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From: R. Patriot 8/9/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. I am astonished and disgusted to see our President treated the way that Biden is treating him. I keep on thinking that what they are doing to him, they could do to any of us. The Biden Administration and his F.B.I. seems to no longer believe in our Constitutional 4th Amendment protections.  No President in the History of the United States has ever been treated this way. It is a politically motivated witch hunt against the most successful and popular President in the history of the United States. 
We need to have an investigation of Christopher Wray. He may have been appointed by President Trump, but he has shown his far-left political leanings along with Merrick Garland who is also politically compromised. These people have both shown how petty and venal they are. When our Republican patriots again gain control of the House and Senate, we will have an accounting an impeachment and perhaps even an execution of these corrupt deep state officials. 
Former Vice President Pence Said “Yesterday’s action undermines public confidence in our system of justice and Attorney General Garland must give a full accounting to the American people as to why this action was taken and he must do so immediately.” 
This raid on a former President, shows how evil and corrupt that the Biden Presidency is.  We need to save America from this sort of government abuse, and the only way to do it is to vote a solid Republican ticket at our next election. President Trump has warned that if these actions continue, then people will again rise up like they did on January 6th and put a stop to Biden’s government overreach. 
Remember God is with us and we are in the right. God and the Republican Party are the only things that will save our American Democracy. 
God Bless America. 

From: Smokey 8/9/22
Smokey is home taking a nap. Before he went to sleep, he asked me to do his blog for him.  In case you don’t know, I am his wife, Suzanne.  
We are now starting to harvest some of our sweet corn as well as our string beans.  We will have enough for our ourselves, our neighbors, and the food bank.  We expect to have some different varieties of sweet corn to harvest the rest of this month and into September.  We like the idea of sharing, helping our neighbors and the food bank. 
Donald Trump did not seem too happy when he discovered that F.B.I. Agents descended on his Mar-a– Lago home.  When he left the White House, he illegally took 15 boxes of documents, including numerous classified items; some so highly classified that even their titles cannot be publically spoken.  He ignored warnings and took the documents with him.  Last year, the Justice Department subpoenaed these documents.  Evidently, not all were returned and it was thought that a surprise search would be the only way to get them back before Trump either flushed, ate or otherwise destroyed them. The 1978 Presidential Records Act was passed to prevent President Nixon and other President’s from destroying and taking public records. It was passed to make sure that even Presidents were not above the law.  Trump had over a year to return these materials and took it on himself not to completely comply. The Presidential Records applies to all Presidents and Vice Presidents and it is a felony for them not to comply. No President of the United States has ever blatantly ignored the law the way that President Trump has, nor has any President ever provoked an insurrection or ignored our Constitution by preventing a lawful election from being carried out.   
I am curious to see how Trump tries to slime his way out of this violation of Federal law. 

From: R. Patriot 8/3/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. 
I enjoy listening to both Tucker Carlson and Marjorie Taylor Greene. They both make good sense and they both are promoting Christian Nationalism. They are letting people know that America is and always was a white Christian nation. Christian men like our Puritans, fought demons, witches and savages. They worked to purify our country and ban writings and liberal actions that would subvert our youth. These are the people who laid the framework for our country with our Constitution and put God on our Coins and in our Pledge of Allegiance. 
Marjorie Taylor Green, Lauren Boebert and Tucker Carlson are strong advocates of the “Replacement Theory.” We will not be replaced by Jews, black or brown people. We will support Christian people and Christian businesses like Chick-fil-a and Hobby Lobby. Rep. Boebert has said that the church is supposed to direct the government, the government is not supposed to direct the church. She and the rest of us Christians are tired of “separation of church and state junk.”  Our blond-haired Jesus would never support evil money grabbing villains like George Soros or his hired ANTIFA rioters. These people are responsible for forest fires, burning buildings and the war in the Ukraine. They preach hate against good people like Vladimir Putin and China’s President Xi. 
People need to understand that the Commie Socialists are not in Russian and China, but are here in the United States. They call themselves Democrats, and all they want to do is undermine our Churches, our Democracy and our proud white race.  God, and blond baby Jesus are on our side and we will never waver in our opposition to their creeping progressivism. 
God bless America. 

From: Smokey 8/3/22
I got to take a day off and work around the house.  My boy Sean, got to ride on the tractor with me and I let him drive. He had the time of his life.  Our garden is my (and Suzanne’s) pride and joy. We are providing fresh veggies for our ourselves, the neighbors and the food bank. We think it is good to give back to the community that has made this all possible. 
Suzanne decided to listen to Tucker Carlson on Fox. She tells me that the man is parroting Russian talking points. He insists that our Biden is the reason why there is war in the Ukraine. He said that Biden always wanted a hot war with Russia and now he has one. Since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his brutal invasion of Ukraine, Fox News host and vile opportunist Tucker Carlson has used his prime-time platform to amplify pro-Russia propaganda, spread dangerous conspiracy theories to his American viewers, and discourage sympathy and support for the Ukrainian people He also tried to make light of Biden’s hunting down and killing the Terrorist leader Al Zawahiri. He says that killing this guy is not making us safer. All he is doing, according to Carlson is stirring up trouble.  Suzanne says that we are sending a message to the world that we will hunt terrorists down and none of these bad guys are safe or out of our reach. 
Suzanne said that she forced herself to listen to him, because she wanted to know what lies he is spreading. She said that it makes her sick to think that people believe the lies that he is spreading and how gullible people are when they believe them. 
Yesterday, he not only took the side of Russia, but also that of China as well, when he commented on Vice President Harris’s visit to Taiwan. He implied that our actions may cause a hot war with China.  Suzanne said that our Vice President’s visit to Taiwan, and China’s reaction, may be a signal for US companies to pull out of China and again start producing electronics domestically. The US should not be dependent on a country that is hostile to us and China has no right to try and demand what our country can and cannot do. It is a shame that Fox gives him a platform to undermine our nation. 
Both Suzanne and I have faith in our country, even if Tucker Carlson doesn’t. 

