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Text Box: From: R. Patriot 12/6/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. I just saw the news and my jaw dropped. I could not believe that an athletic star like Herschel Walker would lose to some trouble making tin horn Georgia preacher. 
Walker would be a great Senator and almost half the people of his state realized it. I know that he has had several concussions and sometimes can get confused, but non of this should really matter. Walker has made a pledge to us that he will vote for what or whoever our party bosses tell him. He would have opposed abortion, gays, child molesters, immigrants, teaching Critical Race Theory in Schools, creeping progressivism, communism and people who want to take away or besmirch our American heritage. He should have been elected as a Senator so that he, like Donald Trump, could support our Christian principles.
I know in my heart that If the people in Georgia had nominated a white man, our GOP would not have lost. 
America was founded by white Christians and our nation will not endure if white Christians are replaced with people who are neither white or Christian.
The GOP is the party of God, guns, and evangelical Christianity. American Guts won the World Wars, Korea and Vietnam. Our faith and straight white Christian men have helped keep America pure and strong. 
Let us pray that we will remain pure and strong.
God bless America. 

From: Suzanne 12/6/22
Smokey is still busy with school, he is either gone or at home studying. The kids have been good but Rosie wants her “Me time” with Dad. I can’t blame her, I like “Me time” with Dad as well. 
I have managed to get some paintings completed. I don’t know how other artists are, but I will often work on more than one painting at a time.  Most of my paintings are right out of my imagination and they have been used as illustration in fantasy magazines. 
I was pleased to see Reverend Warnock win Georgia. It was not an easy battle. Rev. Warnock is a religious man, a happily married man and a man without any scandals.  He has proved himself as a Senator and has worked hard for the people that he represents. He is a man of proven moral values.  
Warnock’s opponent, Herschel Walker is quite different. Walker has fathered illegitimate children, has beat his former wife, and often cheated on her.   He suffers from multiple personality disorder and seems to have a number of other mental problems. He would rather talk about werewolves and vampires than real political issues. He says that he likes Hitler and hates gays and jews.  It is doubtful that he would be capable of represent his state or do anything meaningful to help the people of Georgia.  He was hand picked by Donald Trump, who few would consider a moral person. Strange that they both belong to a political party brags that they are the party of morality and Christian family values. 
Somehow, I find it hard to believe that these people can be thought to represent anything good, when all they can do is preach fear and hatred. They are such hypocrites and yet people in Georgia and elsewhere still believe their nonsense. 

From: R. Patriot 11/30/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. 
I believe that Donald Trump is right when he says that Mitch McConnell is a loser.  Mitch made an announcement that almost sounded like a condemnation of our President.  Donald Trump has a right to invite anyone he wants to his home for thanksgiving dinner. It should be obvious to all that Donald Trump is not prejudiced. He invited a black Man to his home for Thanksgiving and his daughter has married a Jew. Not only did she marry a Jew, but she converted to Judaism. 
They like to tell lies about President Trump, but the truth is that he is what he appears to be; a man of many talents, and a man that holds no prejudices. Donald Trump employs many black people as servants; he has Hispanic gardeners and maids and has Jewish accountants and lawyers. There is no way that you can call him prejudiced. Donald Trump is a God loving Christian and has often said that he has done nothing in his life that he regrets, and has not done anything that would require forgiveness. 
I sincerely believe that Donald Trump has been chosen by God to lead our nation, and perhaps, even the world to a new era of greatness.
I thank God for Donald Trump.  God bless America. 

From: Suzanne 11/30/22
I am still writing Smokey’s blog.  I did volunteer for a few hours at the food bank and I did a bit of art work; but not very much. I thought, with the weather, that I would stay indoors and paint. Little Rosie seems to think that I need to spend more time with her, so I did not get much accomplished. 
I am pleased to see that Stewart Rhodes, the leader of the Oath Keepers and one other Oath Keeper member has been convicted of “Seditious Conspiracy.” This will be the first time in my life time that anyone has been convicted of this offense. 
In the meantime, the real instigators are still running free.  
Donald Trump had thanks giving dinner with both Nick Fuentes and Kanye West. Both avowed antisemites.  Fuentes is a real nut. He believes that women should be denied the right to vote.  He says that they need to stay home and have as many babies as possible. He wants to outlaw birth control as well as abortion.  He would like a dictator and he wants that dictator to be Donald Trump. 
I would hope that people will wise up and not support these hate mongers. It will be the end of our nation and what little we have left of our Democracy, if we give them complete power.  Let us all hope and pray that this will not happen.

