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From: R. Patriot 4/6/21
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. Liberals need to understand that they are not trying to suppress the vote in Georgia. They are concerned about the integrity of their elections and don’t want people to be bribed with bottles of water or food. I agree with Senator McConnel when he wants Corporations to stay out of Georgia politics. A corporation’s political activity should be restricted to just giving politicians money.
The FBI arrested a number of people who took a peaceful stroll through the people’s house. Almost all of these people were law abiding citizens, not insurrectionists. These people, to quote President Trump,  actually hugged and even kissed some of the law enforcement people. The troublemakers were BLM and ANTIFA infiltrators. My feeling is that they have been arresting the wrong people. 
The liberals want to control all of our lives. They are insisting that we give up our freedoms and want to force everyone to wear dangerous face masks.  People can get really sick from wearing face masks, you don’t know what sort of infections will develop if you continue to wear them. They want us to wear dangerous masks and be given dangerous vaccines with microchips in them.  They want to allow George Soros, the Deep State, and child molesting Demorats want to completely control us.  Covid 19 is a hoax and you are an idiot to allow yourself to be taken in by them.  Don’t become vaccinated, Don’t wear a mask and don’t  allow our children to be kidnapped. Don’t allow America to be another Venezuela, Cuba or Canada.  Stand up for what is right
God Bless America. 

From: Smokey 4/13/21
Got home from work today and was pleased to see that Suzanne and some of the neighbors got our garden all plowed and ready to plant. It’s great having something that we can share with others and it is even better having good friends and neighbors who are willing to help out. 
Suzanne says that the George Floyd Trial is still on. She was in Market Fresh today. She was wearing a BLM button. A lady walked over and loudly declared “All lives matter!”
Suzanne agreed and then tried to explain what was really meant by “black lives matter.”  She mentioned police abuse and harassment of black people. She tried to explain that American citizens should not be singled out because of the color of their skin. She mentioned that an unusually large number of colored and minority citizens are killed by police shootings.
The lady let Suzanne know, in no uncertain terms, that people are usually shot because they are bad guys. She also told Suzanne that she supported the police and that BLM was something that drug loving liberals have dreamed up so that they would have an excuse to defund people in authority. 
Suzanne nicely told the lady that she was mistaken. Suzanne said that she thought she recognized that lady. It was that nasty fat guys  girl friend. 
Suzanne told me that it was a shame that lots of other people share her opinion and don’t understand that black and minority people are often disproportionately targeted for minor infractions of the law. George Floyd and Daunte Wright are just two of around 2000 minorities that have been killed by police in the last four years.  Suzanne says that it is true that all lives matter, but what really matters is that people of color are far more at risk of losing their lives then people who are white.

From: R. Patriot 4/6/21
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. Liberals only see things one way and don’t ever think about the consequences of their actions. The Covid recovery act was a big mistake. It will cost us plenty and most of the money will be going to many non covid related projects. Biden is just trying to buy votes and this is another form of bread and circuses. Someone is going to have to pay the bill and that will be the American people.  Biden and his Demorat friends plan to raise our taxes to pay for their Covid bill and they are also planning a very expensive “infrastructure bill.”  Talk about pork, expensive pork. They say that they plan to do this by raising corporate taxes.  That means that we all will pay because corporations will just pass the cost of this tax on to what ever they produce. 
Liberals and colored's are all upset with the new voting laws in Georgia. Those silly people need to understand that those laws were passed to provide the people of Georgia with election security, and to make sure that the Demorats don’t, again, steal our next election. MLB made a big error when they pulled out of Atlanta to play their All Star game. Their pulling out won’t change the law and allow the Demorats to again steal our elections. The only people who will be hurt by Major League Baseball’s actions are the colored. Colored people love baseball almost as much as they love watermelon and fried chicken.  Atlanta is a colored city while the people in Denver are mostly white. Governor Brian Kemp also pointed out that the election laws in Colorado are lots more restrictive than the ones in Georgia. I am not sure what they are trying to prove other then proving that liberals are hypocritical idiots.  We need more voting laws, like the laws passed in Georgia. Only with these laws will we be able to insure election integrity and elect more Republicans to office.  The GOP stand for Gods own party.  
Remember that folks. 
God bless America. 

From: Smokey 4/6/21
Suzanne had dinner ready for me. Sort of silly to feed me since I work for a fast food franchise, but she told me this morning that she was planning to feed me when I get home. We were celebrating our family and our being together. We had a great meal. 
Suzanne isn’t a vegan, but she doesn’t care too much for red meat. (burgers & beef). She said that she has a problem eating anything with a face, but she will make exceptions. She like sea food and we sometimes buy chicken.  We have chickens who lay eggs. When they stop laying we don’t eat them, they all have names and if they die, it will be of old age.
I see that the Baseball All Stars Game will be played in Denver Colorado instead of Atlanta. Both Suzanne and I think that Major League Baseball’s move is a good one. They are making a great statement in support of our Democracy and Voting rights.  Georgia’s Governor, Brian Kemp, made a false statement when he said that Colorado’s voting laws are more restrictive than Georgia’s. Suzanne says that Counties in Colorado mail in ballots to all registered voters. Unlike Georgia, you also do not see long lines of people waiting hours to vote; Colorado residents have the option to mail their ballots in.  She nicely told me that Governor Brian Kemp is “full of prunes.” 
She says that she would like to see a new voting rights act passed by Congress that would prevent political abuse of our right to vote.  She seems doubtful that we will pass one this year because of the Republican veto threat. She said that the Republicans want to protect dark money doners and want to restrict minority voting.  She said that Congress has passed the massive Covid relief bill without the vote of a single Republican, yet there are still some Republican politicians who are trying to take credit for it anyway, even thought they voted against it.  I got to admit that their actions are really disgustingly hypocritical. 