From: R. Patriot 7/27/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. 
I always feel inspired when I listen to Fox’s most watched commentator, Tucker Carlson. For a young man of 53, he is so very wise. I have learned so much from watching him. I am very worried that the “Great Replacement Theory” is becoming a reality.  White Christian men are being replaced by blacks and browns and many of these people are not even Christian. We are having so many strange religions come into our country like Hinduism, Unitarianism, Bahia, Islam, Wicca, Sikhism, Judaism and more.   
Our nation’s founders intended America, to be a White Christian Nation with Conservative values. We were never intended to become tainted by these other strange, non-Christian religions, nor were we supposed to worship at some of these ultra-liberal churches, like PCUSA, LCA, Disciples of Christ, United Methodist and others that no longer believe in the spirit of our blond white Jesus. 
We have people working against us, like George Soros, a NAZI loving Jew, who is paying people to protest and has worked hard to circulate lies about Donald Trump. Donald Trump was and is one of the greatest Presidents our nation has ever seen.  George Soros is responsible for children being molested and sacrificed to pagan deities while subverting our Constitution as well as stealing the 2020 election. Soros is paying money and working hard to let Jews, blacks and browns replace us.  President Trump received more popular votes than any President in the history of America and yet the election was stolen from him.  The January 6th hearings are a farce. These hearings are Witch Hunts and a farcical show to convince everyone that Biden won and damage Donald Trump’s sterling reputation. The hearings are an orchestrated attempt by the far left to turn America away from the only man who has attempted to save America and can still save our nation. 
Let us all pray to baby Jesus to help save our nation from the far left and creeping progressivism. 
Don’t let them divide us with their lies. If we stand together, like the bound sticks in the Roman Fascia, we can be strong and win.
God bless America. 

From: Smokey 7/27/22
Suzanne is writing my blog today, because she is more politically adept than I am.  She also reads lots of stuff and listens to the latest news. 
I am writing today, because smokey got home early and has decided to take a nap.  I have been listening to the January 6th hearings, and I found out something that I thought was unique.  Trump’s claim about elections being stolen goes back way before 2020.  It can be dated back to 2016 when Roger Stone coined the slogan “Stop the Steal”. In 2016, everyone, including Trump, thought that the election was lost. He never expected to win. Hillary got the popular vote by 2.9 million, but Trump got the Electoral vote. Not getting the popular vote bruised Trumps’ fragile ego. Trump still insists, without any proof, that he actually received the popular vote. 
January 6th didn’t happen; it was planned months and possibly years in advance.  Sixty-one state and federal law suits, and a hail merry attempt to get the Supreme Court to side with him, all unsuccessful. 
In battleground states, multiple re-counts yielded nothing. They could not find any real fraud. Trump’s own staff and cabinet told him that he lost...  
Even more insidious was Trump’s replacing department heads in the Pentagon and Justice Department with unqualified loyalists.  It would appear, that he did this in preparation for his attempted coup.  He had his people make sure that the National Guard could not be used without “special permission.” He also had special advance meetings with the Proud Boys and Oath keepers.  This was all in anticipation of the January 6th armed insurrection.  He made sure that there were no metal detectors to stop people from mounting the Capitol steps armed. Trump’s hope was that they would hang Mike Pence, kill Nancy Pelosi and anyone else who got in their way. His plan was to be with the rioters and declare martial law. With Martial law he could declare himself the winner and be able to ignore congress.  
Our nation came very close to losing our American democracy and becoming a Fascist dictatorship under Donald Trump. 
Thank goodness, this never happened, but it was very close, very, very close.  The thing that is most frightening, is that reactionary Republican insurrectionists in Congress could again make this happen.  All they need is a legislative majority and if this happens, there is a very good chance, that we can kiss our Democracy goodbye. 

From: R. Patriot 7/19/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. That hippy woman, Suzanne something or other, that lives by me, is really a strange one. I watched her working in her hippy husband’s big garden. Stupid people raising food that they say they plan to give away.  That woman is supposed to be a witch. I think she belongs to some wicked devil worshiping cult. She carves strange sculptures, paints, volunteers at the food bank and also Planned Parenthood, a place where they kill babies.  I suspect that they may be using Planned Parenthood aborted fetuses, for their Wicked ceremonies. It’s hard to guess what evil things those people are up to.  Her husband is a dumb hippy who works for a burger restaurant; a real nothing person. I doubt if either of those freaks will ever amount to anything. 
I plan to vote for Brian Stout for State Representative. He is a hardworking business owner, a father and a grand father.  He says that his main concerns are to stop “Creeping Progressivism, Teaching of CRT in our schools, and the need to vote “No” on all liberal legislation. 
I am also most impressed with Christine Drazan, who is running for governor. She is married to a man, she is really smart and she also hates abortion. She is so much better than the bi-sexual nothing who is presently governor or the gay woman who the Demos have nominated. 
We need someone who will stop the killing of babies. What is happening here is worse than what was supposed to have happened during the supposed Holocaust. The unborn can’t defend themselves, and that is why we need good Christian Republicans to pass laws in their defense.  
We also need someone who will be willing to take care of all of the criminals who are or should be on deaths row. We need to execute them and stop them from sucking up our hard earned taxpayer dollars. 
I will continue to pray that good white God fearing Republicans will again be able to run our state and our nation, and stop Democrats and illegal immigrants from taking our jobs. 
I will pray for a better future. God bless America. 