From: R. Patriot 11/23/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. 
I am glad that we were able to elect Republicans in our County.  My big concern right now is our schools. Schools are teaching LGBTQ ideology to our children. They are teaching our kids on how to have gay sex.  I find this disgusting. They are sexualizing our children and this sort of thing should be stopped immediately. 
I have read in trustworthy publications and seen things on Fox (A trustworthy source) that sinister people like George Soros and Jewish bankers are throwing money to bribe schools to teach “Woke” history and LGBTQ ideology. 
We do not need to have our children perverted by evil sources.  Don’t they realize that gay people molest children and do other things with them that are too disgusting and despicable for me to even write down in my weekly blog. 
America is a Christian nation, founded by straight white Christians. Fairies did not start our county, it was started by manly Christian men. To teach our children other things is damnable lying blasphemy. 
I don’t want our children being converted into being gay.  I don’t want our children being taught fake “Woke” history and I don’t want to see fairy teachers teaching CRT and convincing our children to be ashamed of our glorious history. 
I am not interested in gay pride, I want to see American pride.  I want our children to love all the things that I love about this country.  It was God, guns, and American greatness that built our country.  Our kids should be raised to appreciate all of this. 
God Bless America. 

From: Suzanne 11/23/22
Once again, I am writing Smokey’s blog for him this week. 
Our son, Sean, has a small friend named Lynn who is a boy, but insists on having long hair, likes to play with dolls and likes to wear his sisters old clothes. 
His friend is nice and we like him, but it is obvious that he thinks of himself as a girl.  Sean commented to us that he thought that it was strange, but I explained to him that some children are just born in the wrong body. This does not just apply to people, but to animals as well.  It is not something that children grow out of and it is not their choice. 
Sean seems fine with it.  Lynn appears to be very bright and it would appear that he gets along well with teachers and most of the kids in his class. 
It would appear that in some states, Republicans have made it against the law for teachers to work with their students to understand that some people are created “different” 
Our children need to understand why some children are different and hopefully be understanding and non judgmental in dealing with differences. 
Racism and sexism should have no place in our Public schools. 
My fear is that if  Republicans get control of Congress, that they will sponsor legislation to remove LGBTQ rights. 
Suicide and suicidal thoughts frequently trouble different children. They are bullied and frustrated because of the way that they were born. 
Being gay is not catching, but hate is.  Hate is not something that is natural, it is something that has to be taught. 
Please let our schools remain a place where kids are free from bullying and are taught to be compassionate and understanding in dealing with each other.

From: R. Patriot 11/16/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. 
I am so pleased that Donald Trump has formally declared that he will again run for President. 

Our Country needs Donald Trump.  When he was in office, he was probably one of the best, if not the best, President this country has ever seen.  Under Donald Trump, inflation was kept in check and we had the best economy our nation has ever seen. Donald Trump did everything that he promised to do. He got us out of the disastrous Iran Nuclear deal, he cut off tourism to Commie Cuba, he pulled us out of the fake Paris Climate agreement and he suspended a number of economy killing environmental regulations. Donald Trump started building his great southern wall and also put a stop to terror babies entering the USA when he separated kids from their illegal parents. 

His immigration program saved our country from a hoard of dope fiends, rapists, terrorist spies and disease carrying illegals.  

Donald Trump’s great accomplishments are legion. He has, though his selection of right minded Court Justices, saved the lives of millions of little unborn babies. 

Donald Trump has also been able to bring God back to education.  He has encouraged the teaching of Christianity and has provided America with a fine example of how a true Christian President should act. 

He has done so much for so many.  I will always remain grateful for all that he has done for us.
My prayer is that the rest of America will support Donald Trump. I hope that he, as a candidate running for high office, will put a stop to the George Soros’s financed Democrats on going witch hunt against him.  

Stay strong Donald Trump, you are and always will be my President.
God Bless America. 

From: Smokey 11/15/22
I (his wife, Suzanne)  am temporarily taking over this blog.  Smokey is way too busy with work and school to write it.  Next week, I plan to just say “From Suzanne” instead of  “Smokey.”

Sean, our Son, is in 4th grade. He loves school, but he is looking forward to Xmas break. I am looking forward to seeing him as well, since he usually is a big help around the house. He is a really good “Big Brother” to his sister Rosie. They love each other and he is a great baby sitter. 
I have been doing some art, but most of it has been with clay and paint. 

I just read that Donald Trump has announced that he will again be a candidate for President in 2024. 
I think that he believes that if he is a political candidate, that he will be able to circumvent any judicial actions against him for his many crimes against the American people. 

Why anyone would vote for him is beyond me. He stole Classified documents from the White House, he incited an Insurrection, he helped undermine our American democracy and cast doubt on our electoral system.  He almost totally destroyed our Foreign Service and packed our court system with poorly qualified partisan hacks. He also set up a system of tariffs on imported goods, which in turn, has added to our existing inflation.  He  leaked military secrets to people who are our sworn enemies. Some of the information that he leaked resulted in the deaths and imprisonment of many of our foreign operatives. Worse, yet, his mishandling of the covid epidemic resulted in the USA having more deaths than any other country on earth.  When he was in power, he and his corrupt family robbed us all.  He used his office to enrich himself and screw the American people.
The damage that he caused to our country may take years, if ever, to repair. 