From: R. Patriot 3/30/21
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. Months ago Donald Trump commented on George Floyd’s death and said that it was a “Terrible Thing”  He also said that he hoped that the protests would be peaceful. 
Police have a very difficult job and when faced with a dangerous criminal that is crazed on meth like George Floyd, police will do what they are trained to do. Darek Chauvin did what he was trained to do and subdued a crazed meth freak. 
The Commies from BLM and Antifa will make a big deal out of this, but the cops were just trying to do their jobs. President Trump wanted them to be peaceful, but you can see the fake outrage and all those signs that Soros funded Antifa people are holding. They are trying their best to convict an honest policeman who was just trying to do his job. 
Just remember that these people are being paid by evil child eating demon worshiping monsters. Clinton’s, Obamas, and Jews are all part of an evil cabal. A cabal that practices an evil child molesting religion in basements beneath pizza parlors all over the country.  I would not be surprised if there isn’t some of these people here in St. Helens. I wonder if Dominos is really built on a concrete slab or is there more to that building then appears on the surface. 
Something to think about folks.  If you are a good Christian (like my live in girl friend and I) then you too should be concerned about the evil people who are trying to ruin our country.  Beware and pray’’ for our country. God bless America. 

From: Smokey 3/30/21
Just got home from work. Brought home some of the new “incredible burgers”. They are the burgers that have no animal protein in them.  Also brought home some extra thick shakes, fries and Coleslaw. For desert we had some deep fat fried pies. Everyone seemed happy except Suzanne who seemed to think that (other then the incredible burgers) our meals were not too healthy.  Healthy or not, everything was really tasty. 
Suzanne got a chance to listen to the Darek Chauvin trial on TV.  She is really upset. She said that it was really strange that George Floyd did not offer any resistance and they had him cuffed and in their car. They then pulled him out of their car, pushed him down on the ground and Darek Chauvin kneeled on his neck for 9 minutes. He did this while the other cops just stood around and watched him kill the man. Suzanne said that this is not law enforcement officers are trained to do. A Fire Dept. Medic tried to help Floyd and the police refused to let her administer first aid. Fortunately people were able to take videos. Some people called 9-1-1 to report to the police what the police were actually doing to George Floyd.
Suzanne says that this is nothing but blatant racism and first degree murder.  She and I both hope that the court will not rule in favor of these bad cops. 

From: R. Patriot 3/24/21
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. 
Some people have asked what the R. in my name stands for… My first name is Richard. “R” as in Republican Not   “D” as in Dick or Demorats. I don’t like being called a Dick and for some reason people seem to want to call me that. 
I too, am saddened by the mass shootings in Colorado and Georgia. But people are crazy when they try and blame this insanity on guns. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. It was God, guts and guns that made America the great country that we have now. Our rights to own guns are guaranteed in our Constitution's 2nd Amendment. We need a return to the Traditional family, heterosexual marriage between men and women, not men and men. A good family guarantees good mental heath and good mental health guarantees that we don’t have crazies running around shooting people. 
A good solution to gun violence is that we have more good guys with guns.  If those massage parlor girls had holsters in their bikini's or if most of the Boulder supermarket workers as well as shoppers were armed, it would have prevented a good deal of bloodshed. The same applies to school shootings, if teachers and trusted older kids have guns, we would not have school shootings.  There is nothing safer than a good guy with a gun.  The bleeding heart liberals are looking for excuses to take our guns away from us.  In that case only the bad guys would have guns and all good people would be defenseless.
We need to keep our guns, it is in both the Constitution and the Bible.  The Demorats want to take away our God as well as our guns.  Armed Americans won’t let this happen.
God bless America.  

From: Smokey 3/24/21
Suzanne says that she understands why people may want a gun for home defense, or if they live on a farm to protect their livestock or even if they like hunting, but she does not see any excuse for a person owning an assault rifle. Assault weapons are not made for hunting, they are made for one purpose, that is to kill or wound other people. 
Our hearts go out to the people who were killed in Boulder Colorado and in Atlanta Georgia. People were killed by both shooters with weapons of war.  Both shooters had mental problems and should not have been able to buy a weapon. Eighteen people have lost their lives this week, families have been shattered and the shooters really have no rational idea on why they killed innocents. I agree with Suzanne, we do need gun laws. Laws to protect innocent people from the insane. These people were killed by assault type weapons. The crazy guy in Atlanta bought his weapon the same day that he used it to kill 8 people.  No background checks, no waiting periods needed. All he needed was the money to pay for a weapon to kill. 
Both Suzanne and I hope that the government passes gun reform legislation. We don’t need anymore school shootings, supermarket shootings or more insane people possessing death dealing weapons. 
Good people need to be protected from armed crazies.

From: R. Patriot 3/16/21
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. The Demorats are hard at work trying to shove Socialism down the throats of the American People. They are spending over one and a half trillion dollars and they are planning to pay for it by taxing the hardest working people in the US, the wealthy. They will hang a debt around the necks of all us, our children, our grand children and our great grand children. They have no shame, all they want is to do is take away our freedoms and control our lives. 
My understanding is that along with the Covid vaccine they will be injecting microchips, that will track every place that we travel.  I have sent messages out on my I-phone to all that I know to warn them of this vaccine danger. 
We also oppose HR 1.  It is a blatant unconstitutional power grab by the Demorats. If it passes, it will turn America into a “one party system.’  The Demorats will have no opposition and like North Korea and Soviet Russia, we will have only the commie Democrat Party.  If we want free, fair and open elections then we all need to oppose HR1.  With this bill our right to privacy will disappear and they will force candidates to disclose the names of contributors. This will strike a terrible blow against election integrity and will make it very difficult for super Pac’s to exist. It will force people to use mail in ballots and we all know how bad these types of ballots are and worst of all it will put an end to voter I.D. laws and allow illegals and dead people to vote.  
If you care for our Democracy you will trust the GOP and oppose vaccine microchips and HR1.
God Bless America.