From: Smokey 7/19/22
I like driving my new company car. The best thing about it is that I have a company credit card that I can use to buy gas for their car.  They also told me that in two years, If I like, I can buy this car at a discount.  You have to admit that there are some real perks when you are a manager working for a successful corporation. 
Suzanne just told me that the Idaho Republican party passed a resolution, that is part of their platform, banning any sort of abortion, even when a woman’s life is threatened. This would apply not only to rape and incest but also to women with ectopic pregnancies.  Suzanne explained to me that an ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilized egg abnormally implants itself outside a woman’s uterus. The fetus can’t survive and there is a very good chance that the mother will die as well. An abortion is the only way to save the mother.  Not only do they want to make it illegal in Idaho, but also there are now hospitals in Texas and other red states, that are refusing to treat women with ectopic pregnancies. 
I was shocked when I heard this. I also read about a 10 year old girl who was impregnated by a rapist. She lived in Ohio where doctors refused to abort the baby. Fortunately, they were able to travel to Indiana where abortion is still legal.  Suzanne says that the bodies of most girls in their teens have not developed enough for a healthy pregnancy. Their lives and the lives of the babies that they are carrying are both at risk.
I agree with Suzanne when she says that abortion should be a medical not a political issue. An unplanned pregnancy is not good for the mother, the child or the society that that the child born into. 
Suzanne says that As soon as that child is born and breaths air, it is both the mothers and societies problem. The Republicans don’t really care about living children, nor do they seem to care about a woman’s right to her own body. 
These right wing politicians are monsters, I shudder to think what will happen to our nation and to us all if they continue to stay in power. 

From: R. Patriot 7/13/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump.
My live in girlfriend still has not completely recovered from the Chinese flu, even with our daily use of  hydroxychloroquine.  I guess we would both be worse if we hadn’t used it. 
I saw that hippies wife hoeing weeds in their huge garden.  What a waste of time and effort. I understand that they are stupid enough to give their stuff away.  Some people are really dumb. I even saw his wife once give money to some guy begging by Safeway.  Don’t they know that all they are doing is encouraging bad behavior? That bum will probably spend that money on drugs and booze. We need the cops to pick these beggars up and ship them off to Portland and get them out of our community. 
I like listening to Fox News. They don’t say much about the January 6th Committee witch hunts other than point out the lies that these Quislings are blabbing to the Committee.
Everyone knows that the January 6th demonstration was spontaneous. Most everyone there was peaceful. The trouble makers were mostly Antifa and BLM plants who just wanted to disrupt the “Stop the steal” rally.  The police were cooperative, they let the people in and many of them hugged rally participants. It was a shame that a hundred or so cops ended up in the hospital, but most of their problems were minor. The demonstrators did nothing near as bad as what the Demos did in Portland and Hillary did at Benghazi The Demorats are just making mountains out of mole hills with their January 6th hearings.  If they really believed in peace, they should be willing to just let bygones be bygones and go on with business as usual.  If they cared about America, they would not be having these January 6th witch hunts.
Things will change and hopefully we will be electing a Conservative Congress this November. 
God loves the GOP because we do God’s work. God Bless America. 

From: Smokey 7/13/22
I am back at work and I have been checking on all of our restaurants in this region. Corporate has provided me with a nice company car.  They told me that it was a “ job perk”.  It is a lot nicer car than what either Suzanne or I have. Suzanne still likes her old Volkswagen van.  I hope that we can keep the van running. 
Our community garden is really doing great. We are already picking peas and beans, with lots more to come. It looks as if the corn will be ready later on this month.  Not too sure about the turnups or radishes, but the Tomatoes seem to be doing great with our recent hot days.  All of our produce will go to our neighbors and the food bank. Suzanne and I are pleased to be able to help other people by providing them with fresh veggies. 
I haven’t had much time to watch TV (although I do listen to PBS on my car radio)
Suzanne says that the January 6th hearings have turned up a lot of information.  She said that Trump was backed into a corner after December 14th when state legislators selected Electors for Biden. He felt that his only alternative was a violent overthrow of our government. 
The January 6th Committee hearings have shown that the insurrection was planned well in advance.  Trump, along with Roger Stone, and LTG Flynn arranged a coalition between the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and the Florida three percenters. They were not there to be nice or peaceful. Trump arranged to disable the metal detectors, so that these terrorist groups could bring weapons with them. They had caches of military style rifles, ammunition, grenades and other military weapons and they planned to use them to execute the vice President and a number of Democratic Congress members. They wanted to stop the counting of elector ballots and wanted to be able to declare martial law. If Trump could not gain power through a peaceful election, he planned to gain the Presidency by force.  According to the people testifying, it would appear that Trump was totally irrational and seemed incapable of making intelligent decisions. According to people interviewed by the Jan 6th Committee, he was not acting like a sane man. It is shocking to think that this was the man that had control of our nuclear football. 

