to protect our valiant ICE officers and stop government from providing illegal aliens with free health care. He also said that he will help put an end to late term abortions, AIDES, and opiate addiction.
I am thankful that we have a man like our President. He is the man that God promised us and he is fulfilling prophesy.  God Bless America.
From: Suzanne 2/5/2020
Smokey is busing with his work and school and so I am filling in for him.  I have been quite busy with my art work and my volunteering. I still volunteer for Community meals, Food Bank and Planned Parenthood. Not to mention, my trying to keep up with our house work, looking after Sean, who is in 2nd Grade, and taking care of my own nutrition. I am due in April, and I feel like I am carrying a heavy sack in my belly.  One good thing is that Earth Mother has been coming over and helping with housework and some of my other choirs and Little Sean has surprisingly been a big help to me as well.  He is only eight, but he picks up after himself, loads the dishwasher and even helps with the laundry. He is so good ,and helpful, I sort of wonder if there is something wrong with him. He loves our big one eyed Rottweiler, Cyclops. The two of them seem to spend lots of time together.
I have been listening to the impeachment hearings on PBS.  It is really sad, to see that they won’t allow witnesses, or new evidence. Even without any of this it should be very clear that the President tried to extort a foreign government into doing him personal political favors and he showed contempt of Congress by ignoring subpoenas for documents and preventing Executive branch personal from testifying. They say he has a mean temper, and will seek revenge on anyone that crosses him.  Somehow, I don’t think that he is the sort of person that I would want to run my country.  Sadly, he is running it and we will have to wait until the November election to see if we can make a change. 
I do hope that we can make a change. Without change, our American Democracy may not survive.