From: Smokey 3/16/21
My understanding is that regular school will be starting up in the near future. Sean can’t wait to go back.  Both Suzanne and I really appreciate his staying at home, because (unlike most normal kids) he has been a big help around the house and has been wonderful in helping take care of his little sister. 
I was able to get vaccinated, because I am in the food service industry, but Suzanne will still have to wait another month or so.  I want to see all of my family vaccinated and protected, so that we can once again start to get things back to normal. 
Suzanne (who took political science in College) seems really hopeful that the Senate will approve HR1, the “For the People Act of 2021” If it is passed it will end partisan gerrymandering, modernize voter registration, enhance voting access, increase oversight and accountability to enforce existing laws, strengthen lobbying rules and transparency, strengthen conflict of interest rules, secure our voting system, identify dark money contributors, and make our voting system more secure.  The Republicans in the Senate seem opposed to all of these things. It would appear that the Republicans are opposed to everyone being allowed to vote. They seem to think that minorities vote mostly Democratic and they want to make it as hard as possible for poor people and minorities to get to the polls.  Suzanne says that HR1 will make our system fairer for people who are poor, disadvantaged or minorities.  Suzanne says that HR1 won’t pass the Senate, unless the Senate is able to change its Filibuster rules. Presently all a Senator has to do is telephone that they are opposed to a bill and this constitutes a filibuster. They don’t even have to be present. If the rules are changed, the senate will require the person making the filibuster to be present and have to physically speak at length to sustain their opposition. 
Susanne hopes that the Democrats will be successful and strike a blow for Democracy by passing this House Bill.  

From: R. Patriot 3/9/21
God bless America and our real President Donald Trump. Biden hasn’t been in six weeks and he and the Demorats are banning children’s books by Dr. Suess. Soon, you will not be able to buy anything for a child that hasn’t been proven to be “Politically Correct. Biden is such a hypocrite, he crossed state lines to his home in Delaware, despite CDC warnings, just to watch the Superbowl. President Biden mocked the troops when he mocked our new Space Force. He also supports defunding our police. Biden took the job of President, just so that he could promote his son’s book and launder money for him.  He is bringing scandal to the White House. Even his dog looks “Un-Presidential” Some people say that Right now he is spending money on a bogus Covid relief bill. This bill has very little to do with Covid and is just a way of buying votes. This is so different then the money that we got from President Trump.  I believe that President Trump shared money from his own fortune with the people of the United States. That is the reason why his name was on the checks that were sent to people. 

President Trump is the only President in US History that has refused to take a salary. President Trump lost a great deal of his personal fortune so that he could help the people of America.  Biden is just staring out, but I believe that he will soon become the worst President in American history. We don’t need a Commie far left Socialist Democrat. What we need is a Business man like Donald Trump. 

If you send money, be sure to send it directly to Donald Trump, that way we can be sure that the money will be used to make America Great again and not go to the RNC which is filled with RINOs.
I am looking forward to the next election, one that the Democrats wont be able to steal. I plan to cast my next Presidential vote for Donald Trump.  I hope you will as well.
God bless America.

From: Smokey 3/09/21
The Covid numbers seem to be continuing to go down and people are now getting vaccinated. I hope that we can soon be able to offer indoor dining without a whole lot of restrictions.  I know that we will be able to hire more people back as workers if our business continues to improve. 
Our little boy is looking forward to going back to school and Suzanne is also looking forward to our having our computer available for our use… (although Sean now has a computer of his own) lots of people can’t afford to have more than one computer or can afford to have high speed Internet. 

The new stimulus package has been approved.  Approved, without a single Republican vote.  Suzanne mentioned to me that the last round of stimulus checks all had Donald Trump’s name printed on them.  She said that many uninformed people actually thought that Donald Trump used his own money to pay for these checks.  Another lie (according to Suzanne) is that Donald Trump lost money while President.  The true story is that he did lose money this last year because of the pandemic.  His recreational properties lost business big time. His hotels and golf courses lost money. Trump would like people to think that he willingly lost money because he donated to America. This is far from the truth. Come to think of it, most of the things that Trump says are far from the truth. It is nice to finally have a President who is not a serial liar; a President that really thinks that helping the American people should take priority over opportunities for personal wealth. 

From: R. Patriot 3/2/21
God bless America and our President Donald Trump. I am sorry that my live-in girl friend and I weren’t able to go to the CPAC convention in Orlando. I listened to speakers and they were awe inspiring. I was pleased to see a golden statue of our President there. I was pleased because I am sure that makes people from the Democrat party angry. They are angry because they can see that Donald Trump is loved and trusted by us all. He is the leader of our party and we are so very pleased to follow him.  I still find it hard to think that a far left hack like Biden could have honestly won this election.  Everyone that I know voted for Donald Trump. I really do believe that this election was stolen from us. I have talked to some people and they seem to think that Donald Trump will still be leading a military Coup (similar to the one in Myanmar). If that is the case he may still be inaugurated on March 4th. My understanding is that this is the real inauguration date, but that Commie Socialist Roosevelt changed it so that Herbert Hoover could not take credit or have the time to pull the USA out of the Great Depression. 
If this does not happen, we will be forced to wait 4 more years before we can again elect President Trump to the Presidency.  
I hope and pray that our nation will be able to last that long, under Biden’s far left government.
We will continue to pray for a miracle. 
God Bless America.