From: R. Patriot 7/7/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. I am so proud of the courageous justices on our Supreme Court.  They believe in the Constitution instead of the mob. They have interpreted our founders original intent, instead of the intent of a liberal majority of brainwashed idiots. They have done what our founders wanted, and have made it possible to ban abortion. Neither Madison, Jefferson, or Ben Franklin believed in abortion.  Our founders also believed in the right to bear arms and own semi automatic assault weapons. Lastly they have wisely interpreted the desire of our founders to support private religious schools and allow public school teachers to, once again, lead our children in Christian prayer. 
People should understand our history and know that our nation has always been a Christian nation. God has been foremost in our founders minds and they have always wanted our nation to remain white, Christian and right. 
God, guns and Donald Trump have made America great and now we need to fight to continue to keep our country great. We don’t want our government to fall and be destroyed by child molesting commie socialist Democrats. 
I have a prayer that I say before I go to bed at night.  I pray to little blond headed baby Jesus that he help protect our nation from creeping progressivism and help us stay white and Christian. GOP stands for God’s own party and if you are a Christian, you will continually vote Republican.
God bless America. 

From: Smokey 7/7/22
I took a few days off, and now it is back to work. Our Garden is growing and I think that we will eventually have a really good harvest. Suzanne has Rosie to take care of and Sean isn’t big enough to baby sit. She would like to volunteer with Planned Parenthood in Beaverton, but she does not want to leave the kids alone. Sean will be 10 in August, but I don’t think that he and little Rosie should be left alone without an adult.  
Suzanne mentioned that the Supreme Court will now allow Teacher lead prayer in school. Suzanne and Earth Mother are both practicing Wiccans. I wounder what would happen if a Wiccan teacher tried to start a class or a sporting event with a Wiccan prayer. My guess is that it would be their last “Blessed Be” before they were relieved of their jobs. Freedom of religion does not mean Christianity only. It would appear that some people seem to think that the USA is a Christian Theocracy. We have people who are Moslem, Hindu, Buddhists, Bahi as well as being Jews and Christians in our country.  They all have a place and their beliefs should all be protected by the First Amendment. 
The Treaty of Tripoli was signed by the USA in 1797 and one of the articles read:  "the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion." This treaty was ratified by Congress and the vote was unanimous. 
I would hate to see America become a theocracy.  Benjamin Franklin still remembered seeing Witch trials in Massachusetts and wanted to make sure that there was a wall of separation between religion and government. 
I don’t want to force people to believe as I do, and I certainly don’t want others to force their religion on me. 

From: R. Patriot 6/29/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump.
There are all sorts of stories coming out of the January 6th witch hunt. The January 6th group  is a biased partisan committee with an ax to grind. They are making a big deal out of the testimony of a minor aid to Mark Meadows. Some young gal who’s sensibilities were offended and she may very well have been a Democrat plant.  She made a big deal out of the President throwing food when he was mad. What’s wrong with that? It isn’t serious like Biden falling off a bike. At least President Trump’s mind is clear and he knows how to talk where Biden just stutters and drools. 
I am not sure why people are so upset with what was intended to be a peaceful patriotic rally with a symbolic working gallows. 
Guards lifted fences for the rallyists and there was a lot of hugging, regardless of what the slimeballs on MSNBC, CNN  and the other mainstream liars are trying to tell you. 
I can understand that some of the people would be upset. After all, the crooked Democrats just stole an election, an election that President Trump was supposed to win by a landslide. 
Overall, on January 6th, the crowds of people were well behaved, and they were there to support the idea of a free and non corrupt election. 
Pence had no right to count those fake ballots and he had no right to reject legitimate Republican electors who took the time to travel to Washington D.C. with their own Elector ballots. 
The Constitutional way would be, the same as in the 1876 election where every state legislature has one vote. Why can’t the Democrat party see this?  Why can’t they believe in the Constitution instead of the mob?  God help America if we are overtaken by Commie Democrats with their high taxes and free stuff. We don’t need godlessness, firearm restrictions, abortions, free college, free medicine, and a bunch of druggie loafers running things. We are Americans and we need to stand for what is right and white.  We will be damned if we don’t.
God bless America.

From: Smokey 6/29/22
Suzanne has been glued to the TV all afternoon listening to the January 6th Committee hearings. She didn’t do any volunteer work, clean, or work on the garden today. She was shocked by the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson, top Aid to Trump’s Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows. Cassidy has described herself as a loyal Republican and a onetime strong Trump supporter.  It is evident that she also loves our country and our democracy and after being around Trump, has been appalled by some of his actions.  She said that Trump was quite aware that his followers were planning to hang Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi.  He refused to rebuke this action, In fact, commented that “Pence deserved to be hanged.” She testified that Trump knew a number of his Jan 6th rally follower were carrying weapons, and insisted that he did not want any metal detectors. He told the crowd that he would lead them to the Capitol. When his aides and the Secret Service driver refused to drive him there, he lost his temper, tried to grab the steering wheel and when he was not successful, tried to choke a Secret Service agent.  Trump shouted “I’m the F….n President, take me to the Capitol now…”
During her testimony, Cassidy mentioned that Trump often had frequent temper tantrums, where He would  throw dishes and food, and in some instances, upset an entire table spilling food and dishes. Suzanne said that a news commentator remarked after hearing this: “To think that this is the man that our nation entrusted our nuclear codes.”  
Cassidy mentioned that on January 2nd, Rudy Giuliani asked her it she was excited about what will happen on January 6th. She later asked Mark Meadows what Giuliani was talking about. Meadows said  “something to the effect of there’s a lot going on, Cass, but I don’t know, things might get real, real bad on Jan. 6th. 
Suzanne mentioned that it would appear that Trump and his gang had done a bit of advance planning and expected their coup attempt to spill some blood.  Both Meadows and Giuliani mentioned that they were interested in getting a Presidential pardon. 
Suzanne snickered: “You don’t need to be pardoned unless you are planning to commit a crime.”
Suzanne said that it was amazing to her that many people seem to think that Trump is just great, Then again, people also thought Hitler and Mussolini were great as well. 
I thought to myself. “God help us if these people are still allowed to walk free.”