I certainly hope that people are smart enough to see that Trump is nothing but a petty fake tanned version of Mussolini and will reject his candidacy. 

We don’t need him. My fear is that if he gets back in power, we may lose what little democracy and freedom that we have left. 

From: R. Patriot 11/8/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump.  My live-in girl friend still has not completely recovered from her bout with the Chinese flu, but she is still helping me campaign for good solid MAGA candidates. 
We love Kathy Cooper who is running for County Clerk. Kathy is a College graduate and will make sure that we will again have election integrity in Columbia County.  I also like Kelly Jo Smith for County Commissioner, and Brian Stout for State Representative. I also plan to vote for Suzanne Webber for Senate and Christine Drazan for Governor. 
We all need to work hard so that we don’t elect a political party that will defund our police and turn our county into a “People’s State,” Like Cuba.  The Crazy Demorats have polluted our schools by teaching Critical Race theory, “Woke” history, and getting children to act like animals (Furries). Some schools have actually played up to these deranged children by installing litter boxes in their rest rooms.  
We have good people running as Republicans in other states as well as ours.  We have Dr. Oz who is a Nobel Prize recipient for his invention of a medicine that will cure Alzheimer's. We have Doug Mastriano who is running for Governor in Dr. Oz’s state of Pennsylvania. Doug Mastriano wants to make Christianity our National religion, and so do I.   Many of our people (including myself) have been unafraid to let people know that we are Christian Nationalists. And I am pleased to see politicians pushing to see this happen.  I will not rest until I am assured that Christianity, my Christianity, becomes our countries national religion. It is Christians that founded this country and Christians should be running it as well. God and Guns are what made our country great.  Long may she live, God bless America. 
From: Smokey 11/8/22
Smokey is still commuting back and forth from PSU and I (his wife) am still writing his blog. Smokey and I cast our ballots a few days ago. Rather than mailing them, we put them in the Court House voters Drop Box.  I really like our system of “Vote by mail.”  Both my husband and I can read the Voter’s Pamphlet and discuss the issues and the candidates with each other, and still have plenty of time to vote.  We have a great system here in Oregon and it has worked well for us for over two decades, with little or no glitches. Right now we have two candidates for County Clerk. It is supposed to be a non-partisan Office. Of the two candidates, one has over 15 years of experience supervising elections and doing the job of clerk and the other is a MAGA person and an election denier. This ladies were interviewed on our local radio station. It would appear that the MAGA person has no concept of how the office of County Clerk is run.  Smokie and I both voted for Debbie Klug, because we wanted to vote for someone who knew what they were doing and someone  who we could trust. Trump’s minions want to take over our local governments and subvert our democratic system.  They are running for City Councils, school boards, and various commissions, with the sole purpose of bringing our democratic system to a stand still. The Republicans are telling ridiculous lies. Lies about a school that has installed litter boxes for children and crazy lying advertisements for Pennsylvania's Dr. Oz receiving a Nobel Prize for his fake memory restoring serum. 
Smokey and I love our Democratic system and we find it disturbing to see people who believe Trump’s “Big lie” and want to sow the seeds of distrust in our tried and true system of government and in our vote.  
I shudder to think what will happen if they get into control of our country. If this happens, we can kiss our American system of government goodbye. 

From: R. Patriot 11/1/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. My dogs made sure that I wasn’t bothered by a mob of pesky kids this Halloween. The presence of my dogs and my opening the door of my house carrying a shot gun, had them think that maybe I wasn’t going to play their stupid game. Damn but I had fun scaring them off.
I see that “Crazy Nancy” is in the news. Some patriot decided that they had enough of her child molesting devil worshiping Demo friends and decided to take action.  There is a possibility that Paul Pelosi was just entertaining a “male guest” that night and things got a bit out of hand. There is also some evidence that they knew De Pape.  Sorry he wasn’t successful.  Elon Musk now has Twitter and he will be sure to tell Hillary Clinton that she should be paying more attention to patriotic Republicans.  We want to stop child molesting gays and be able to promote family values again.  I don’t think it is too far out of reason to believe that many of the evil Demos are part of a child molesting cabal. Children disappear all the time and never return.  I have heard from some sources that a group of  debauched Demos along with many members of the Hollywood elite indulge in orgies where they consume the flesh of children.  One can not blame patriotic Republicans from being upset with them, and on occasion take the law into their own hands. God Bless America.