From: Smokey 3/2/21
Suzanne has been busy helping our Sean with his distance learning classes.  Our little Rosie is walking and seems to be trying to talk up a storm.  I don’t understand what she is saying, but Sean has been good at translating.  I hope that Sean can start school soon. Right now they are discussing hybrid education combining online classes with once or twice a week at school with a teacher. I hope that once we all get our Covid vaccine shots that life can again return back to normal. 
Suzanne, in a moment of weakness, listened to Trump and some of the people speaking at CPAC.  She was appalled by all their lies and half truths. She said that they are still implying that the election was “stolen” away from them. They implied that dead people voted and that the Democrats were involved with “vote harvesting”.  There was no proof to back up this claim, although they did catch 4 people in Pennsylvania tying to mail in ballots from dead people. Three of the four in Pennsylvania were for Trump. They did have one incident of “vote harvesting” in North Caroline. This was also done by a GOP member running for Congress. All of these people were caught. This was probably the most closely watched, heavily monitored election in US history.  
It is a shame that all that Trump and the GOP can do is tell lies, and spout unproven conspiracy theories. With all the lies that they are spreading, I wonder if there is such a thing as an honest GOP politician?   

From: R. Patriot 2/23/21
God bless America and our President Donald Trump.
 Nancy Pelosi now looks like a real fool. She tried two impeachments and both of her attempts ended in failure. Biden may have solen the election, but he has done nothing of value for anyone. He is opening up the borders so that our jobs can be stolen by criminals and rapists and he has a “relief bill” that is so expensive, that if it passes it will break the back of our nation and force the USA into bankruptcy
The Demorats are planning to pay for their disastrous bill with new taxes. Tax and spend, that is what the Democrat party always has done. We have a lot of far left Commie Socialist liberals who want everything to be free. They are overturning all of the protections for business that President Trump instituted.  The Demorats want more regulations to shackle business. They have a green new deal that will ban the eating of meat, cow farts and air travel.  Biden’s far left Commie friends want open borders, free college, free health care, free transportation, a guaranteed wage, even if you don’t work. They want to turn America into a welfare state, where everyone depends upon the government and yet they still want to defund the police. They want to defend our police and take away our guns. Rome fell because they bought people off with bread and circuses and that is what the Biden wants to do for America. 
Americans you need to do something. You need to stand up and be heard. We need to all fly our Trump flags, keep our guns and stand ready to defend what is left of our America. 
God bless America.

From: Smokey 2-23-21
Our restaurants are all opening up again.  We still can’t fill to capacity but we need to make sure that people and groups are socially distant. I am hoping that our servers will soon be able to qualify for the Corona vaccine.  They are front line workers and need to be protected. 
It is a shame that bad things are happening in Texas. Suzanne says that their problems are the fault of their government and a corporate disinformation campaign.  During the late 1990’s and early 2000 Enron pushed for deregulation of the power industry. They said that it would mean greater choices and lower prices. 
Neither statement was true.  Prior to de-regulation, power companies were allowed monopolies, but only on the condition that they would obey federal regulations with profits limited to a certain percent that could be paid as a dividend to their stockholders. Anything over a certain percentage of profits had to be reinvested in the company or used to lower rates.  All of this changed once the industry was “de-regulated.”  Now profits could be used for executive salaries and paying stockholders. The less the company spends on infrastructure, means more dollars can be directed to investors. Texas went one step further.  They decoupled from the National power grid. They did this so that they would not be under interstate commerce laws. This way the would be able to avoid government regulations. Regulations that would have required winterization and backup systems. 
This brilliant thinking on the part of Texans have left millions of people without power, deaths, and horrendously high power bills. Their Governor lied and said that the power failure was the result of windmills and other alternative energy sources failing.  Strange that they did not have this problem in Montana or the Dakotas or other areas with extreme cold and alternative energy. 
Sometimes Suzanne and I wonder if Texas is really part of the USA> 
From: R. Patriot 2/17/21
God bless America. I am still flying my Trump Flag, and wearing my MAGA hat.  I can’t believe all the hatred that the Damocrat party has tried to generate against President Trump.  You would think that after two abortive impeachments that they would have learned their lesson and decided to leave him alone. The President was totally exonerated both times, yet the Demorats are still generating hatred toward him.  No President in history has ever received so much hate and derision. Sad, all our President wanted to do was make America Great again. He wanted to help our nation be strong and succeed. He loves America and he loves God. He values human life so much that he wanted to protect unborn babies from being aborted.  More babies have been killed each year then the Holocaust. This has brought tears to the eyes of our President.  He cares. The Rev. Franklin Graham says that Donald Trump has been blessed by God and is an outstanding Christian.  I do believe him, and like many a saint, Donald Trump is being persecuted. Satan and the Democrat party hate him. They hate him because he has tried so hard to do God’s work. 
I will forever be grateful to our President for my tax break and his help in getting the IRS off my back.  I hope that it is not over yet, and I still expect something great to happen in March and Donald Trump will again be our President.  
God Bless America

From: Smokey 2/17/20
Suzanne says that, since I am in an essential job that I should be able to receive a Covid-19 shot. She may be right, but she still would not qualify. I would not feel right getting one without her, but she is very insistent. 
Our burger places have been very fortunate.  We have restaurants in Clark, Columbia, Multnomah, Clackamas, Marion and Washington counties.  We have had only few of our people get sick. We are very careful, because we sanitize and re-sanitize everything, wash our hands frequently, and wear surgical masks. We take personal protection and social distancing very seriously. 
Suzanne says that the state of Georgia plans to try and prosecute Donald Trump for trying to interfere with the election. The Georgia Secretary of State is putting together a Grand Jury to investigate the situation.  Some Republicans in the Georgia legislature are upset by this and want to change the laws to prevent them from going after a former President. Suzanne says that this is not very likely, since they will have to change their state Constitution and that will take a two-thirds vote of the Georgia State legislature. 
I may be wrong, but I would hope that Donald Trump will not be allowed to get away with all of the criminal things that he has done.  He needs to account for all of his evil actions. 