From: R. Patriot 6/22/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump.
I am pleased to see the Texas GOP has established some great resolutions. The resolutions show that they have the guts to reject the 2020 Election Results and pass some good gun legislation. They have rebuked 10 RINOs in the US Senate who want bipartisan talks on gun legislation. Sen John Cornyn and 9 other RINOs want to stop mentally disturbed people and children from buying guns. They must not believe in our 2nd Amendment.  The Texas GOP also described homosexuality as an abnormal life style and they are not in favor of teaching it in the schools. We don’t want our children being converted into gays or catching gay germs, if these germs exist. They also want to teach children about the humanity of a pre-born child, the sanctity of human life, while still supporting the death penalty.  The Texas GOP also called for Texas to Secede from Union. The shock value in this should be a statement to other states to also consider this as an act to force our federal Legislators to support American values instead of left-wing commie Socialism.  The Republicans in Texas are clearly on the side of Donald Trump, and if you are for Donald Trump, then you are for God.
I only wish that the Republican Party in Oregon would stand up and follow Texas’s lead by turning the clock back. We could make Oregon great again, and lead our state into a new beginning. We can make this happen, if we can get our friends, families and others to be sure to vote Republican in the next election. We can stop creeping Progressivism and Critical Race theory from being taught in our schools. We can stop BLM and ANTIFA, by making sure that we encourage Republicans to vote and Democrats not to vote.  It is up to you folks, it is in God’s hands.
God bless America.

From: Smokey. 6/22/22
Our Community garden is looking great and things are starting to grow. I can see where we can have abundant fresh food for ourselves, our neighbors and for the food bank. 
Suzanne has been following the January 6th hearings.  She said that everyone who testified at the hearings were Republicans with one exception, Ruby Freeman, an election worker.  Ruby and her daughter were accused, by name, by Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani. They showed pictures of election workers emptying boxes of ballots. They implied that they were dumping fake ballots into the system.. In truth, they were doing their job by opening boxes from various precincts.  Giuliani falsely claimed that Wandria Moss and her mother, Ruby Reeman were passing USB drives “like vials of heroin or cocaine” during ballot counting operations in Fulton County, Georgia. He said he had video proof.
Asked on Tuesday what her mother, Ruby Freeman was actually handing her on the video, Wandria Moss said it was a “ginger mint.” Because of these false accusations, both Ruby and her family were harassed day and night and subjected to death threats from Trump followers and Trump Campaign officials.
The January 6th hearings also  revealed new details Tuesday about how former President Donald and a seemingly intoxicated Rudy Giuliani pressured state officials to help him overturn the 2020 presidential election.
The panel featured testimony from three Republican officials who were all on the receiving end of Trump's outreach after the election: Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, his deputy Gabe Sterling and Arizona House of Representatives Speaker Rusty Bowers. Bowers said that he voted for Trump, but was not about to do anything illegal. He said that he took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and was not about to break his oath. He refused, despite Trump and Giuliani’s threats and demands to certify and send fake electors. 
Suzanne and I are pleased to see that there are still some Republicans who will speak out and refuse to do the illegal things that Trump was demanding from state officials,
Suzanne says that the GOP is still running on Stupid.  The GOP in Texas has passed resolutions to accept the “Big lie” and reject the 2020 election results.  They have also stupidly passed a resolution to secede from the Union. 
Suzanne laughed, I hope they succeed and secede. The USA does not need Texas, but I think that they will soon discover that Texas needs the USA. 

From: R. Patriot 6/8/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. My live in girl friend is still having health problems.  I took her to the doctor and he said that she is suffering from “Long Covid.” He said that Covid damaged a number of her internal organs and that they have not repaired themselves.  Come to think of it, I don’t feel all that great myself. I really don’t believe in the “Long Covid” story, but I do think that she and I are both getting older and it takes us both a longer time to heal. Old age is something that we all seem to suffer from and is not for the faint of heart.  
Someone asked me if I was going to listen to the January 6th hearings.  I told them “No”. Those hearings are from a partisan Democrat committee. I don’t expect to hear the truth from them.  I plan to listen to Fox and see what Tucker Carlson might have to say about things. I know that I can trust what I hear from him.  He is lots more believable than a far left partisan democrat committee. 
I know that the people who participated in the January 6th peaceful protest, are being unjustly prosecuted.  Most of these people where not violent and were only showing their objections to the theft of our election.  I, along with Donald Trump, am very disappointed with Mike Pence.  He had an opportunity to stand up for Democracy and refuse to count those illegal Electors ballots… but he did so anyway and now we are stuck with an old fart who suffers from dementia and will do anything that the deep state and the Zionists want him to do.  God help us if this old Geezer is allowed to remain in office. Hopefully Donald Trump, or a person of his choosing, will be put back into office and we will be able to rid ourselves of these far left traitors. I know that we are in the right and God is on our side. God bless America. 

From: Smokey 6/8/22
I am so happy to have a few days off so that I can work at home.  My big project is our community garden. I love doing this, and the neighbors are helping plant veggies.  This garden is on our property, but it will be open to all of my neighbors. Our surplus food (and we have always had a surplus) will go to the Columbia Pacific Food Bank.  Our garden is a group effort. Suzanne and I are very proud of being able to have it. Suzanne did a great job of driving my small tractor, the garden looks beautiful. 
Suzanne said that she plans to listen to the January 6th hearings this Thursday. She hopes that other people will as well, since this was an occasion where we almost lost our Democracy to a group of violent Fascists. 
I am curious to see if this will have any influence on how people will vote this next November. It would be sad to think that some people don’t understand what Fascism is and will not be swayed by what happened.  
Suzanne says that in Texas, the Governor does not want any information released about the Uvalde Robb Elementary school shooting until after the election.  Gov. Greg Abbott is afraid that if people get the full story, that it might hurt his re-election.  Suzanne says that she hope that the people of Texas kick Abbot out and replace him with a Governor that cares about the people in his state instead of special interests.  Time will tell and we will see how smart, or how stupid, the people of Texas really are. 