From: Smokey 11/1/22
Smokey is still commuting back and forth to Portland State; consequently I (Suzanne) am still writing his blog. 
I took the kids out Trick or Treating. Smokey stayed home and dispensed treats to the kids that made there way to our place.  I stayed away from the fat guy’s house.  He had dogs chained up in front of his porch and they did not look friendly. I made costumes for both Sean and Little Rosie. Sean was a pirate and I made a little bear costume for Rosie.  I thought that the Bear costume would keep her warm.  We did not say out long, but the kids had lots of fun, and got lots of Candy. 
I was appalled, when I read about the crazy man breaking into Nancy Pelosi’s House.  I see this as Republican stochastic terrorism. The hateful violent rhetoric spewed by Tucker Carlson, Trump, his brain damaged son, Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Tayler Greene, Steve Bannon and others.  The Republicans demonized Nancy Pelosi long before the attack on her. On January 6th, the insurrectionists were hunting for her with the perceived intent to kill. Last August Kevin McCarthy stated that it would not be hard to hit Nancy Pelosi with his gavel if he becomes House Speaker. I find this sort of rhetoric disgusting and ever so wrong. The right wing has demonized Democratic leaders with lies and crazy conspiracy theories. Theories that will encourage people who are emotionally on the fringe to commit violent acts. 
This is not how Democracy is supposed to work and our nation is suffering because of it.  

From: R. Patriot 10/26/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. 
Inflation is rising and my money in the stock market is dropping.  I have lost well over $200,000 this last year. My investments in real estate and Wallstreet are what I use to survive. I am blaming my loses on Biden and his reckless spending on stupid things like his $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure package.  All he has done is increase inflation and devalue the money that I have been saving. 
I hope that this election will put Republicans in control of the House and Senate. We may not win the Senate, but there is a good chance that we can take the House.  We need a national ban on abortion and we need to revoke gay marriage. We also need to stop teachers from teaching kids gay sex.  If we get in, we will be able to control the Senate by refusal to lift the debt limit and shutting government down. We will also be able to stop government from throwing away money on foreign countries like the Ukraine. Plans are to replace all Government Medicare with Medicare Advantage plans. They will also be able to get rid of Medicade altogether.  We will review all laws and force Congress to vote on them again and again. This would also apply to Social Security.  A Republican House may  be able to slow down government excesses, and stop them from endangering corporate profits.  We don’t need government control. Government needs to take their hands off of Corporate American and listen to them. What is good for big corporations is good for the USA.  If they see large profits, the money will trickle down to all of us.  God bless America.

From: Smokey (Suzanne, his wife) 10/26/22
Smokey is still traveling back and forth from Portland State and home.  He spends the entire day there and comes home at night. He says that college is exhausting, but I suspect that he likes going back to school. His employer is paying for it and they think that he would make a good company executive.  Sadly, they are not paying our gas, and fuel prices are sky high. Smokey has been riding CC Rider in the morning to downtown Portland and then transferring to Tri-Met.  Now with CC Rider being cut, He will have to drive.  CC Rider is much cheaper than gas and the cost of parking  There are a lot of people who are blaming President Biden for the high cost of fuel. They ignore the fact that the high cost of fuel (and the ensuing inflation that it is causing) is a world wide condition.  The oil companies are enjoying record profits. The Democratic House passed HR7688, a bill to prevent the fuel industry from price gouging.  Every single Republican voted against it.  It is now up before the Senate and there are at least two Democrats that will vote with the Republicans to kill this bill. 
Few people know that in May of 2017, the Trump Administration allowed the Saudis to take 100% control of our Nation’s largest oil refinery in Port Arthur Texas.  In 2016, after a 40-year ban, the US started exporting crude oil.  In 2016, the USA was energy independent. We are now importing 1000’s of barrels of oil each day from Saudi Arabia.  We don’t need their oil, but we are importing it anyway, all the while exporting our own elsewhere. The Saudi’s are not our friends and they have refused to help us curb inflation. 
The Republicans say that the high price of oil is a result of Biden not letting them drill new wells. This is a blatant lie. The government has issued over 9000 oil and gas leases, non of which have been used by any of our benevolent oil giants. 
I hope that Smokey’s employer will be willing to help with the cost of parking as well as gas, because I can see where his returning to school (even with being paid his salary) may be a very expensive venture. 