From: R. Patriot 2/10/21
God bless America. I am still flying my Trump flag in front of my house.  I think that I will buy a Trump 2024 flag. I still believe that this election was stolen and that Donald Trump is the duly elected President of the United States. My live-in girl friend and I will work hard to make sure that our next election won’t be stolen.  My fear is that if Biden is allowed free reign that this will be the end of America as we know it and we will soon become a Socialist Communist welfare state. He is already blowing trillions of dollars for fake Chinese virus relief.  Our President has done so much for America, he has appointed judges, he has built a wall, he instituted a wise immigration policy, he pulled us out of the disastrous Iran nuclear accord and the phony Paris climate accord. He protected young male college athletes from rape accusations, he allowed for school choice by providing vouchers to private schools. He made sure that boys and girl’s bathrooms, will be used by boys and girls and not transexual rapists. He put a stop to censoring conservative speech on college campuses, he streamlined environmental reviews for major Construction projects. He worked hard to get rid of phony consumer protections and his trade policy and tariffs, were the envy of the world.
Our President has worked so hard for American and now the Commie Demorats are using phony political reasons to impeach him.  
Donald Trump should be sitting in the White House, and everyone knows it.  He won by a landslide, but the crooked Demorats stole the election from him. There will soon be a reckoning and people will soon be sorry that they have elected those tax and spend Commie Demorats. 
I will continue to fly my Trump flag in front of my house to let people know that I am standing with our President.   God Bless America.

From: Smokey 2/10/21
I helped my neighbor travel to OHSU In Scappoose so that she could get her Covid Virus Vaccination.  She is over 80 and her husband died a while back. She wasn’t able to get a ride and she needed help.  I was happy to help her out.  I am glad that my work allows me enough freedom to do things for other people.  I hope that Suzanne and I will be able to get vaccinated soon. 
Suzanne has been listening to the impeachment hearings.  Suzanne said that Trump’s defense lawyers are idiots. They told stories and made false claims about what the Constitution allows. They made no real Constitutional arguments, or had had anything to back up their claims. It would appear that they were just going through the motions, because they felt that the Senate would acquit Trump. She said that the Democratic Impeachment managers had all of their stuff together and were able to lay out a real case against the former President. Suzanne said that Trump was still President when the House Impeached him and now he is being tried in the Senate. It will be very hard to get a 2/3rds majority vote. Suzanne seems to think that most of the Republicans really don’t believe in our American system of government. It would be that they are out for themselves, and feel that they need the votes from Trump’s fanatical base. God help our nation if they would have been successful in their coup attempt.  Our system may not be perfect, but it is still one of the best in the world.  I hope that the Democrats do something to prevent a “wannabe” tyrant from doing what Trump has tried to do. 

From: R. Patriot 1/2/21
God bless America. I still hope that we can put President Trump back into the White House. I am still flying my Trump 2020 flag and my Stars and Bars with a snake saying “Don’t Tread on me.” in front of my house.  The Demorats are screaming for President Trump’s blood. The corrupt media has neglected to let everyone know that the people who did violence, damaged, and defecated in the halls of Congress were not the people from the Trump rally. These people were infiltrators from BLM and ANTIFA.  They were undercover thugs who never have hesitated to do violence and many are being paid by George Soros and other left wing agitators.  Most of the people that were in the Stop the Steal group were just peacefully exercising their free speech rights, unlike the BLM thugs that continually broke windows and threw fire bombs in Portland and Seattle. 
You still need to understand that people were angry that the election was stolen from them and that the corrupt Demorats made the “steal” possible. Most people don’t know about the Satan worshiping baby killing cannibals that engineered the steal, nor will our corrupt corporate media print this information, but it is the truth. Evil cabals arranged for people to vote numerous times, they paid illegal immigrants to vote, and they hacked voting machines all over the United states.  Corrupt judges and corrupt courts would not listen to the appeals of our people and insisted that Senile Joe won the election. 
No wonder people are angry. It is a righteous anger and we know that we are on the side of God and that our opposition is Satanically evil.  
I will still hope and I will still fly my Trump flags in solidarity of the good God fearing people that make up President Trump’s Base.
God bless America.  