From: R. Patriot 6/1/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. I see in the paper that we need to look into election irregularities in our own Columbia County. This goes to prove that our Oregon system of Mail-in-balloting is flawed and we need good armed Americans to oversee and protect our ballots and our ballot boxes. 
I also read that there is an big increase in local crime. Cars are being burglarized. I have a car alarm and I also have a semi automatic rifle and a Glock 17. I still haven’t been able to get a concealed weapons permit, since my shooting off a hippies hat. That guy had no business poking around that empty field by my place and I had every right to scare him off. 
He and his hippy girl friend still live close by and I can’t say that I like him or the likes of them very much.  
Even if I can’t get a concealed carry permit , my live in girlfriend has one. She has a Baretta pistol and she is a damn good shot. 
I get concerned when I see all these dark skinned people walking around town. I suspect that many of them aren’t here legally and I think that they may be responsible for our local crime wave.  
According to Tucker Carlson the Demorats and Jews want to replace white people with black and brown people. They know that they can control how they vote and that is why they are encouraging open borders and loose voting laws.  
I am a Christian and I believe in a white Christian America.  If you love our country and our way of live you will believe this as well.
God bless America. 

From: Smokey 6/1/22
I finally have a few days off.  Suzanne, I and some of my neighbors have all pitched in and helped plowing and getting our garden ready.  The ground is still pretty wet, but it is fairly easy to work and things seem to be drying out. I have rough plowed the garden, but I still need to do some harrowing and roto tilling. 
I hope to get it all done before the weekend is over.  We should have enough fresh veggies for myself, our neighbors and also the food bank. 
Suzanne has not done much, art wise.  She has been working the garden and also doing some volunteer work. 
She has been really upset over the mass shootings. We just had one today in a hospital in Tulsa Oklahoma where at least 4 people were killed. That put the number of mass shootings so far this year up to 232.  
I don’t have a gun, and I don’t intend to get one either. I don’t see any need for one and the guns that these crazies like to use are semi-automatic assault style weapons.  These are not sporting weapons, but weapons designed for one thing and one thing only… killing people. 
According to NBC news, since 1968 more civilians have been killed by guns than soldiers in all the wars in US History.  This is not a nice statistic. 
I hope that we can do something to stop this killing madness and pass some sensible gun laws. 
It was the pioneering spirit of Americans, our love of our land and the willingness of politicians and citizens to work together that made our country great… not “guts and guns.” 

From: R. Patriot 5/25/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. 
I was appalled and saddened to hear about the shooting in Uvalde Texas. I understand that Uvalde is a small town about the size of St. Helens. 
As a Christian, my thoughts and prayers are with the parents of these children. 
It is my belief that none of this would have happed if we would have had more people with guns.  Two teachers were killed, and they would be alive today if they were armed.  We need more laws that would allow teachers to be able to carry pistols and we should have semi automatic rifles in every administration office. 
I have been thinking that my live-in girl friend needs another purse pistol, and I think I also need to buy some more assault rifles before some far left cry babies pass legislation to ban them. One needs to be always prepared to protect themselves. The far left would like to ban all weapons and there is always the possibility that some of these school shooting may be fake or false flag operations conducted by lefties as an excuse to take our guns away from us. 
The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution gave us a right, not a privilege to own and bare arms. This is one of the most important rights in the entire Constitution.  God, guts and guns are what has made America strong.  Let us keep it strong and keep our Guns.
God bless America. 

From: Suzanne 5/25/22
I am doing Smokey’s blog again this week. Smokey is busy helping various restaurants in the Burger place chain open up and improve their dining areas. Most people in this, post covid time still seem to prefer to use the drive through instead of eating inside.
I am appalled when I hear about mass shootings.  A shooting at a super market in Buffalo New York two weeks ago and a school shooting in Texas on Tuesday.  21 people killed, 19 of them children. In addition there were at least 17 others injured. 
In 2014 the Onion ran a story after a school shooting that read “There is no way to stop this sort of thing, says the nation where this regularly happens.” 
The kid that shot up the 4th grade class in Uvalde Texas was only 18 years old. He had a semiautomatic rifle and first shot his grandmother before he went out on his murderous school shooting rampage. 
It would appear that the Republicans on the Supreme Court would like to make semi-auto weapons like this available to everyone. They seem to think that the 2nd Amendment allows large magazines and automatic assault weapons. This amendment was written at a time when repeating weapons and loadable cartridges didn’t even exist.  It was written to protect slave owners from possible slave uprisings.  Would you believe, the 2nd Amendment was written to help slavery?
 I hope that this last shooting is a wakeup to the right wing to pass some reasonable gun laws. The sad thing is that the gun lobby has spent millions of dollars in buying politician’s votes.  Buying their votes just so that they will not vote for safe and reasonable gun laws.  According to PBS we have had 231 mass shooting, so far this year. There is no reason for this sort of thing.  America has more guns than people.  No other country in this world has this many shootings. 