From: R. Patriot 10/19/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. I don’t think I will have to deal with many Trick-or-treaters this year. I don’t think children should be taught to beg. Children need to learn how to work and they need to understand that there is nothing that is free.  My dogs will make it very difficult, during Halloween, for uninvited people to walk up on my porch and ring my bell. 
I  hope that you will all vote for Brian Stout for State Rep. District 31.  Brian will lead by supporting the redeeming values established by Donald Trump. He is an active evangelical Christian and his number one desire will be to vote “No” on all the issues that are proposed by our liberal legislature. 
I would hope that people will also vote for Christine Drazan. She is a woman with sound family and Republican values. She will work to save the lives of babies in our State by banning abortion and she will save us money by re-establishing the death penalty.  The death penalty will allow us to no longer have to pay for the feeding and housing of heinous criminals. 
We need to be fearful of Tina Kotek, the lesbian woman who is running against Christine. She will be throwing public money away by feeding and housing drug fiends, perverts and criminals. She will also be supporting programs that teach our children into becoming lesbians and homosexuals. She will also continue to encourage transgender men and women into using rest rooms designated for their opposite sex. 
We don’t need a lesbian woman governor who will support the spreading of queer germs to our children.  Only Christine Drazan will keep our children safe and make sure that our children are not taught to become queer. 
Vote Republican, vote for the party of God, guts and guns.
God bless America. 

From: Smokey 10/19/22
Smokey is still hitting the books. He is really serious about his College classes.  I (his wife Suzanne) am quite pleased to see him studying. In High School, he was a mediocre student and preferred having fun with his friends to studying. 
I have been listening to a number of local political debates and discussions.  I do like Tina Kotek and what she is willing to do for our state.  Her opponent is scary. It would appear that her opponent, Christine Drazan, does not believe a woman has a right to her own body. She says she believes in right to life, but wants to make it easier to get guns and at the same time wants to re-institute the death penalty.  Another person is Brian Stout. He is running for State Rep against Anthony Sorace. Stout refuses to debate Sorace, and refuses to be interviewed on the radio.  He says he wants to fight “creeping progressivism” and stop schools from teaching “Critical Race Theory;” something that no school in Oregon teaches or has ever taught.  When asked what he would do if elected, he answered “Vote No.” Sorace wants to do something about housing, children and the homeless, all Stout wants to do is “Vote NO,” vote no on everything. 
It is sad that our Oregon Republicans appear to be Trump clones. Clones that are opposed to imaginary threats and have nothing of real value to add.  What is even sadder, is that there is a good chance that many of these empty headed fools will be elected to positions of power. It is my belief that our very democracy is at stake and if we are not careful, we will lose it all. 

From: R. Patriot 10/12/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump.  There are some people who seem to think that my Republican party is corrupt. I believe that they are wrong.  Even the people who are accused of being  “corrupt” deserve my vote, because they believe the way that I believe and will vote to support my beliefs.  
I have a number of reasons why I remain a Republican. As a Republican I believe that I should be able to keep all of the money that I earn, be my earnings be from Stocks, bonds, rents, or inheritance. I am opposed to taxes.  
I believe in the power of Jesus Christ and God demands that I not associate with sinners, gays or trans people. 
God has given me wealth because he has found me worthy of it and I support other wealthy people for this very same reason. 
I am opposed to illegal immigration.  As a Republican, I believe in law and order and I am opposed to anything illegal. I also believe in the death penalty. The Bible supports this and bad people should be killed.  I believe in the rights of the unborn. A child should be protected as soon as it is conceived. It may not have a developed brain or nervous system, but it can still feel pain. Women who allow their babies to be killed, should be subject to the death penalty. 
I want my children raised right and for that reason, I believe that some books should be banned.  A good example would be books that teach bad things about our US History. People should take pride in their country and we all should be opposed to books teaching things that would make people less proud. 
They should also ban books that support Socialism, gay life styles, mixing of the races and other things that the Bible forbids. 
I also believe in our 2nd Amendment and the Constitutional rights given to us to raise a militia to oppose an unrighteous government. 
The GOP is the Party of God, guts and guns and I support it. Everyone should
God bless America. 

From: Smokey 10/12/22
Smokey still is having me (his wife Suzanne) write his blog for him so that he can concentrate on his college management classes. 
I am happy to see that the Kiwanis Club will be having their Children’s fair again. It will be at the Mc Bride Elementary school on Saturday October 29th. The High School is undergoing a major building project and they temporarily don’t have room for a Children’s fair. I am really glad that McBride Elementary has made room for this years Children’s Fair.  The Kiwanis Children’s Fair is really fun, not just for kids, but for adults as well. All the agencies that work with kids will be there. Each agency will have fun activities for Children.  It is also a great opportunity for parents to find out what services are available for their kids. 
I will be volunteering at the Dolly Parten Imagination Library booth. Everything at the Children’s Fair is free. 
Looking at our local politics, I am very concerned about candidates that are running for both County Commission, County Clerk and the St. Helens City Council. I am concerned when I see that some of these people who are running believe Donald Trump’s big lie.  I am also concerned about Christine Drazan and Betsy Johnson who are both running for Governor. Both of these ladies believe in the death penalty and are opposed to our Oregon mail-in ballot system. Oregon has successfully used mail-in for well over 20 years with hardly a hiccup. 
Betsy received over $2.75 million from right wing millionaire Phil Knight. Knight has also contributed well over a million to Republican Christine Drazen. It would appear that he is hoping that Betsy will take away enough Democratic votes to get Drazen elected. 
My concern is that the Republican party has changed. They are no longer just conservative, they have become anti democracy reactionaries. They are advocating violence and many are working to actually overthrow our democracy and establish a Fascist government.  
Our freedom, our democracy is a fragile thing. I believe that this next election is very important because if we are not careful our own American democracy will be at stake. 

