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        St. Helens Update

                Updated 9/20/2018 —  Next Update 9/27/18

News Doernbecher Mustang Winner                   News St. Helens Golf Course To Cease Operations

News  Emergency Services Contact Info            News County Extension, Garden Plots, Ripe Pears.. and more

News Scappoose Virus Outbreak                        News September Arts Culture & Conversation (9-27)

News  County and City Public Meetings             News Halloween Town, Cash and Bad Blood

News  Columbia County Buzz Examiner             News New Design Options For St. Helens Road

News  View SH Library Calendar                          News Staff Changes Coming for Columbia City

News  St. Helens City Council Agendas              News Science News Daily (updated daily)

News  SHEDCO Haunted Theme App.                 News  SH Police Promote Thursday Community Meetings 

News St. Helens Vet Clinic Closes                       News St. Helens Mayor Requests Street Vacation For Own Properties

News Saint Helens City News Letters                  News St. Helens School District Good News

News  Watch St. Helens Government Live           News  Port Study, Renewable Diesel Plant in Clatskanie

News  Police &  Fire Report                                   News Calendar of County Events

Video  Ode To A Liar (Parody Project)                 Video  Michael Moore “How The  F—- Did this Happen?”

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Updated More People of Wal*Mart Photos          New   This Week In The Onion News               

Video  Drunk History “Sir Walter Raleigh”          Video  If You Every Got Impeached “Randy Rainbow.”

New    Barbs                                                         New    Letters                       Songs of the Mugwump   

New   Tammy’s Take                                  New    Top 10                    Old Top 10          

New Daily Astronomy Picture of the Day            Oregon Workforce Employment Info         Jail Inmate Census                                       

Video Trump Isn’t Hitler (But He is a Fascist)     Video  Other Donald Trump’s through US History (Adam Ruins Everything)

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