From: R. Patriot 5/18/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump. 
I see gas prices are going up. I know why this is happening. Rising oil prices are part of a plot by Biden and the deep state to force people to replace their cars with electric vehicles.  This is just one more plot by money grabbing fake environmentalists to screw over America.
I was very pleased to see our states election results. Most of our State and certainly our county cast Republican ballots. In November, I hope to see our State have a Republican Majority in our legislature.  I also hope to see Betsy Johnson on the ballot. I think that she will devastate and divide the Democrat party making the way for Oregon finally again get a Republican Governor (Not that Betsy is all that terrible, she would be lots better than a Commie Demorat). 
I am most concerned about people being threatened by Antifa, children being threatened by Critical Race Theory, Mothers threatened by abortion and white Christians being threatened by replacement. All of these things are important reasons why we need to make sure that we elect Christian, God loving Republicans to public office. 
If you want to know the truth, you need to visit Prison Planet and Infowars. You need to listen to OAN, Newsmax, Breitbart and Fox in order to stay informed. 
If you care about our Constitution, Our guns and Jesus, you will use these outlets.  If you want to save America, you will vote Republican as many times as possible
God bless America. 

From: Suzanne (Smokey’s Wife) 5/18/22
Smokey is working today again, so I am writing his blog.
Most of the election results are now in.  I am not all that pleased with our County Commissioner race. The person who spent the most money won. I am always suspicious of people who receive big contributions from various groups.  What this tells me is that the person who won has allowed themselves to be “bought” by their biggest contributors. 
It would appear that all of the people who have run for County Commissioner have right wing leanings and all have bought into Trump’s big lie… that the 2020 election was crooked, fixed, or had a large number of irregularities. 
The 2020 election was probably the most closely watched and regulated election in American history.  Election fraud was almost non-existent.  On the other hand, in Republican controlled states,  voter fraud was rampant.  People were denied their right to vote, and many people, who were minorities, were purged from the voting rolls.  Ballot drop boxes were removed from rural areas, and the number of voting machines were limited in minority areas This caused voters to wait for hours before being able to cast a ballot.  It would appear that the Republican party has become a reactionary racist party. A party with no real platform other than a message of fear and hate. 
America does not need fear and hate, what we need is more compassion and concern for others. 
Both Smokey and I tried to vote for people, who we hope will be willing to help our American majority of workers and honest citizens and not for a small number of wealthy individuals and big corporate fat cats.
I hope you voted this way as well.

From: R. Patriot 5/4/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump.
Every so often something happens that makes a person feel really good. First off, I got to hear all of the candidates who are running for County Commissioner.  I have to say that I like them all. They all are good Republicans and, in their hearts, have a love of Donald Trump. They all realize that our last election was stolen and they don’t trust the mainstream press.  President Trump did say that the press was the enemy of the people and it is evident that our County Commission candidates also feel that way. 
I was most impressed with Judge Alito’s draft opinion. He is on God’s side and we all know that God would not support the continuation of the killings of thousands of little unborn babies. It is in the 10 Commandments that “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”  We must stop this modern holocaust of baby deaths.  My feeling is that we need a national law that will criminalize abortion in all states. The life of unborn babies is a sacred thing. We need to establish a national death penalty for the woman and the doctors who kill little unborn babies. Harsh penalties are the only way for this Holocaust to end. The life of an unborn child is extremely important. Rape, incest and a mothers health are no reason to abort a baby.  All children should have a Constitutional right to be born. Who knows what would of happened to our world if Newton, Einstein or Donald Trump were aborted. Our world would certainly be much different. 
Think about this and know that the GOP is doing God’s will and God’s will, will prevail. 
Knowing all of this makes me feel very good.  
God bless America. 

From: Smokey 5/4/22
Smokey is working today, so I (Suzanne his wife) will be writing his blog for him. 
Our little boy, Sean, loves school. He is nine and in third grade.  Our little girl, Rosie, had her 2nd birthday in April. She is talking up a storm and loves to have her big brother read to her. I wonder about my kids, they are not like normal children. They rarely fight, and seem to love each others company. 
I plan to start doing my volunteer work again. My friend, Earth Mother, said that she would love to babysit Rosie. Earth mother is semi-retired. She used to and still sometimes works as a midwife. She is a Registered Nurse, so I know that Rosie is in good hands when she babysits. 
I plan to start volunteering for Planned Parenthood again. I was appalled by the upcoming Supreme Court decision revoking Roe v. Wade.  Planned Parenthood in Oregon expects to see a large influx of people from out of state. Right now they are having a difficult time hiring enough staff to accommodate demands. Up to now, the right to a woman’s own body has been considered a Constitutional right. Roe has protected women’s rights for 49 years. With these protections gone, a pregnant woman who has cancer may not be treated, if the treatment might hurt her baby.  People may not realize that this purely political decision to overturn Roe may effect more than just abortion.  This decision may also be used for refusing access to contraception and may well open a door to banning gay unions and mixed race marriages. Overturning an established Constitutional right is a major blow against our freedoms and our American Democracy. 
I hope that people realize this when it comes to our next election. Be careful for who you vote for, since it is apparent that we have a reactionary political group that has no regard for human rights, freedoms, or the will of the American people. 
Take care, it is our Democracy that is at stake. 