From: R. Patriot 10/5/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump.  I Don’t want to bother with kids this Halloween. They are a pain in the ass and I think their begging for candy is disgusting.  My plan is to tie a couple of my fiercest Rottweilers up by my front door.  I don’t expect to see many (or any) kids get by them.  
My live in girl friend still hasn’t completely recovered from her bout with the Chinese flu. Her doctor said that she has “Long Covid.”  She has muscle aches, heart problems and difficulty digesting food. I can’t figure out how we were able to get that bug. We stayed away from unhealthy face masks and didn’t get any dangerous covid shots. We did not want to have Bill Gates or the government track us with injected microchips.  We both took regular doses of Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and still got sick. I guess bad things do happen to good people. 
I would get rid of my girl friend, but she still cooks and cleans even if she isn’t up to what she used to be. We are both good Republicans, and we both believe in God and guns. I also believe that we are both  thankful for Donald Trump and all that he has been able to do for America.  We all need to count our blessings, and hope that Donald Trump can once again, be able to exercise Presidential power in our country, so that we can unabashedly say, “God bless America.” 

From: Smokey 10/5/22
Smokey is hitting the books hard and I (his wife Suzanne) am writing his blog again for him.
We still have lots of pumpkins in our community garden. They are there for the kids to use this Halloween.  Sean and I have been carving some and we have lots of them in front of our house to greet Halloween trick-or-treaters. 
It would appear that the right wing super majority in our Supreme Court will be set to overturn a number of laws this term, upending years of precedent. They already reversed Roe vs Wade and they may be set to eliminate the Voting Rights act of 1965. I understand that they may take away the right to gay marriage, and certainly remove protections for gay and trans people. The Court may also be planning to eliminate the EPA’s ability to protect the environment. I think there is something wrong with a high court designated by our Constitution for our benefit, that has the ability to take away citizen’s right. 
Irving Gornstein, executive director of the Supreme Court Institute and a professor at Georgetown Law Center, said at an interview that I recently read. "On things that matter most, get ready for a lot of 6 to 3’s." 
The Supreme Court hears 60-70 cases a year out of the more than 7,000 petitions it receives. To date, it has agreed to review 27 cases during the upcoming term. I would hope that they will realize how unpopular they have become and will do something to reaffirm rights of individuals instead of taking them away.

From: R. Patriot 9/28/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump.  I watched Tucker Carlson on Fox the other night and it would appear that Biden may be responsible for the sabotage of Russia’s natural gas pipeline.  There is no limit to the evil that Biden and his minions are capable of.  His sabotage is just another way he wants to punish President Putin for his attempt to bring territories that belong to Russia back.
Every time I watch the news on Fox, I listen and learn. Fox is the only network that I trust, they can be pretty liberal at times, but they are fair and balanced. They have some great commentators, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and others.  I love watching Fox and Friends. You really learn lots from that program. 
Fox helps me become concerned about really important issues, like Hunter Biden’s laptop, men dressed like women, gay men using women’s rest rooms, woke history, critical race theory, child molesting democrats, creeping socialism, abortion fiends, and schools teaching kids to become gay.  All of these issues are important and the main stream media won’t talk about them either, since they are controlled by the banks, George Soros, and the Hollywood elite. 
Fox is a Godsend to Christian American patriots. We can not afford the Democrat party to continue to control our nation and undermine our Christian values. We need to make sure that traitorous child molesting Democrats do not get into office anymore and emphasize to the world that the GOP is the party of right to life, real Christian values. Someday we will be able to jail and even execute  people that try and think otherwise. 
I want everyone to vote Republican in this next election. Elect Christine Drazan. She will support the 2nd amendment and let us have guns in schools. She will protect the right to life and reinstitute the Death penalty again in Oregon. She will not be soft on crime or support the climate change lie. She is the person that God wants us to have for Governor. 
God Bless America… Our America, the America of the GOP.  

