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Text Box: From: R. Patriot 9/20/17
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again.  My live in girl friend and I both visited the Washington County Republicans and bought ďBuild The WallĒ buttons. All the money collected will go to the Trump Re-election campaign. We need this campaign because of all the lies that our fake media is spreading about our leader. 
I donít understand why people call him a racist. I have seen lots of pictures of him shaking hands and meeting with Negros and Mexicans.  You know that he is no NAZI, since he gave his daughter in marriage to a Jewish guy. Yet the fake media still continues to pick on him and spread lies about what he does for the benefit of America.  Donald Trump is a religious man who belongs to the very liberal Presbyterian Church. It amazes me to see how the fake media spun the news to make that black Muslim Obama look good, all they while ignoring all the crimes that Obama and that crooked Hillary committed.  
I listened to Pat Robertson and John Hagee and they are very clear in letting us know that Donald Trump is Godís choice to lead our country.  You canít argue with God can you?
God Bless America.

From: Smokey 9/20/17
Suzanne is working to get support for the victims of the Mexico Earthquake and the Hurricanes in the Caribbean.  I will be checking with Burger Place corporate to see if we can also take donations. I think that it is very important to help others.  I am not sure what the government will do. Suzanne says that the US wonít give money to Mexico since Trump wants them to pay for his wall and this might take money away from his big project. She also said that the US Territories of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico canít vote in US elections, even though these people are all US Citizens. Because they canít vote, there is a good chance that he really does not care what happens to them. 
Our Garden is loaded with food and we will be hauling more to our food bank. Both Suzanne and I believe that that we are here on earth to help each other. We all need to work to make government more just and our world a better place to live in. 

From: Nancy Ward 9/15/17
Much like the tobacco industry, Monsanto is hiding its own findings that Roundup kills more than just your weeds.

From: R. Patriot 9/13/17
God bless America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence; who are now trying to make our country great again
Instead of Hannity, I spent a short time listening to that, pinko lesbian, Rachael Maddow. That was a big mistake.  That woman sure can lie. Talk about fake news. She had the audacity to accuse some of the local patriots on the Presidentís cabinet and our Presidentís children of treason. This sort of news makes me sick. I hope that President Trump shuts her down. 
Our President has done more to make our Country great in the last six months than Obama has done in his 8 treasonous years. 
He has appointed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, He dropped missiles on Syria, He has cut down immigration, he as visited Hurricane Harvey and will spend his own money to help people. He has donated his salary to veterans and now has a commission to prevent voter fraud. He is boosting