From: R. Patriot 4/27/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump.
The witch hunt continues. The radical far left continues to wage war against President Trump and the patriots that stood up in opposition to a stolen election.  Hopefully with state legislators passing new laws and new electoral Districts being formed, our elections will be safer and we will see less voter fraud. 
I am pleased that Betsy Johnson is running for Governor.  I believe that this will split the Democrat vote and make it possible for a good conservative Republican to become governor. 
I plan to vote for Brian Stout for State District 31.  He is a big supporter of Donald Trump. He is also for protecting our unborn children. He will do his best to stop women from aborting their little babies. He has also promised to stop our schools from teaching Critical Race Theory.  He will work hard to ban any books that teach these evil theories.  He also wants to make bathrooms safe for our women. People who use ladies bathrooms should only be ladies. We need to protect our women and children from predators.  We know that a lot of LGBTQ men have chosen that lifestyle so that they can prey upon our women and our children.  Brian Stout will protect them. He is a brilliant man with an abundance of common sense. He will stop creeping progressivism from infiltrating our schools, and our state.  I am not saying that there are such things as Lizard people, but I do know that Brian Stout will help protect us from them.  Brian Stout is the sort of man that our legislative district needs to help Oregon and America become great again.
God Bless America. 

From: Smokey 4/27/22
We had one good day this week to work on our yard. I wish it were not too wet to work the ground for our community garden. I hope that we will have some better weather this next week. 
We have opened up the dining rooms on all of our restaurants.  We are doing great and they are all showing a profit. I hope that this will continue. We are still hiring and we are in a position to give people more hours and good pay, if they come work for us.
Suzanne mentioned to me about all of the books that are being banned. More than 1000 books have been banned in the last 9 months. So far, 26 states have passed laws that will ban books that mention LGBTQ issues and show black history.  Florida has banned over 145 math books.  
A group has looked into the books that Texas and Florida have banned and not one of them had anything about LGBTQ or Critical Race Theory. They did say that some of the books had biographies that included black mathematicians and one discussed the statistical math involved with sickle cell anemia. 
Suzanne says that she thinks that there are racists involved in making these book banning decisions. They don’t want our children to hear stories about brilliant black people or understand any true history about our American past. They are fearful of black and brown people and they seem to want our children to be indoctrinated with their own concepts of hate and racism. 
Banning books is something that Dictators, fearful bigots, and fake Christians do. Suzanne seems to think that this is all about a rise in Fascism and the dumbing down of America. It would appear that a Fascist faction has taken over the Republican Party.  She says that she would hate to see our country go the way of Poland, Hungary, India and Brazil. This could happen if another “strong man” like Trump is put in power. 

From: R. Patriot 4/20/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump.
I love listening to Tucker Carlson. He is a manly man and he makes a person proud to be a white Christian male. I learn quite a bit when I listen to him. I was shocked to hear that our American men’s testosterone levels are declining. I suspect that he is right that most of this problem is a result of Demorats like AOC and Ilhan Omar denigrating men. These people make men ashamed of themselves and even more so once they are subjected to “Woke” history. I did not realize that we can increase our virility and our testosterone levels by scrotum tanning. They call this 
“Bromopathic therapy”. They treat the entire body with infrared light. This helps boost testosterone levels. At my age, I want to keep my levels as high as possible. Tucker Carlson is warning us all that American masculinity is on the decline. There is a trend for American women becoming more masculine and men becoming gay and effeminate.  

My girl friend is not masculine. She is an all woman Republican and I plan to stay as manly a man as a man can be manly. I am just the sort of person that a good Conservative needs to aspire to be. 
My live-in girlfriend bought me a big supply of Viagra so that I can remain a manly man for her.

I wonder if we have any places around Columbia County where we can get our scrotum’s tanned? 

I like Tucker Carlson, because he tells the truth, he loves America and supports real men like 
Donald Trump, Viktor Orban and Vladimir Putin. Carlson, along with Marjorie Taylor Green is concerned about the browning of America. We do not want to be replaced. We need to work hard to keep our country White, Christian and Republican. This is the only way that we will ever be free, the way that our Founders wanted us to be.
God Bless America.

From: Smokey 4/20/22
 Suzanne didn’t do any art the other day.  She took most of a day off, cleaned house and listened to the news. Suzanne had to make sure that we got to hear a speech from a Michigan lawmaker who was a target of hate speech. The Michigan State Senator stood up to her attacker and refused to be victimized by her attackers lies.  Her response was inspiring and certainly worthwhile for all to hear.  
Suzanne came to some interesting conclusions regarding Putin and the War in the Ukraine.  Putin seems very quick to label his enemies as pedophiles, child molesters, Fascists and hate mongers.  Suzanne says that he sounds very much like a Republican Q-Anon follower. He also is doing things that almost all Fascist leaders have done in the past; create scapegoats She said that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and other Republican politicians appear to be doing this as well. Gov DeSantis is preaching hate against marginalized groups.  He is banning books (including math books) because they contain (in his words) “Woke History.”  

What is “Woke History?” Suzanne says that this is history that is true, but can make people feel ashamed instead of proud of their ancestral heritage. 

Neither Suzanne or I think our kids are stupid. We can’t improve, unless we can learn about mistakes that we have made in the past.  Just like that Michigan State Senator pointed out: no one today, and certainly none of our kids are slave owners.  People need to know about the evils of slavery and learn from our knowledge.

We should not blind ourselves to our own history, what we need to do is show others by our actions that we can do better. We all need to work together to make our nation and our world a better place for all, and we can’t do this unless we can clearly see our own history. 

From: R. Patriot 4/13/22
God bless America, the GOP and the man that should be our real President, Donald Trump.
I have hired a rental manager to collect rentals for me, but I have second thoughts. My manager said that a number of people have been complaining about plumbing, wiring and other minor problems that they seem to think need to be fixed. Several of them of them have even threatened law suits if I don’t fix some things. I pay good money to employ a very capable Jewish lawyer who I can depend on to put a stop to this sort of nonsense. If they continue to give me problems, I may be forced to raise their rents when their leases expire. 

I am pleased to see the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Idaho and others have passed new laws