From: Smokey 9/28/22
Smokey is busy at PSU with various management classes and I (Suzanne) am again writing his blog.  His employer is paying his way and he is working his butt off.  He got all A’s last year and he intends to do the same this time as well.
Not too bad for a kid that never got anything higher than a “B” in high school.   
I see that the two Natural Gas Pipelines from Russia to Germany (Nord Stream 1 and 2) were leaking and may have been sabotaged. Nord Stream 1 was shut down by Russia earlier. Russia insisted that that they shut it down because of E.U. and US Ukraine sanctions. These sanctions made it difficult for them to get repair parts.  Nord Stream 2 was never fully completed. Both pipelines had “unexplained leaks.”  Russia has accused the USA & the EU in sabotaging their pipelines. Fox’s Tucker Carlson seems to be taking Putin’s side and is implying that the USA had a reason to sabotage Russia’s pipelines.
US or EU Sabotage seems unlikely, since Satellite images have only shown Russian Navy vessels in  the pipeline’s vicinity.  
In the meantime the Baltic Pipe Project has just been completed. This pipe transports Natural gas from Norway via Denmark to Poland.  It is located very close to the place where Nord Stream 1 & 2 are leaking.  There’s some speculation that the Russian Navy may have intended to sabotage the Baltic Pipe but sabotaged  Nord Stream 1 & 2 by mistake. Another theory is that the Russians are just using sabotage as an excuse for their incompetence in being unable to repair their own pipeline leaks. Either way leaking methane, a greenhouse gas, into our atmosphere is an environmental disaster. 
I hope Russia will either fix their lines or stop pumping gas into their leaking pipes. 
Europe depends on Russia’s Gazprom’s natural gas,  It would appear that Western Europe may have a cold winter this year. 

From: R. Patriot 9/21/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. I think that I should run for the St. Helens School Board. If I don’t run, I should be sure to vote for the right people who will continue to protect our children from being taught Critical Race Theory, and being forced to read books about social communism, blacks, gays and lesbians. 
I do believe that Donald Trump is God’s chosen and he is waging a secret war against a cabal of cannibalistic pedophile Satanists in Hollywood and the Democrat Party.  
He is standing up against powerful people like the evil George Soros, and his lap dogs, the Clinton’s and the Obamas. They, along with Hollywood elites, and the government deep state, are kidnapping children and in Satanic ceremonies are consuming their flesh and draining their blood.
God help us if this is allowed to continue. Donald Trump tells us that they really aren’t after him, they are actually after all of us. It is just Donald Trump who is standing in their way. 
Donald Trump is a moral giant and a man of integrity. He is there to protect us and all he requires is our love and our support. 
Please stand up for what is right, please stand up for the man who won the election and should really be our President...Donald Trump. If we do, then God will bless us as we wish for God to also bless America...God bless America.

From: Smokey 9/21/22
Smokey is at Portland State taking management classes. So,  again, I (Suzanne, his wife) will be writing his blog.  
Our neighborhood garden still has some tomatoes and a crop of beans. We have a nice crop of pumpkin’s in our garden, enough for all of the kids in our neighborhood. Any surplus food that we have will be harvested in the next few days, and will be donated to our food bank
Trump, and his family seem to be in a lot of trouble. According to Yahoo News; New York Attorney General Letitia James just filed a civil fraud lawsuit against Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg, Trump Organization executive Jeffrey McConney, the Trump Organization as a whole, and other businesses associated with the former president. 
They are being accused of fraud. Somehow, this does not seem to be much of a surprise since he already was caught defrauding people with his phony University, misusing his foundation for personal gain, and taking money intended to help veterans and kids with cancer. 
The Republicans seem to think that he is a messenger from God who will stand for Christianity and moral righteousness.  This is the same man that bragged about grabbing women by their private parts and has a number of pending  law suits regarding sex abuse. This is the “moral” man who was a friend and party goer with Jeffery Epstein. He has been accused of repeatedly raping a 13 year old at one of Epstein’s parties. 
When he hosted Miss Teen America, he used to enjoy walking into their dressing room and watching the kids while they were undressed. 
The other day he had a rally where they played the Q-Anon theme music and he was saluted with what used to be the NAZI salute, all the time encouraging a potential violent revolution should he be called to task for his evil deeds.
Yes, indeed, this man is the Republican Messiah. I so hope that he is not allowed to continue. 