From: Smokey 2-2-21
Spent the day checking on our burger restaurants. Had to make sure that they are meeting our companies’ quality standards.  I rather enjoyed myself and was very pleased to talk to both our various mangers and the people that work in our restaurants. 
Suzanne was watching TV this evening. They were honoring Brian Sicknick. He was the police officer that was killed during Trump’s failed coup attempt.  This was an attempt to overturn the election and change our government from a Democracy into something that Trump would like.  Brian was killed while trying to protect the lives of our Congress men and women. My understanding is that he was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher. The Capitol police were under manned, and were not provided with bullet proof vests, helmets, shields or riot gear. In addition to Brian, 140 Capitol police were injured 15 very seriously. One may lose his eye, and others may never be able to work again. 
This was an armed insurrection. It was a direct attack on our system of government by a murderous mob. It is believed that this insurrection was well planned days in advance. Memos were sent in advance to the National Guard saying that they must have special permission from Trumps Secretary of Defense before they could be called up. On January 6th, Trump’s secretary would not answer his phone. Panic buttons were disabled and other police agencies were slow to respond. 
Trump’s insurrectionists had built a well designed working gallows and they made it very clear that they were planning to hang the Vice President, the Speaker of the House and a list of other Congressional members. 
Protecting the men and women of our Congress was not an easy job and the insurrectionists were spurred on by President Trump’s rhetoric. They were given the idea that they had a blank check to do what ever they wanted to do.    
I hope that these people will be called to task. This act of treason is not something that should be shrugged off with a “let bygones be bygones.” All the people involved, including high level instigators in our government should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

From: R. Patriot 1/26/21
God bless America. I see some very dark days ahead for America. Donald Trump was a real President and by rights should have been serving his 2nd term. The election was stolen by crooked Demorats and RINO’s (Republicans in Name only). They did not want Donald Trump, because he was a man of the people.  He spoke plainly and we all knew that he was one of us.  The Demorats are busy firing all the good people that Donald Trump has hired.  They are spitefully and illegally cancelling many of President Trump’s Executive orders and have put an end to our President’s great southern border wall. Soon, we will see a flood of diseased dark skinned rapists and murderers invading our peaceful cities. Our jobs will be in peril and our economy will fail.  
President trump gave our nation the best economy in its history. He promoted freedom of religion by putting evangelical Christians into positions of power.  His trade policy was the envy of nations. He gave us more judges then any President in history. He gave us a stronger military, lower taxes, and educational freedom.  He saved the lives of millions of unborn babies and executed federal criminals that needed to be killed.  He stopped radical and expensive environmental programs like the Paris Accord, and gave our water ways on private lands back to the people who owned the lands. He stopped rules that would have hindered farmers, loggers, coal producers and developers. He protected boys and girls bathrooms, locker rooms and sports teams from transgender rapists.  He put an end to ISIS, stood up to Iran, and built a road to peace with North Korea.  He did all of this and still had time for a wise Covid-19 response. His response was right and measured he encouraged states to have the freedom to bid on materials, PPE and vaccines.  President Trump has done so much, much more than any other President in history to make America great. 
President Trump has done so much for America that I shudder when I think of what will happen to us now that the crazy commie Demorats are in office.  We need to pray for America and pray that we will be able to weather the next four years of Socialism, extreme environmental regulations and extreme government. 
God Bless America. 

From: Smokey 1/26/21
I am pleased to be back in town working from home.  So far I have not had to replace anyone this week and none of our people who work at any of our Burger restaurants have gotten sick.  I hope this good streak continues.  I am still going to classes via Zoom and I have lots of reading and home work. Corporate is paying me to do this and I don’t want to disappoint anyone. 
Suzanne has not been doing much in the way of art. She started a few projects, but little Rosie has other ideas and is demanding attention from her mom.  Right now, most of the galleries are closed to the public, although they still are able to do some private showings. 
Suzanne is really pleased with some of our President’s executive orders.  We are once again joining the World Health Organization, entering into the Paris climate accord, allowing trans people to serve in the military, stopping the Keystone Pipeline and putting a pause in leases for the Alaska Wildlife Refuge and stopping construction on a useless border wall.  The President has done this and lots more, just in his first few days.  President Biden will work hard to rebuild, our national infrastructure, our schools, environment and our health care system. He will be doing more than just lip service in rebuilding our country. The only thing that will stop us is the thought that Mitch McConnel and the Republicans will be trying to filibuster any and all attempts to help America and the American people.  Suzanne says that the Democrats want to make sure that Americans have protections from racial hatred and sex discrimination.  Trump seemed to have encouraged White supremacist groups and racial hatred. Hopefully Biden and the Democrats will make this sort of thing against the law. 
Both Suzanne and I think that we will be starting 2021 with a new hope and a new heart. We both believe that from now on, things will be getting better and better for all of us. 

From: R. Patriot 1/19/21
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who, in the past, have worked so hard to make and keep our country great.  Today was our President’s last day.  I received an invitation to his going away party. It asked me to bring five guests with me.  I wish I could hop on a plane and get there on time, but no such luck.  
Our President will be pardoning 100 or more people today. This is his last chance to pardon people who have worked for the Administration or have contributed to him. Our President needs to act quickly, since the Demorats will be conducting a witch hunt as soon as Biden and Harris start office.  Think about corruption, Biden and his son are as corrupt as they come. Biden has tried to blame the Russian Scandals on President Trump, but he and his son were up to their neck with Russians and Ukrainians. Biden was part of all the Obama Scandals as well as Benghazi. If I am to believe my Q believing brethren he is a child molester and is as evil as any Clinton. 
Biden and crew will try and communize America. They will take away our guns so that we will no longer be able to defend ourselves from the government. God help us. I hope we survive the next 4 years.  God bless America. 

From: Smokey 1/19/20
I am looking forward to the inauguration. It will be nice to see our country, once again, have a mature adult in charge instead of a corrupt, unstable man-child. 
My understanding that the President plans to pardon 100 people today. Suzanne says that he should not be able to do this since the Constitutions in Article II, Section 2 states “...he shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in cases of Impeachment.” Didn’t the House pass Articles of Impeachment? Isn’t Donald Trump now Impeached for a 2nd time?  Still Suzanne says that Donald Trump does not care what the Constitution says and has always liked law suits and appealing things to the courts.  In this case, many of the judges (including the Supreme Court) are Republican appointed judges. I am curious to see how this will work out today.  I am also on edge and in fear for what Trump’s minions might be planning for Biden and Harris’s inauguration. My hope it will be peaceful and it is my hope that we will start to again, have a stable future. 