From: R. Patriot 9/14/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump.
I get so disgusted when I don’t listen to Fox and listen to the main stream news. No President in history has been so hounded and persecuted as President Trump. Don’t those idiots realize that President Trump declassified all of the documents that he brought to the Mar-A-Lago White House. 
Most of the materials that he brought were being sorted for his future Presidential library. 
The Demorats are behaving in an obscene manner. They are jailing all of the Presidents friends and associates, on manufactured, trumped up charges.  You would think that the USA was a banana republic where a new President can persecute and jail a former President, particularly when this President has done no wrong. 
President Biden is a frail old man who is probably suffering from Alzheimer's.  He can’t hardly walk or ride a bicycle and certainly is unable to speak clearly or articulate in a coherent manner. I have heard that he no longer can appear in public and is aided by a body double. I have also read that the actor Jim Carrey is playing the part of the President. Carry is part of the evil cadre of devil worshiping Hollywood elites that control the Demorat party. 
America does not need Satanic Demorats. We need to return to the Christian principle’s of our pilgrim founders. Our nation needs more Christian Nationalists and President Trump is the man that can lead us to a new, white Christian Renaissance.
God Bless America.  

From: Smokey 9/14/22
Smokey started taking management classes again last week. His employer is paying for them and he seems really happy about going back to school again.  I am Smokey’s wife and I am writing his blog this week. Our community garden is doing really well.  All of our corn is gone, but we still have loads of tomatoes and I also think we will have a good number of large ripe pumpkins for Halloween. 
I am disgusted that Trump is not behind bars yet. There is a video from May 2021 showing former President Donald Trump loading a private jet with several banker boxes just days before he was first told about the missing documents. There are videos of people unloading banker boxes at Bedminster. I think that the F.B.I. might want to search his Bedminster home as well as Trump Tower. The records that Trump took, are stolen documents. Those documents do not belong to him. All Presidential records belong to the American people. Where are the documents that should be in empty secret and confidential folders that they found in his home?  Presidents should not have had any secret documents in their personal possession. They should not be traveling with them and they should not be left, unsecured, laying around the White house, much less Mar-A-Lago, Bedminster or Trump Tower.
One does not take Secret, Top Secret, or Confidential records as souvenirs or for placement in their future Presidential libraries.  Presidential records are covered under 44 U.S.C. Chapter 22. It is the National Archivist’s responsibility to see which records are retained, not the President. 
I am wondering if he is keeping these records for revenge, blackmail, or profit? Regardless of Trump’s reasons, the records are stolen, and he has violated the law. No one in this country, even the President, should be above the law. 
Biden’s Justice Department needs to make sure that justice is done. 
No one, even Trump,  should be above the law.

From: R. Patriot 9/7/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. 
I am pleased that Judge Aileen Cannon stood up for the man who appointed her to her lifetime position. She is a loyal American and a Republican patriot. 
Her decision to appoint a “Special-Master” will allow our President more time and may allow him the opportunity to win his Presidency back. When he is re-installed as President, Donald Trump will be able to put Biden’s witch hunt to bed, formally declassify documents and pardon all the patriots who are now in jail because they showed their love for America on January 6th. 
It is a sad state of affairs when the Demorats decided to attack a President of the United States. They have ignored the corruption of the Biden Administration as well as all the damning evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop. 
Things will be changed once President Trump is again in the White House. We will see the construction of “special camps” to imprison illegals and disloyal traitors.
He will save our children from being taught “woke” history, CRT, and being converted into becoming gay. Once again, children will be able to use a bathroom assigned to their sex. 
We will become a nation of Christians and we will use the Bible as the foundation of our laws. 
Hopefully we will no longer limit a Republican President to two terms and allow more freedoms for hard working people with money to exercise their wealth in this country. 
Donald Trump is the promised one and the Republican party is the political party of God. 
God bless America. 

From: Smokey 9/7/22
The corn in our community garden is almost all gone.  We planted different verities so they would ripen at different times, it would appear that most of the corn has still ripened early. We plan to ship a good amount to the Community food bank in a few days. 
Suzanne tells me that Judge Aileen Cannon was a Trump appointed judge. He handpicked her to handle his case.  She is supporting Trump in has request for a “Special-Master” to look at the documents that the F.B.I. reclaimed from Mar-A-Lago. This “Special-Master will check to see if any documents come under “Executive Privilege.”  She erroneously stated that the Justice Department and the F.B.I. has not considered which documents would fall under that category and that they are to cease examining them until they are reviewed by a “Special-Master.” 
Suzanne says that the judge’s contention is not true, since the Justice Department did rule that Trump’s “Executive Privilege” ended as soon Joe Biden became President. 
Even Trump’s former Attorney General, Bill Barr said that the judge’s ruling was “deeply flawed.” 
Suzanne said that the Judge is just another incompetent political hack appointed by Trump.  Her ruling essentially is saying that former President Trump is above the law and we should ignore his criminal actions. 
These documents, some of which contain nuclear secrets, were not protected, some were left lying in an “unlocked” basement while others were laying around in his bedroom and mixed with clothing and other things.  Many sensitive documents were in a place that could be observed by house keepers and other residents of Mar-A-Lago... Including foreign agents. 
I wonder why he stole these documents in the first place and what long and short term damage he has done to our country?