From: R. Patriot 1/12/21
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who, in the past, have worked so hard to make and keep our country great. The Demorats are at it, along with some RINO Congress people. They are working to impeach our President. 
Our President has done nothing wrong. He is being blamed for encouraging the First Amendment gathering in Washington D.C. All of these people hade legitimate concerns. We all know that the election was stolen from us and we want Justice. How can Congress certify illegal, stolen votes? We know that they were illegal and stolen because our President says they are and Fox News has repeated this information from our President. The election was rigged. Hackers, penetrated our voting machines, fake mail in ballots were used, and dead people have been found voting. We have 100’s of Affidavits proving election fraud and we could prove it all in court, if only judges would listen to us instead of throwing out our claims. Even the Supreme court has turned on our President. It is not fair, it was a cheat and no wonder the people in Washington are mad. I was in Salem last week and we tried to make our voices heard. We even broke a few windows and still no one really listened to us. Donald Trump should be President instead of that far left Socialist Biden. I understand that we will have another Free Speech, First Amendment gathering in Washington DC sometime before the 20th. This may be the last time that Patriots will have a chance to make their voices heard. Once Biden is in, they will take our guns and turn American into a Commie police state.  We will become another Cuba, Venezuela or Denmark.  We can’t allow this to happen. If you love our country, you should be willing to stand up for your rights and the rights of all American patriots.
God bless America. 

From: Smokey 1/12/20
Both Suzanne and I were shaken by what happened last Wednesday. Never did we ever dream that our nation could come under attack by an angry mob of Americans.  We never thought that people could become so divided that they would attempt an obvert act of insurrection.  As far as we know 5 people died. A Capitol policeman was beaten to death by a crazed mob. That policeman was there to protect and serve. 
A story that I heard (which may or may not be true) is that a crazed insurrectionist climbed up and tried to either steal or deface a picture; he slipped and accidently shocked himself with a taser that he had attached to his belt.  He managed to shock himself in the balls. He fell and died of a heart attack.  
Regardless of what ever happened, it is a shame that anyone died. They died because they believed a lie that President Trump spread; a lie that has been disproven multiple times. The lie was that the election was stolen.  These people were told that the election was a sham, a disgrace, a rigged election. People were told that they could no longer believe in our system of government, they were told that they could no longer trust that our votes were counted correctly. Georgia counted their votes three times with no errors. The AP fact checker has shown that voter fraud was almost non existent.  Trump’s law suits were in the 100’s and judges (many of whom were Trump appointments) threw them out of court. The lawsuits had no proof to back up any of their wild claims of fraud.
Suzanne says that Trump needs to pay for his lies, for the distrust that he created in the American system. He also needs to pay for the damage and the deaths caused by the insurrection that he incited. Trump needs to be called into account for his evil actions. 

From: R. Patriot 1/5/21
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who, in the past, have worked so hard to make and keep our country great. 
I am still flying my Trump 2020 flag in front of my house. I hope other patriots do this as well. We need to stand tall and support our President and make sure that that he will again be able be certified as President.  Everyone knows that there was massive voter fraud during this last election and our prayer is that our President will be able to reclaim the votes that were stolen from him.  I expect to see on January 6th, patriots staging “wild” protests in Washington D.C.  
My hope is that they will be wild enough that President Trump will be able to invoke the Insurrection Act, call out the Army and Stop the Electoral College from casting stolen votes. He will throw the election to the states and let the State Legislators decide who will be our President. If things work out the way they should we should expect to see Donald Trump as our President for at least 4 or more years. 
If Socialists like Biden and Harris are elected, they will try and turn free America into a Commie “People’s State.”  We will lose our guns and we will lose our freedoms. They will, with their fake vaccine inject GPS trackers into people. They will know where we are and what we are doing 24/7. God help us if this Happens. 
Patriots we all need to keep our guns and stay alert. We must be on guard and be sure that this does not happen. Pray for our country. God bless America. 

From: Smokey 1/5/21
I hope that I don’t have to fill in for anyone soon at work, but people get sick and we need to replace them. I can do most any required restaurant job, so I am a valuable resource.  I am also a good manager and I am proud to say that I have managed to make our corporation money that they might not make otherwise. Profits have been up for us, despite our having to deal with the pandemic.
My little girl is now 9 months old and she is starting to make sounds and use words… At least she did until she decided that she would try and walk. Our little one has given herself some owies from her experiments in walking.  Our boy, Sean will be nine in August.  He has been a godsend, and is a really big help with our little girl.  Susanne and I have joked about it, because he is so good, we often wonder if he is really our child. 
Susanne is worried about the election in Georgia. It is 50-50, and if the Republicans win, it can mean the end of any Democratic recovery plans.  Mitch McConnell will refuse to allow anything that the Democratic House passes to be voted on by the Senate.  Our hopes and prayers are with the people in Georgia. We need to see both of the two Democrats elected.  This race is a nail biter. Donald Trump is demanding that Vice President Pence not certify any electors for Biden.  Suzanne says that he may try to do it, but it is not legal. Still it is not legal for Trump to demand that Secretaries of State create votes to change an election either. 
Suzanne is also worried that Trump appears to be asking right wing groups to merge on Washington and create disturbances. She said that is what Hitler did with the SA, his brownshirts. 
I really hate to see our nation go Fascist.  Let us all hope there will not be a Trump/Republican coup to overturn our Democracy. 

From: R. Patriot 12/29/20
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who, in the past, have worked so hard to make and keep our country great. 
Our hearts are filled with hope, Rep Louis Gohmert from Texas is suing Mike Pence, as President of the Senate. His suit demands that on January 6th, that Vice President Pence refuse the Electoral College vote and again elect Donald Trump as President.  Louis Gohmert is a scholar and a very smart Congressman. I am sure that he knows what he is doing.  He will be asking a Federal Judge to instruct Mike Pence to exercise his sole and exclusive authority to choose which Electors count on January 6th.  Gohmert’s claim says” “Under the 12th Amendment, Defendant Pence alone has the exclusive authority and sole discretion… where that are competing slates of electors… to determine  which electors’ votes...shall be counted.”  We continue to hold out hope that there is a Federal judge who understands that the fraud that stole this election will mean the end of our republic. This suit will insure that the Vice-President will only accept electors legitimately and legally elected.
It’s there in the Contrition and, by God, Donald Trump should again be President. 
It Gohmert does not succeed there will be hell to pay. The Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, Boogalu Bois, American Nazis and other patriot groups will make their concerns known and American will be again plunged into another civil war. Blood will be shed for our nation and patriotic Americans will not quietly let this election fraud continue.  If you love America, you will stand up and support President Trump.  
God bless America. 

From: Smokey 12/29/20
The year’s almost over and I hope that things start to get better.  I am thankful that my family is still healthy, but we have had some illnesses at work. We had an employee with Covid and he is still being treated for his illness. I temporarily had had to fill in for him.  We have hired someone to take his place. I am happy that we do medical insurance for our people. 
Lots of fast food restaurants don’t take care of their people, but our small company does. 
Suzanne tells me that we should be getting Covid relief checks in the near future.  I hope that this will be so. My guess is that it will be $600 a person. There are four of us so $2400 would help us quite a bit.  With our little Rosie taking up a lot of our time, Suzanne hasn’t had the time to spend doing her art. The Gallery, that has her artwork, does not have near the number of customers that they used to have and we have seen very little when it comes to art sales.  President Trump says that he would like everyone to get $2000 per person.  I would like to see this as well. The Democratic house jumped on this, but Suzanne says that she doubts that Mitch McConnel will even allow the Senate an opportunity to vote on this bill.  I hope that the Democrats will be able to do something so that the Senate will be allowed to vote. 
Suzann told me that President Trump hasn’t done much lately, other than play golf. He has not cooperated with the Biden Transition team and has been trying to encourage right wing hate groups to bring their guns and make a lot of noise on January 6th.  That is the day the Electoral College votes need to be certified. 
Suzanne thinks that if they create damage and make lots of noise, it will give the President a chance to utilize the “Insurrection Act” and call out the military and possibly nullify the election.  I am not a Constitutional Scholar, but I would think with Biden getting over 7 million more votes than Trump there should be no doubt about who won this election. 
I am holding my breath and my prayer is that on January 20th we will have a peaceful transition and a new President in the Whitehouse. 

From: R. Patriot 12/15/20
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who, in the past, have worked so hard to make and keep our country great. The minions from the Deep state are working against our President. People have been bought off, people who we would ordinarily respect, like Brian Kemp, the Governor of Georgia, and the people who our President has appointed to our nation’s highest court, have turned against him. Court after court case in 18 states have been swayed to undermine our President. 
Our nation has just experienced massive voter fraud on a scale never seen before, dead people are voting and no one will do a thing about it.  Are people blind? Illegal Mexicans, black migrants, brown thugs, as well as dead people are voting.  George Soros is paying people to vote and many people are doing (just as Rev. Pat Robertson says) voting many times. Rev Robertson says that Venezuela and George Soros have stolen this election.  According to Rev Robertson  there are servers in foreign nations that have fed thousands and thousands of false votes into our voting machines, just to defeat our President.  
Franklin Graham, Paula White and Tony Perkins all believe that this election was “Rigged” These are people of God and they know that God is on the side of President Trump, who unlike Biden, is not a Godless Catholic, but a man of God. 
I believe if President Trump is no longer allowed to remain, our nation will be plunged into a bloody civil war. Patriots will rise up and reclaim what is rightfully theirs.  It is not just a Presidential election, our nation is at stake, it is our final opportunity to keep America white and Christian. God help us all if Biden and Harris are allowed to pursue their Satanic Socialist agenda.  Rise up Christians and Defend what is left of our Nation. 
God Bless America.  

From: Smokey 12/22/20
Smokey is over in Hillsboro today, trying to solve some problems with one of the companies Restaurants. They had an outbreak there and he is filling in. In the meantime he asked me (Suzanne) to write today’s blog.

President Trump has no intention of going quietly and is now tweeting sedition.  According to the Nation magazine, it is on a daily basis. Disgraced General Mike Flynn, Sidney Powell and Steve Bannon have all been feeding his ego and he seems convinced that even though he can no longer legally challenge his election, he may be able to declare martial law and declare his election invalid.  He does not believe that Joe Biden won this election, even though Joe received over 7 million more votes than him.  Mike Flynn wants Trump to send the military into swing states and force new 
elections.  Trump is not swayed by the fact that the Electoral College has already met and confirmed Biden’s win. 

Trump is encouraging violence prone groups like the Proud Boys  and other conspiracists to use “Whatever means necessary, to rise up and overturn this election” and stop what has always been a peaceful Constitutional process.  

Newsweek did find a man in Pennsylvania who tried to cast a ballot for his dead mother. My guess is that he may do jail time for it.  The funny thing is this person’s illegal ballot was for Trump. 

I find Donald Trump and his friends efforts frightening. These people are Fascists, con artists and